Vape Review of Treats E-Juice - 120ml

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Treats E-Juice - 120ml

Vape Review of Treats E-Juice - 120ml

Get ready for the ultimate dessert vaping experience. Treats is vanilla bean ice cream which has been sandwiched between two fruity pebble rice crispy treats. With it comes a unicorn bottle, which you will need because you will want to be vaping on this all day!Prominent Flavours: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Fruity Pebble Rice Crispies

Vape Review of Treats E-Juice - 120ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Treats E-Juice - 120ml

what's up guys my name is Shana we're
back again so today I have a treat for
see what I did there ok so this stuff
right here is supposed to be the
granddaddy of desert babes this is a
vanilla bean ice-cream sandwich between
two Fruity Pebbles cereal rice krispies
treat things right there this is a big
mother bottle of juice right here this
bad boy is huge I mean look at that
thing it's messes the biggest bottle of
juice I think I've ever had even the
drip top thing goes all the way down
it's absolutely a behemoth when I
received this guy it came in this box
right here look at that how awesome is
that it's like a big wrapped up piece of
candy and you got that nice logo on it
right there
it looks amazing that's actually maybe
you want to buy this bottle of juice if
you guys haven't seen the promotion for
this thing check it out right here
so I pretty much saw that thing and I
was like oh my god I need to have this
like in my life right now
okay so inside the actual packaging
right here came with a big bag with the
juice in it right here as well as a
separate unicorn bottle so you don't
have to walk around with this big-ass
behemoth in your pocket right here
haven't really use this bad boy yet I
assume it just works like any other drip
cap but it does have a also a treats
logo on it it didn't just come with a
plain generic one right there the
marketing for this thing is in full
swing it is some really hyped up juice
right now the low going is very
minimalistic looks really good such
treats it looks like a 1980s hotline
Miami neon style stuff going on here two
three milligrams of nicotine in this
manner JAMA and Max VG so really really
good drip juice right here so for
getting further I've actually never had
vanilla ice cream and fruity pebbles
meshed together as an ice cream sandwich
so we're gonna solve that problem right
now okay so what I have right here is a
vanilla rice krispies treat homemade
smash between some vanilla bean ice
cream we're gonna go ahead and try this
manage a minute then we're gonna compare
it to the juice we go ahead and actually
do the review on it oh wow yeah I'll
prove huh
tastes like diabetes okay so now that
I've experienced that I know what to
expect hopping right on into this bottle
right here so we're gonna go ahead and
open this bad boy up and start the smell
test on it okay so this stuff right here
legit smells like some fruity pebble ice
cream with a heavy sense of cream coming
out of the smell of it it could vape
completely different so I have it all
loaded up right here an MVP 3.0 Pro
Edition tugboat RDA brand-new dual coil
build new cotton new everything is
loaded up run at 60 watts it's ready to
go this is treats buy treats I think
hmm it's mixing real well with the treat
that I just ate okay so like usual the
lemon is very dominant inside this
cereal babe however I am tasting the
vanilla ice cream a little bit very very
cloudy juice it's not so much like a
looper it legit tastes like an original
juice it's not the greatest thing in the
world and if for damn sure does not
taste like what I just ate I just think
it's a little overhyped I mean the
presentation is absolutely amazing with
that being said though I do however
think it's a really good cereal juice I
am getting the vanilla ice cream but it
doesn't really taste like an ice cream
it tastes more like a standard vanilla
mix with some fruity pebbles it has a
very distinct amount of cream to it kind
of like a fruity pebbles milkshake does
that make sense that's kind of what I'm
getting out of this like a fruity
pebbles vanilla milkshake now the cereal
is not as lemony as some other juices
out there the lemons is still very
dominant inside treats I think with the
extra cream and the hint of vanilla to
it it actually holds its own do I think
it's worth 50 bucks no I do not however
it does only come in 120 milliliters so
if you guys do want to try yourself
dropping 250 bucks on maybe you guys can
pitch in with some friends and you guys
can all take like 30 mils out of it or
something like that and just kind of
share the bottle pass it around do that
sort of thing and if you like it then go
ahead and spend the extra 50 bucks and
get yourself your own personal Boheme
a--the right here I do think it's a
little overhyped however it's still a
solid cereal juice it's not a bad juice
by any means I do wish it had more of
like a marshmallowy taste to it versus
like a creaminess sample it out a little
bit because it is an investment this is
a $50 bottle of ejuice right here now
you do get a lot of a juice however if
you don't like it you're stuck with a
behemoth of a juice that you're not
probably not going to use and you're
probably gonna give away to your friends
I however thoroughly enjoy it I think
it's a pretty good juice I'm giving it a
solid two thumbs up just because it does
kind of hold its own in the cereal
market and the presentation is amazing
the juice is a it's definitely a top not
a juice I like max VG juices so one of
my favorite cereal juices on the market
right now is kilos cereal milk and I
still prefer kilos cereal milk over
treats right here now I do have the
juice and I'm gonna let this steep for a
little bit longer and it's probably
going to grow on me a lot more bottom
line though it's a solid juice if you
guys want to make the
investment on it I'll put the link right
down to description as far as being
overhyped I really don't have anything
bad to say about it it's still a pretty
good juice and I will gladly recommend
it and that's about it anyway guys if
you enjoyed this video be sure to give
it a thumbs up and stay tuned for
another one hi

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