Vape Review of Treats 2 E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Treats 2 E-Liquid

Vape Review of Treats 2 E-Liquid

Treats 2 E-Liquid features the flavours of strawberry macaroons. Available in a single, nicotine free 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle.

Vape Review of Treats 2 E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Treats 2 E-Liquid

what's gonna be put onto my review for
strawberry macaroon aka treats
- bye marina vape treats - is a
strawberry macaroon flavor
it's a max VG e liquid nicotine options
are zero three and six milligrams
oh yes right okay the inhale is full of
flavor you're getting nice smooth creamy
notes going on got a nice sweet taste
going on you've got a little bit of a
buttery taste you've got something
reminiscent to cookie and you're getting
a strawberry flavor there's a lot going
on all right let's try and break this
down we'll start with the the prominent
note which is the strawberry the
strawberry is a great taste it's very
smooth it's very light but it's packed
full of flavor there's no necessary
characteristic or sub note with that it
is just pure story flavor the sweetness
is just sweetness it's not too sweet but
there's more than enough and I like that
what brands roll with that is that it
sort it is like a buttery element there
but nothing savory it just works with
that sweetness that cookie element that
was on about if you combine it with that
smooth creaminess that I was talking
about it is like a macaroon which works
really well with the rest of the flavor
all three all that all the flavors alone
work together nicely balanced out really
well everything's completely
after the inhale the sweetness calms
down ever so slightly which lets that
macaroon flavor and texture come through
nicely the strawberry mixes well with
the macaron here and he's still just
getting pure strawberry flavor
throughout the whole bait there's no sub
note or characteristic there it is just
pure flavor but what I do like is the
fact that it just binds and it's it is
like a strawberry macaroon it's I can't
really put it any more definite than
that it is exactly what it's supposed to
taste like and it tastes great the
exhale is smooth and what I do like is
the fact that it is proper bound in
everything's interlocking balance is
there sweetness isn't as prominent as it
was compared to the inhale but you still
get enough of it it sticks to the roof
of your mouth which is nice the creamy
texture is find the macaroon itself are
immense the strawberry just goes in and
out it's it's heaven it is absolute
heaven this is a fine juice I tell you
now 120 mils of this stuff will go down
quickly because you I I can't get off
this this is top-notch flavor and it's a
good sequel to the first treat
the buttery note pretty much gone but
you don't need it it's not needed at all
there's plenty of stuff going on there
to know what you vaping on and that's
that's the great bit about this it is
what it is at heart there's no mucking
around with it it is what it is it's a
fantastic juice hands-down a great
addition of a strong macaroon it just
does the job it's the spot it's an
enjoyable juice as I say 120 mils won't
last long it's a good job they're doing
it hundred 20 mils I don't think a thick
milk bottle would last long that's all
this is eight great juice overall I love
it's a delightful juice it's light its
flavorful it's packing full of flavor
it's a nice level of sweetness there
there's nice level flavor there and
there's nice levels of texture there as
well it's a complete eliquid you won't
want any more this is a great juice this
is marina vape at its finest Wow okay
that is the review for treats - done
hope you found it informative make sure
you like this video and subscribe to my
channel thank you very much watching
guys I will see you soon
Cheers which is very different actually
and you're getting the grain cracker as
well start with the lime the lime is
huge it's flavorful
it's tasty its zesty
with that as well
you get an ice cream how do I

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