April 18, 2018


Treat Factory Kookie Krunch 100ml ejuice from Air Factory is a sweet and krunchy kookie dough bites. Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TREAT FACTORY KOOKIE KRUNCH EJUICE

Hey - Michelle we're here to do another
quick eliquid review this time we're
gonna be taking a look at the new one
from err factory and this is part of
their treat factory line this is cookie
crunch just based on dripping it right
now and testing it for the very first
time I'm smelling it undercooked like
cookie dough but we're gonna go ahead
and give it a vape and let you know what
I'm tasting but all the links you need
to know along with any discount codes
will be down below where you can get
this so let's go ahead and give it a
vape and I'll let you guys know I'm
tasting now I am testing this out at 65
watts on my aspire ash rod with my ninja
RDA on top running at a point one built
so this is what I'm gonna tell you I'm
tasting a very undercooked cookie dough
it's supposed to have chocolate chips in
it I'm not really tasting it I'm more
tasting the dough it's smooth on the
inhale smooth on the exhale but I'm not
getting like if I was eating cookie
dough or cookie so kind of confused on
that I will list at the description
somewhere down below here so you can
know what it's supposed to taste like
versus what I'm tasting but for me it's
okay it's it's not a cookie it's not
quite a cookie dough it's kind of that
in the middle and I'm missing the
chocolate bits which chocolate is hard
to do so I don't know this could use a
little more flavor in my opinion but
let's go ahead and give it one more babe
yeah I'm not sure I could even give this
two thumbs up is not meeting the
description I can't really tell what the
flavor is what whatsoever it's kind of
like an aftertaste of if you eat a
cookie so take it for what you will
taste it's always subjective but I hoped
you liked this quick review if you do
please give it a thumbs up leave any
questions or comments you have down
below and as always I hope you're having
an amazing date or night whenever you're
watching this stay tuned text video and
until then beep on

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