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By Nataly Komova

Treat Factory Jaw Dropper 100ml ejuice from Air Factory is an everlasting hard candy that will leave your mouth watering. Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TREAT FACTORY JAW DROPPER EJUICE

howdy fuckin duty and CV squad what it
fucking dude Grizzlies it's your to host
your friendly neighborhood vapors back
to bring you another EGS review huge
shout out and thank you to premium vape
supply fuck
send us the nearest oh that's so funny
jaw dropper bro I just dropped it I
didn't do that on purpose but oh yeah
newest thing out but the makers of the
air factory that is the treat factory
flavor being jaw dropper like Pat said
once so you want to read the flavors
yeah so you can get this stuff off their
website for 22.9 five nicotine level
zero three and six and here we go with
the description jaw droppers you liked
it bye tree factory is the ultimate
rendition of your favorite hard candy
with an assortment of sweet flavors
sweet flavors yes what it says
basically that's it that's a rider my
dad fucking a little stone right there
that's uh that's the bottle right there
so you can see it pretty sure you can
see that I see well so this is their
treat Dream Factory they got the egg
factory now they got the tree factory
you know some different besides an
airhead but let's give it a quick smell
taste it it kinda almost smells it is
different stuff but it almost smells hot
like the mystery or head was that should
just wasted how would you do it kind of
smells like how they're like the mystery
does yeah in a way it does I guess I go
and fire it up let's give it a taste
let's go ahead and fire it away on the
recoil already got the twisted messes
box mine some fuse Clapton's in there I
built with some 24 gauge Kanthal in some
40 gauge Kanthal is the outside
twenty-four gauge is the core in 42 ages
the outside that's what's up oh man out
to 0.15 and that you bought
it's pretty good it's different it's way
different from anything up trying it
does straight up tastes like a fucking
jawbreaker - it's the liver that's so
fucking weird has a nice fall like it's
not like it's not like harsh or anything
you're super strong but has a nice
little chest adjusted there's a nice
satisfying thump fucking it's good
that's good definitely definitely
definitely good how's it getting like
sweet flavor it's not like a hella sweet
though yeah like it's really nice that's
really nice I like that taste spot-on to
a jawbreaker that hella gives me a
nostalgic memories of like going to the
fair and you would fucking buy those
big-ass jaw breakers they sell to fair
they're like huge huge it takes forever
to fucking eat them - I remember get one
every single fucking here every single
year those are fire and hell it reminds
me of that that's exact memories I get
taste spot-on to a jawbreaker that
tastes really good straight up it does
this dope like it was all like I was
like like a jawbreaker juice it's like
nothing this is a lot better than like
what I liked what I expected should I
say I thought they had the money again
with this they did a good job they had
spot-on like a straight reminiscent of a
jawbreaker I think that's really good
man that's why they call the jaw dropper
because it's jaw drop it's just straight
up that's really good
like if you're a huge fan of jaw
breakers I suggest you get this juice
it's fire something different for candy
- I've never tried a jawbreaker
yeah ever yeah definitely something that
I could fucking move on for sure yeah
maybe well they I could see myself
vaping that day after day I want to give
that shit like a solid 9 out of 10
that's really good applaud - uh err
factory they did it again fuck yeah it's
a girl man you guys are mixing some good
shit over there obviously know what you
guys are doing guys straight out of good
flavors oh yeah
but all honestly 9/10 that's it smooths
got nice chest it flea bronze probably
like moderate maybe a little more than
moderate just solve it a good job
breaker flavor
yeah job breakers have so much going on
and then it's like then then the first
like babe like you know like I thought
like felt like kind of like it was like
light on flavor or something but it's
like that flavors like different just
like something I wasn't used to you know
caught in my need to break into yeah
probably a little bit of that too yeah
but uh I can see myself really like
fucking maybe even liking it more the
more I beep on it yeah bong toaster
sitting there that nice satisfying chest
hit you know I keep dropping it the jaw
drop reread it's pretty good though it's
good to see definitely 9 out of 10 would
recommend picking this shit up those
juices well I'm like you might make you
nice and moist that's for sure man no
doubt so you guys are interested make
sure you check that out even like this
video helped you out and make sure you
keep the fucking moist and stay tuned
for the next a juice review and we'll
see you soon
peace out

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