Vape Review of Trap Queen E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

April 17, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Trap Queen E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

Vape Review of Trap Queen E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

If you're seeking a juicy, ripe and outrageously flavourful vape - look no further than Trap Queen e-liquid by Nasty Juice. Brimming with the taste of succulent, fresh-from-the-farm strawberries and expertly garnished with a subtle sprinkling of mint. This multipack comes in an attractive and convenient tin carry case. Details Multipack (5 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Nasty Juice Based in Malaysia, Nasty Juice create the most advanced flavours in high-tech facilities, making it the most popular and sought after e-liquid name in Malaysia.

Vape Review of Trap Queen E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Trap Queen E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

what's up guys
escapes the back again in association
with vapor mates but cold at UK y'all
have been a nice Saturday and today I'm
going to be doing a juice review not one
for a while and the reason why I'm going
to be doing that is because I've got
much of this particular juice left so I
thought I'll get out the way and then
Monday we've got the Mac so v-12 I
didn't get a chance to do it last week
but it will be done on Monday and then
we've got a few more couple more nice
reduces to do next week and loads of
other stuff so the one we're going to be
looking at today is the trap Queen and
it's described as a strawberry fuchsia
it's quite fruity so we have an optic
that comes in this cylindrical container
very nice you've got your nun on the
front there with these Mac mod it's
served along with series 70/30
VG PG 50 ml sized bottle this one is a
three mid Nick absolutely crammed with
their information on the side that we've
got the social media and Facebook
Instagram well we got this a competition
barcode it's got the batch number expiry
date which is the first of the 11th 2018
it's got warnings on over eighteens all
that good stuff I can say from the
low-mid series and all that's a look
inside so removing the lid very nicely
gone we get
a nice new sticker and we get this
gift-wrapped bottle of e-liquid when it
comes in this little wrap it was a lot
more professionally rather than that
when I got it
but for the purpose of this review up
rewrap sick so this is a funny man on
the front and then on the back you've
got that's quite impressive it even
gives you a recommended fate settle it
says points are ohms 4 point 7 volts
point seven arms 3.7 volts first one on
LCC second one on a normal coil it's got
a wing yourself enough to juice skunk on
things safety precaution disclaimer side
effects and of course the most important
thing at the bottom don't forget to be
awesome so those are the interesting
information they're quite impressive and
as we know nasty juice about midway
through last year came out with three
liquids let me see if I can remember
them off the top of my head I think
there was devil teeth bad blood and then
I remember we was going just before we
went to action in October we came out
with three new ones eh up grape slow
blow and wiki Kay's I think so they have
six eager liquids out and now they've
brought another three out and that this
is going to be the first one we're
checking out well it's a trap Queen so
comes in this bottle a reminiscent of
the others all the relevant information
on the side there that you would expect
definitely like to see that and I can
even remember when we was axe throwing
up sober why she he was yeah little tiny
bottles of this and
ten mil at the time but obviously I
would be very surprised if I haven't
chatted into it before I'd be very
surprised if these are gonna be fully
so what I'll work you posted on that so
today we're going to be used on the goon
with the red anodized ring and top cap
on the rx
200 s so let's put a few drops on smells
absolutely divine
all right so without further ado I've
got a point one five building let's
crank it up 90 watts why not
90 watts let's have a blast oh yes
nothing wrong with that beautiful smooth
on both inhale and exhale and like I say
it's the Longman serious so there is
that element of coolness but it's
absolutely superb deliciously sweet
tasting strawberry taste and obviously
more fruity than you desert type of
strawberry vapes it's it's absolutely
out of this world I'm gonna put a couple
more drips on another Blastoise
fantastic Fantastico like I say of I
think what I'll do is just for the
record now today obviously I'm doing
this one tomorrow I'll do the Apple one
and then Monday I'll do the the other
one I think it's I can't remember the
names you'll see anyway but here let me
get the let me get these enough to do
she's out of the way because I'm running
low of I've only had them a short while
and I've just annihilated oh because
they're really good so let's have
another vape shall we let's do a trick
that's my full knowledge of tricks that
are displayed in full yes so honestly
these note guys highly recommended
fantastic flavor rich dense clouds that
don't dissipate and highly highly
recommended lovely it's just the perfect
balance of sweetness
obviously clouds for days as you can see
but that strawberry honestly highly
highly recommended if you like
strawberry fruity side vape this is
definitely for you there's not really
much more else I can say just try it
it's fabulous
obviously we know tasty is a subjective
but you'd be hard-pressed to find fault
with this so that was it guys hope you
enjoyed this video if you did hit the
like button and subscribe in free to
comment all always get back to you thank
you to the sponsor of this video today
which was a vapor mates table QK links
in the description down below for
I will see you tomorrow all being well
thank you for watching take care enjoy
your weekend see you later guys

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