April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - PB and Blueberry Jam

Two great flavours, one great eliquid, PB and Blueberry Jam is just that. A luxuriously creamy and perfect coming together of Peanut Butter and Blueberry Jam that is going to make you realise what you've been missing. Your next all day vape is here, and it's a winner. Prominent Flavours: Peanut Butter, Blueberry Jam

Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - PB and Blueberry Jam

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tonix E-Liquid - PB and Blueberry Jam

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and then e-liquid review the liquid
we're going to take a look at today is
one of five from the subatomic range
produced by elements in liquids and it
is PB and blueberry jam an element are a
us-based eliquid manufacturer from
southern florida and if you want
information on there for currently
available ranges of e liquids hello to
their website element eliquid com let's
head into the review going to be using
mako shorty with naught point five on
the dual-core build on top of the RX 200
and we're going to start at 30 watts
and as you can see vapor production is
excellent this is a 73 VG juice but the
flavor the PB is obvious it is a nice
strong American peanut butter you've got
that really nice roasted peanut followed
by the creaminess coming up is not too
creamy it's just enough and that
progresses through the inhale but to be
honest there is a blueberry flavor in
there is a sweet and blueberry but it's
very muted under the peanut butter it's
just about about there enough for you to
know it's there it's not strong at all
unless you turn into the exhale that
peanut butter really takes over and
knocks the blueberry the brute the
blueberry flavor in there right now and
your aftertaste you're looking at a good
five seconds after you've exhale let's
pop it up to 40 watts and see if
anything changes
and up 40 watts you're still getting
that really nice roasted peanut right at
the front unless you progress through
the inhale your then picking up that
nice creaminess it's not too heavy it's
not too understated so you've got that
nice peanut butter and cream mixture
running backwards right to the back of
the inhale but say that blueberry it is
a sweet and blueberry and just about
catch it but it is really understated
under the peanut butter it's not strong
enough to mix with that creamy peanut
butter flavoring it's sitting underneath
it and as you turn into the exhale that
peanut butter like I say it takes over
and the blueberry is very very muted on
the exhale but your aftertaste is a good
five seconds after you've exhaled on
this one it's a it's a shame for me
because that blueberry I think if it was
a bit strong would have really
complimented that peanut butter a lot
better but it's a shame so who's this
liquid going to appeal to you guys that
like you peanut butter vapes this is one
to definitely try because it is a really
solid nice crunchy peanut butter you've
got that really nice roasted peanut in
there and the pre- really sets it off if
you don't really like your peanut butter
wipes or your peanut babes this isn't
really going to appeal to you but if
you're looking for something different
from the norm definitely give this one a
try it's one that may pleasantly
surprise you but it's just a show that
that blueberry is so understated in
there so that was the review let's have
a look at what you need to know now as I
said at the beginning element are a
us-based eliquid manufacturer from
southern florida and if you want
information and worldwide purchasing
options on there for current ranges of e
liquids head over to their website
element eliquid com now your bottle
sizes on these I was supplied with
Seminole sample bottles but they
actually come in these rather nice 30
mil amber glass bottles with the
childproof cap
tamper evident seal and your glass
droppers there you're labeling on the
front you've got your Tomic subatomic
below go underneath that it says blood
orange on this box it's the only one
I've got but it will say PB and
blueberry jam underneath that you've got
your 73 VG you've got your 30 ml and
your three milligram and as we go round
the bottle you've got all your
ingredients all your warnings all your
warning triangles there and on the other
side you've got all your contact
information your expiry code your backs
number etc on those so really really
nicely labeled bottles your PG PG ratios
on these are 73 VG 227 PG which again is
a bit of a strange formulation but it
seems to work for element your nicotine
strengths available r0 milligram three
milligram and six milligram anja prices
excluding shipping in the UK in Europe
for a 30ml bottle such as this one from
lake club co uk you are looking at 14
pounds ninety-nine and they Club do
offer free UK shipping on all orders
over 20 plan and have worldwide shipping
but if you're in the US or countries
outside the EU you may actually be
better off purchasing from element
illiquid direct because if you buy from
element a liquids direct in and URI UK
customer the cost of one of these 30 ml
bottles will be 22 pounds ninety-nine
plus shipping so therefore vape Club are
eight pounds of bottle cheaper so there
you go folks that was the review for
element illiquid tonic subatomic PB and
blueberry jam if you found this review
you saw please feel free to like and
comment on the video and if you haven't
already please also feel free to
subscribe to the channel for more
reviews coming up in the future thank
you for watching and I will catch you
next time

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