Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - Blood Orange

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - Blood Orange

Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - Blood Orange

The perfect vape on a hot summer day. Inspired by the soft breezes of the Mediterranean, Blood Orange is simply a blood orange eliquid. But there is nothing simple about this flavour, your tastebuds and sweet tooths are about to be well and truly satisfied. Prominent Flavours: Blood Orange

Vape Review of Tonix E-Liquid - Blood Orange

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tonix E-Liquid - Blood Orange

hey guys welcome back to London vapor
and in a liquid review the liquid can
take a look at today is one of five from
the tonic subatomic range produced by
element a liquids and it is blood orange
now element are a us-based illiquid
manufacturer from southern Florida and
if you want information on there for
currently available ranges of e liquids
head over to their website which is
element eliquid com let's head into the
review gonna be using mako shorty with
the null point 50 m dual core build on
top of the RX 200 and we're going to
start at 31
oh boy Oh as you can see a vapor
production is excellent because this is
a 73 VG juice but they have flow the oh
my god folks if you are a lover of
citrus vapes stop this review now gone
by a bottle of blood orange because oh
my days it is gorgeous straight from the
inhale you are getting that really
strong solid hit of a really juicy
citrusy blood orange now for those of
you that don't know what a blood oranges
if you actually go into green grocers or
going through supermarkets the fruit and
veg our blood oranges from the outside
look just like normal oranges you've got
that nice orange right over when you cut
them open the flesh in there is a nice
reddish pink color hence the name blood
orange but the minute you buy insulin
the citrus note is absolutely gorgeous
and element have nailed that flavor in
this e-liquid personally as anybody who
watches this channel really knows i am a
citrus lover I love my citrus rapes this
has gone into my top two instantly
absolutely superb blinding really nice
citrusy orange flavor all the way
through the inhale turning into the XL
which is glorious and the aftertaste
I've got the taste on my tongue now it's
a good 20 seconds off drive exhale
really stonking citrus juice this one
let's pop it up to 40 watts and see what
and that 40 watts that citrus that
really nice pulpy it's got a really
pulpy quality to it that blood orange
all the way through the inhale right the
way through the X I'm like I say you've
got a good 20 second exhale aftertaste
on this one it is a really really
glorious citrus eliquid I cannot force
it in any way shape or form and I don't
want so really really beautiful juice
this one who's it going to appeal to
obviously use citrus lovers this is one
that with is going to end up in your
daily rotation there is no escaping it
is gorgeous you guys that want to try
something different this is one to go
for definitely shell the money out now
no problem but unfortunately if you
don't like your citrus wakes you are not
going to get on with this one at all
because it is a really strong true
citrus flavor so there you go that was
the review let's have a look of what you
need to know now as I said at the
beginning element are a us-based eliquid
manufacturer and if you want information
and purchasing options worldwide on
there for currently available ranges of
e liquids head over to their website
element eliquid com the bottle sizes on
these ones they are available in these
rather lovely 30 mil amber glass bottles
with the childproof cap you tamper proof
evidence seal and your glass droppers
and your labeling you've got the tonic
subatomic logo there with blood orange
proudly underneath and under that you've
got your seventy-three percent VG you've
got your 30ml in your three mil and as
you go around the bottle you've got all
your warnings all your ingredients there
you've got your warning triangles at the
bottom and on this side you've got all
your contact details you've got your
batch code your expiry date and your
information there as well your pen gvg
ratios on this one you are looking at 73
VG 227 PG which is a bit unusual but it
obviously works for element your
nicotine strengths available on this one
r0 milligram three milligram and six
milligram and your prices excluding
shipping for you guys in the UK and
Europe have over to vape club coat UK
where you can pick up this thirsty milk
glass bottle for 14 pounds ninety-nine
which current exchange rates etc is
eight pounds cheaper then you can buy it
from the elements ight direct but you
guys in the US and outside ear you may
find it more beneficial to buy from
element because you probably find your
postage charges will be cheaper and you
guys in the UK you will enjoy a free UK
shipping on orders over 20 pounds from
vogue club but they could also ship
worldwide but like I say it may be more
beneficial to order from element direct
so there you go folks that was the
review for the rather gorgeous element
tonics subatomic blood orange if you
found this review you so please feel
free to like and comment on the video
and if you haven't already please also
feel free to subscribe to the channel
for more reviews coming up in the future
i'm now off to demolish this entire 30ml
bottle as quick as I can thank you for
watching and I will catch you next time

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