Vape Review of Toffy E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Toffy E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Toffy E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

This smooth and creamy Toffee e-liquid might just be even better than the real thing. With notes of sumptuously warming butterscotch and rich brown sugar, this deeply aromatic vape is sure to become a firm favourite from the very first taste. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Toffy E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Toffy E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

hello fellow vapers it's green envelope
time so that means nothing more or
nothing less than decadent vapors flavor
of the month for March and this month it
is top EE so T 0 SS why I've got this in
three milligrams is a 50-50 VG PD juice
and before we go into the review we're
just going to take note of that price
there to pound 98 they have cut the
price in half they've even reduced it a
pound more oh yeah pal more than what it
was reduced last month so two pound 98
for 10 ml we can get 10 million treat
which makes roughly I think 13 mil for
two pounds nine th so you can mix it to
your own v GP g ratio if you like so
without further ado we're going to thank
decadent vapors firstly for sending this
very for the purpose of review and
secondly we're going to review this
e-liquid that's what you're all here for
so right we're going to be vaping it on
the or great dread on top of these two
gely avaya 66 wat inside the druid is a
simple point 5 i'm staying still build
wit y leo d designs texas tough and the
wire in there is crazy wire so yeah
let's drip it up now this I've been
sniffing it for a few days now and it is
absolutely love your love the smell
there's like a sugary smell there
there's a toffee smell but there's also
like a hint of butterscotch as well
there just seems to be like a mishmash
of sweet flavors in there but does the
taste live up through the smell let's
find out so we're going to be vaping
this initially we're going to go for 40
watts let's crank it down to 40 watts
okay for what let's go
that is it's just bizarre in a good way
and yeah I baked this for about a day
now by itself and every time you vape it
I personally get the different flavors
in different combinations like at
different stages of the vape so you know
you get like a toffee flavor like a nice
toffee flavor in the beginning other
times I'll get the butterscotch in the
beginning and other times I'll get like
a burnt brown sugar like you get on your
creme brulee and at the beginning it
just seems to toss and turn when you're
vaping it well if you're into your sweet
flavors em this is just bloody amazing
and a very nice eliquid from decadent
vapors and if anything it was pancake
day yesterday and yesterday when
recording is I'm recording this on the
first and march and yes pancake day
yesterday and this flavor do not do this
by the way but this flavor would be
ideal with a like you put it on your
pancakes or this flavor would be nice
mixed with a pancake flavored eliquid
and but yeah bloody help it almost
reminds me of you know when you go to
the seaside and you get those boxes with
them punch and toffee in and you open it
up and you just get that walked of
toffee or five whatever you've got in
the box it just takes me back to that
guy's to the sea so I make up those poxy
postcards on the front there this tastes
like the smell you get out that box when
you go into those those sweet shops it
just smells absolutely wonderful
and at 40 watts is to dream to vape we
could crank it out to the heavy heights
of our let's go to 50 watts let's go 52
is hit 52 and that just brings out the
flavors a little bit more you're getting
a bit more of that burnt sugar flavor in
there drip it up some more get a little
bit dry but yeah and as far as flavor of
the months go for decadent vapors and
this is up there with one of my
favorites that sweetness it's just
creamy it coats the time it is sweet if
you're into sweet juices this is for you
it's not sickly though it's just
mouth-wateringly sweet so let's go
through that useful information on the
side you can find this and buy this
decadent vapors play for the month from
the whole of March so or for the whole
of March so how many days we have 31
days in march this year so from today
all the way to the 31st of March it will
be two pounds now shake the 10 mill and
it's a 50-50 VG PD and come between 0 to
18 milligrams you can also get the 10
mil concentrate which I believe mixes
around about 30 mil a liquid depending
on your ratio of flavor and which is
brilliant and you get free UK delivery
on orders over 35 pounds now at this
price two pounds 98 for 10 min of juice
for this quality of juice and just go
out and buy it I can not recommend this
highly enough personally I think it
takes absolutely lovely another great
flavor of the month from decadent vapors
so right I'd like to thank the decadent
papers for sending this proof for the
purpose of review our weight links in
description below straight to their
website and so you can go and buy this
as soon as possible I've been the devil
vapor and you've been watching del
wipers rave reviews

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