Vape Review of Tobacconist by Element Chocolate Tobacco E-Liquid (60ML)

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Tobacconist by Element Chocolate Tobacco E-Liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Tobacconist by Element Chocolate Tobacco E-Liquid (60ML)

Take a trip across the pond and vape a european specialty with Chocolate Tobacco by Element. This new vape juice in the Tobacconist line takes a traditional chocolate flavor note and fuses it with a robust tobacco. This ejuice begins with a decadent draw of finely stirred chocolate laying deep from inhale to exhale. A bold and robust tobacco note emerges from the thick of chocolate to give the vaper a one of a kind tobacco ejuice experience. Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of Tobacconist Chocolate Tobacco today!

Vape Review of Tobacconist by Element Chocolate Tobacco E-Liquid (60ML)



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tobacconist by Element Chocolate Tobacco E-Liquid (60ML)

what's up everybody my name is Marshall

and I'm is that we are here at Jericho
Bates we're here to do another premium
unit review today we're gonna be taking
a look at element tobacconist premium
tobacco eliquid
so we don't do a lot of tobacco's we
really don't
and so they've sent us two flavors from
their tobacco line they've got five in
the line so we might as well just get
started for you yeah first it's
chocolate tobacco chocolate tobacco
steeped rich tobacco merged with the
salt notes of dead decadent chocolate
indulge yourself with this European
flair rich tobacco creamy notes wrapped
around the decadent chocolate this
exquisite fusion of rich tobacco with
the silk notes of silky chocolate
delivers moist and thick plumes she
doesn't like the word moist so if you
guys want to put that in the comment
section just go ahead and just put moist
in the comment section just upset her
yeah chocolate and tobacco two flavors
that really don't made that much alright
they offer these in zero three six
twelve and eighteen and they have ten
mil 30 mils 6125 mil bottles
surprisingly yeah surprised I'm honestly
thinking I was gonna make this really
ugly place and be totally grossed out by
this but it's not bad that's not bad and
the chocolate flavor is actually pretty
good on it I don't love it because I
don't bake tobacco's but if your of
tobacco vapor I can already tell this is
high-quality liquid it's it's made right
and so if you're not one to get some gas
station tobacco you want to get some
real good tasting eliquid
this tobacco in this line from element
this is probably it from the first
flavor I can tell but do you know what
talk about the healing with a little bit
on the inhale you to get kind of a
tobacco flavor but the exhale was a
really good chocolate flavor and you
don't really dig that um I agree
in my opinion I'm gonna give it for what
it is a seven and a half seven and a
half for what it is being a really good
tobacco I'm gonna give it a seven a half
also I want to vape it every day but as
far as tobacco's go it's up in the top
three that I've had for sure yeah all
right what do we have next
next up honey roasted tobacco okay I can
I can understand this one
sublime blend a bountiful tobacco nut
sudeer self-indulgence mood with a
balanced world rich tobacco flavor
draped over delicious notes of nutty
caramel and velvety vanilla this looks
sure is full body blend delivers a
unique vaping experience okay it's got
some paragraphs - really nice but it is
a honey roasted vanilla caramel tobacco
it sounds good though Wow oh wow it's
actually good I'm actually getting all
the flavors in the profile yeah it's
very creamy like super it's very creamy
and it's it's layered you can definitely
tell the different layers in the
e-liquid it's well cracked and for sure
all these have been preached and you can
tell just how the liquid it blends
together very well
very smooth it does it goes from like
caramel to vanilla and then that's about
the flavor it's like it's a honey
caramel - like I can taste the honey in
the caramel and then the tobacco and the
vanilla just kind of smooth nodes in
there it's very smooth and it's kind of
refreshing honestly and keep in mind we
do not do tobacco I don't so for us to
say this I mean it's it's gotta be good
because really we line our reviews we
don't say everything's good
was that we call them out and we say we
don't like that yeah and then we never
get sent products from them again no
just kidding but no the hoes those are
really well done
already the other flavors for you
they've gotten AB Centene or how do you
say that absent absent absent tobacco
they've got a hazelnut tobacco and they
have a black currant I'll see you guys
this car they sent us but uh they offer
these all in fifty fifty and I believe
max VG's yeah that you can see it up
here it says max VG right there at fifty
fifty so they offer it both of their
lines if you're using an older style pin
you might want to fifty fifty but if
you're handling a sub ohm tank or an RDA
you'll want the max VG but the price is
10 mils were ten dollars kind of on the
pricier side 30 mils 20 2.99 that's on
the premium side 60 mils are where I
think the best the best value lies there
twenty four ninety five and then 125
mils I couldn't find the price for those
but the hundred mils were seventy nine
on their other their tonics line so I
imagine it's probably in the pricier
side yeah so overall I mean it's good
quality liquid I would recommend it
because it's actually really good
tobacco for in you tobacco lovers out
there cuz I would it's for you
yeah simple as that if you like tobacco
liquid you gotta try the element tobacco
this line it's high-quality stuff and we
thank you element for sending us this
line but uh pretty much wraps it up
alright if you guys enjoy the video hit
that like button and if you want to see
more of us subscribe down there go ahead
and beside the subscription Isabel ring
that bell and you're gonna get all of
our updates notifications and every time
you post a video you're gonna be able to
check it out and share our social media
yeah yeah they're the sheriffs around
guys so way you can help grow our
channel with us comment we love comments
we try to respond to every single
comment so feel free to come and ask us
any questions and we'll do our best to
answer but we'll see you later guys see

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