Vape Review of Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid Multipack by The Coffee House

April 24, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid Multipack by The Coffee House

Vape Review of Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid Multipack by The Coffee House

Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid by The Coffee House bathes your taste buds in a satisfying spectrum of deep, intensely-aromatic flavours with base notes of spicy tobacco leaf and rich coffee. Earthy and mellow. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength About The Coffee House Coffee House e-liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapourirz Labs. Made to deliver rich, full-bodied flavour and seriously impressive cloud production, Coffee House liquids are a deliciously aromatic accompaniment to your sub-ohm setup.

Vape Review of Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid Multipack by The Coffee House

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid Multipack by The Coffee House

what's going on everyone welcome back to
another juice review I know it's been
quite a while but we've been actually
really busy with the holidays and we
didn't really have that much juice to
review but now we have a whole shitload
of juice to review so hopefully we can
get back into the swing of things today
we're gonna check out a liquid coming
from ruthless and this is I think their
new tobacco line and it's called
ruthless tobacco I think right yes yes
and they got to two out of the Chipettes
tobacco line and I know Angela over here
is not a tobacco vapor so she might not
really enjoy them but I'm very curious
to try these I've had these for almost
two weeks now I haven't tried any ex
I've been waiting for this video so
these were sent over directed by
ruthless for the purpose of this review
and I won't have links in the
description where you guys can pick
these up at there will not be a giveaway
in this video for this juice because
it's just from ruthless they didn't send
any extras over so we're just going to
review it and if you guys are interested
then you can follow the links that go
pick some up right so tell us more about
the ruthless tobacco my lovely banana
sitter banana sitter nice so both of
these are available in 60 ml did you
just mix up which is in which no I
picked this one up from right okay leave
that bottle there just take that bottle
if you mix them up we're gonna screw all
this this guide
hurry up both of these juices come in 60
ml bottles the VG PG is 70/30 for both
of them
the nicotine options are three six and
twelve milligrams we are going to start
off with the coffee tobacco which is
which is you know the say it like that
just go breathe breathe read I'm not
wearing a broad today which is basically
a morning cup of coffee mixed with
tobacco wow that was a really detailed
description well don't tell me you tell
people who wrote the description you
can't be wearing this in the video this
Mike vape stuff we don't do that we
don't cross-promote thank you i
cross-promote alright so we've got the
drop on the whatever 90 watts don't what
are you doing I got the automatically
turn off after why do I got it alright
ready take it away buddy take it away
oh wow that is really good it's got a
really nice coffee flavor oh let me trip
a little more of that coffee or the
track on Oh Mike I was in a set they
mixed them up that is actually a little
bit of both
you can actually taste the coffee and
the tobacco it's actually really good
this is really surprised Wow it's not a
sweet it is sweet it's kind of sweetness
to glow I think the coffee is a little
sweet but I don't think they're tobacco
taste sleep it's like a cigar tobacco
with mixed with coffee but it's sweet
oh man this is really good oh I get it's
very good very bold tasting very robust
very sweet if you like like cigar if you
like sweeter cigars and you feel like
bold coffee you're gonna really like
this like a really dark French roast
coffee mmm that is really super super
good wow it is really expensive too how
much was it first I forgot to say the
phrase oh nice really nice I remember at
the price it was really expensive um
right now it is $21.99 for both these
bad 60 ml bottle yeah okay I was in a
Minnesota Houston I seen $36 somewhere
so I was in through our website yes
that's not bad though no that's really
good I like that coffee
yeah if you like darker tobacco a cigar
coffee vapes very robust kind of sweet
well they are sweet nice throat hit very
clean tasting you're gonna love this
stuff this is really really good weird
aftertaste either I might actually load
that up in my pod system and get the 12
milligram that'd be really good all
right so that one is definitely a thumbs
up for me and two thumbs up
I'm surprised you actually like it - I
am chose a little worried because of the
tobacco aspect of it but this is really
good I don't think it I don't know maybe
just cuz I've never really tried to many
tobacco's but I don't feel like it
tastes like where I think tobacco would
taste like I guess what not right you're
babbling good continue I while I enjoy
this the next one is dulce de tobacco
which is is it dulce de leche or no it's
Dolce okay dulces really tobacco yeah
that's good
this is pleasant burst of savory caramel
foul by creamy undertones of sweet
vanilla milk and a bold taste of tobacco
let me go first on that one are you
gonna be like keep your mouth shut I'll
try my best
oh that was good miss Miller smells like
caramel there you go folks
give me a little you know drip me a
little I think that cot might be a
little tight on this one because I kind
of taste a cotton mm-hmm don't kill me
don't kill me this was that oh yeah I
forgot everybody I thought you're
telling someone else to shut up good
this is how I you can't go first good
it's a good sign I'm not editing that
out either this was not bad but it's not
as good as the first one let's put it
down way this one has like a lot of
caramel to it I prefer this one you like
that one better yeah all right say the
first one is definitely my favorite no I
prefer this one I like the caramel and
the sweetness of it mm-hmm yeah yeah
this one is would you please stop
coughing video I have an itch in the
back of my throat
we're gonna have to hold the edge until
the videos completely oh I'm sorry
this one more caramel lot less tobacco
but this one I don't think is as good
the first one is probably like oh man
that's like top three e-liquid right
there that's really good but do you like
this one better I do I prefer this one
over that coffee tobacco yeah that's
more caramel e more milky but not as
like robust as this one wow this is good
so I think all in all both of these are
really good juices yep but if you're
kind of on the fence about which one to
get I would say get the first one which
is called what again tobacco oh that's
good and it's really hard to find a good
coffee because coffee juice is usually
taste like Bert and coffee every coffee
juice I've ever tried tastes like burnt
coffee this one actually tastes like
coffee in tobacco which is really damn
good all right so that's it guys like I
said no giveaway for this one but in the
next juicer we will have a giveaway
aside from that we're done and we will
be back with full juice reviews aside
from the whole Christmas thing because
that will get in the way but other than
that thank you for watching and we will
see you soon folks

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