April 24, 2018



Have you ever found yourself yearning for that quintessential earthy flavour of cured tobacco? Then our Tobacco Caramel Blend is just the one for you. The classic taste of artisanal cured tobacco leaves delicately meet you on the inhale. The light and deep flavour of hand-crafted caramel balances it out - cutting the natural bitterness of the tobacco. The two flavours intertwine leaving you with a mildly tangy-sweet exhale. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TOBACCO CARAMEL BLEND - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

what's up guys ripped rivers back at you
today actually at my in-laws were in
Georgia just hanging out kicking it and
I've got another juice review for you
got this stuff in a couple days ago been
vaping on it yesterday and today it's a
caramel tobacco from Kalamazoo vapor
Kalamazoo vapor shop calm I've actually
got it in this little bottle right here
because I've been using the DEF CON so
I've been using this to fill it up
it's a 70/30 70 PG 30 VG blend and it's
24 milligrams little 10 mil bottle yeah
they had the date that it was born on
here which is which is really cool I
mean I'm diggin this stuff this stuff is
uh is it is a really cool really really
subtle but sweet juice it's um you know
when I first popped the lid I could
smell the caramel and it wasn't in your
face caramel it was like sweet subtle
caramel and there's a lot of vendors out
there a lot of vendors that I've tried
they can't like a caramel or a dulce de
leche or that is just overpowering it's
just it's it's too too much this is
really subtle and when I smelled it I
knew it was gonna like it I knew it
against Melanie the tobacco on though so
I'm vaping on this DEFCON and then I've
got this program in he set at 6 volts
I've got a 2.8 wrap on here I'm gonna
hit it up show you guys how vibes talk
about the vapor flavor throat hit what I
first this thing has got a wreckless
throat hit this juice has a wreckless
throat hit it is a fulfillment I mean I
can feel it it's a thump to the back of
the throat didn't kill her throat it 5
out of 5 on the throat it granted this
is 24 milligrams of 6 volts but still at
5 volts at 4.5 volts I'm still getting a
really really good throat hit so yeah 5
out of 5 on the throat it probably out
of all my juices that I've you know been
vaping for the past you know a couple
months on a consistent basis this
probably this stuff probably has more of
a throat hit than all of them
the flavor
flavor is it's a subtle caramel and
their tobacco blend is really subtle
it's not it's not really like any
tobacco blend I've tried but it's not in
your face it's it's an e note to be
honest with you when I first saw caramel
tobacco on there I was like I'm not
gonna like this I honestly did not think
that caramel tobacco a mix of caramel
tobacco would be will be a good mix and
then I tried it and I mad I'm a believer
of this stuff this stuff is really good
it's a really subtle they it's one of
those vapes where I could fav it all day
it's it's it's not too much and it's not
too less it's right there it's right
there in the middle is perfect on the
inhale I'm getting a sweet caramel and
then on the exhale I get that tobacco
with the caramel so it's a really
consistent vape it's the same every time
it's it's not different you know every
time I hit it and it's really just
really consistent but the only thing on
the end the only thing I get every now
and again is a chemical taste and it's
not a bad chemical taste by any means
it's not bad
there's juices I've tried that have
that's just chemical you know it has a
chemical flavor you know on the inhale
on the hand and it's just like too much
in this case this is not a bad chemical
if that makes any sense so the the vapor
is a good
it's it's 70 PG and it's good it's a
good three and a half four out of five
so yeah that's my take on this caramel
tobacco from Kalamazoo shop comm I'll
post a link below let me know if you
have any comments questions love helping
out the vaping community this is ripped
rippers you guys have a great day guys

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