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There isn't any resisting this cool and refreshing Mango Pineapple Iced 120ML bottle of ejuice by To The Max. Mango Pineapple Iced is To The Max' mentholated version of its popular flavor that combines a deliciously sweet mango with a sourly decadent pineapple. This flavor already gives you that tropical rush that plasters your body, but the addition of menthol only enhances the refreshing feeling that trumps your taste buds.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TO THE MAX MANGO PINEAPPLE ICED EJUICE

what's up people is a sub 0 infinity
back again I'm going to here to give you
another Aegis review yes this one has
been out for just a little bit they have
two different versions and they have
four types of ejuice here okay this one
is the non menthol or colada version of
to the max mango pineapple yes to the
max mango pineapple right there mango
pineapple now this stuff they have the
normal mango pineapple and then they
have an iced version I don't know if it
has menthol or if it has um colada in it
to give it that cooling flavor you know
that cooling sensation we will test that
out later but not not in this video this
is just the straight-up
mango pineapple we're going to test it
out on in I can smell both flavors
really good mmm and you get that that
pineapple smell that has kind of like a
I don't know just a little weird smell
to it that's how you know that there's
pineapple in there we're going to be
testing it today also on my ebay primo
with the Sub Zero RDA they ping it at 90
watts with a dual coil build on here and
I don't have anything on there now so
let's drip and let's test we'll do like
I said in one of my other videos one of
my previous videos we're going to do a
what was it I don't remember now before
my memory is kind of well I did it like
a couple days ago what no world
anyway let's trip this up and let's test
this juice out boy the smell is good e
let's see how the raw a juice days
whoo that has a nice taste to it
whoo pretty good and sweet but to be
honest I'm getting more of a Mingo taste
when I taste it just raw I don't taste
you sure can smell it when you smell her
though flavor report see how my mind
works it's a little bit weird flavor
report well that has a good taste to it
I can actually get the Mingo on the
inhale and the pineapple on the exhale
man that's pretty good oh yeah they're
good mango on the inhale and then the
pineapple comes on the exhale it has a
really good fruity taste to it I really
like this I can't wait to try the one
that's ice I really can that did this is
a good summer time babe I'll tell you
what this is really good
good clouds this one is brought to you
by ultimate bait deals they also have it
on ejuice deals they also have it on a
juices calm so all three links will be
in the description below it's to the max
mango pineapple
it says deliciously sweet mango paired
with sourly decadent pineapple now I
don't get any sour taste to it at all it
is all good and sweet it's not overly
sweet like it's going to go oh god my
mouth no they ain't going to do that
this is actually a really good sweet
vape arm it has a really good fruity
taste to it comes in 120 ml bottles um
I'm not sure what the PG VG rating is on
this thing but it's got to be pretty
high I mean you just look at the clouds
that I'm vape and of course I'm bait I
you know the clouds that I'm putting out
I'm vaping it at 90 watts so that's
that's a little bit up there but I'm
also vaping it on dual Clapton's 0.25 so
pretty good clouds
um the taste is just perfect I mean you
get a good sweet taste and the taste
lingers in your mouth so it's not a bad
taste at all it's good and clean it's
one I would definitely recommend for
summertime fate um there's not much more
to be said it's a good clean ejuice they
have a good price on it
um price point yeah it depends on where
you shop as with everything but the
links will be in the description below
so you can go check out whichever one
you want to use there you go
and definitely want to check out it kind
of looks like pineapple juice so if you
look at it through the bottle and it's
kind of that murky look it's not super
clear so yeah it almost looks like
pineapple juice in the bottle that's
kind of interesting it's not a frosted
bottle either but it's kind of a frosted
looking a juice it's kind of interesting
anyway you guys from me to you oh also
flavor meter from one to ten dot an
eight or nine about eight and a half to
nine this is really good
definitely and of course that also
depends on whether you like mango and
pineapple there you go from me to you
guys stay safe
vape safe this is Sub Zero infinity you
lay upon people

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