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Iced Apple Juice by To the Max brings the absolute best flavor of frozen apple e-juice straight to your tank! Imagine the sun filtering down through the leaves of an apple orchard. Freshly ripe apples are just sitting there waiting to be plucked. Right at the peak of sweetness, these sweet crisp apples are frozen and bottled into this iced apple juice goodness. This delicious vape tastes as crisp and as clean as a freshly squeezed bottle of chilled Snapple apple juice. The apple flavor is strong and pure, and leaves no question to which flavor you have in your tank. The 70/30 VG/PG ratio produces a wonderful orchard scented cloud that will quickly fog up a room, complete with apple icicles hanging from the ceiling. This all-day vape will quickly become a fruity vape lover’s favorite and the large bottle will quickly dwindle when everyone wants to “borrow” some. Sometimes the best flavors are the most simple ones. This juice needs no complicated blends of several fruits to make a good flavor. But don’t take my word for it. As soon as you try this apple goodness, you’ll be hooked! Check out all of the Apple E-Liquid Flavors


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TO THE MAX ICED | ICED APPLE JUICE EJUICE

so the madness - max ice T&S
coming that child with a review no honey
why didn't you know I like the drip I
like the drip and drive I can drip and I
like observing walk you know that's what
I do 50 wagons han enough for me
no it's like that you see that that's
hey town back pretty like I do all up
team they'll stick reviews
namitha steam test the fog testing the
taste test then I'm gonna see if it's
national free up the bar worth the price
then after that I will see if this team
no stick okay now you click that I with
so come on y'all let's get the girl
anyway like I said no I intro today for
you to the max man I got to the max man
hundred percent juicy flavor B it's like
to the max you know apple juice it's
definitely apple juice who's the half on
the body I got to the max ice you don't
fuck them out so that must be the cold
apple juice and this must be the warm
apple cider I'm guessing I don't know I
did damn and you have to tell by the
shirt that I'm rocking today I'm going
in with my broadside bull these guys I
got the one-eyed Willy and also got the
aluminum broadside I'm rocking out today
guys I got support v2 on top of the
broadside bully the one-eyed Willy that
the gut this is war these two on top of
the one-eyed Willy and I got the arms
Herakles 25 ever please 25 on top of the
black aluminum murder now fraud try
that's how I'm doing it today guys
broadsides now Feeny you shot the Brady
Campaign you know I'm talking about
we'll start out with the cross-eyed
fully man I got about 20 days night foam
in there man got fresh cotton bacon b2
in there to a minute I'm gonna do all
right beat 120s guys look at the jump
big 122 look like look like your that's
the only way I can describe it man nice
thick it's a nice thick juice man look
viscous I like that word viscous minute
where viscous is like the UH the proper
word for thick e-juice it's nice and
viscous guys it's nice and thick though
you know I didn't we put on something on
there and see if I can't get some
steamrolling I got fresh Samsung 25
hours in there so the steam shouldn't be
a problem
oh wow that smells like apple juice off
break dance I can smell the cool out of
two minutes kind of crazy I found out
what cool out it is I keep saying cool
out yeah it's either cool out up I don't
think this meant all day they put no
meth or no ejuice guys so I'm thinking
is cool Lyla I can't believe you ain't
bopping while y'all listening to me rant
rant Valley News Steve dead
and mad rabbit was mad rabbits white
guys killed a man rabbit y-t-dot-com
guys people some a gravel buyer if you
want a brawler cycle the boys side i don't know if they still got
one hour Willy's though but the one-eyed
Willy's is on premium vape
guys you can use my coupon code TNS 20
get yourself looking good on there you
go to broadside miles calm as well and
use my coupon code TNS that's gonna take
10% off TNS 21 take 20% off you know
that's for the aluminum bra side you can
get that Herakles 25 I got rocket you
know an Android right dere is like $21
man use tier that's 20 takes money off
that too and this support be - I got
this some bad cat papers man cat baby
calm man and this is like 25 hours man
but you use the coupon code TNS 24 this
support v2 as well make it here with
this of advertisement shit look at here
with this fog test though I don't know
yet I don't like I don't like the
feeling of it coming smell good as hell
though but I don't like that cool ro or
whatever their ice part i don't like
that i spark this ain't gonna do it for
the dun dun got ice partisan trifling
okay let's see they did it better with
the whoa I don't like that at all that
to the max
ice apple juice tastes like and it's got
my whole mouth tingling it wasn't like
to join a half-assed night that job site
they were overpowering on the cool I'll
order menthol flavour whatever ever they
did at wintergreen whatever is to not
like frostbite in my mouth
Hale - no - nah nah nah that's not gonna
work Ayana see if they did it better
with the to the max regular joint let's
try that let's try to the max regular hi
I'm a shaking feet take notes
Philosopher's Stone see how easy that
came up here okay okay I don't smell
that of whatever that 7f was man part of
my leg was gone that person pop but that
whatever that was man that ice bar they
think they need to kill yourself with
that that's frightening
yeah it's too much there's too much more
Drupal you might like in the tank but
it's too much for me I'm a group of guys
if you're a drip wait you don't want
that focus on the home Steve tests on to
the max normal bra sizes angry guys
man that's my apple juice okay okay okay
little something more here and see if I
can't follow the Loom my second try but
that first one is redonkulous beep light
then both tests on the to the maximum
apple juice I will stop steward
I'm steward cuz I don't like down the
one and this one gotta throw get on it -
man it's die this tastes like apple
juice man I had better go and he decide
I see this terrible man this right here
Oh see ya
get out River this - that cooler or
whatever was in that one this right here
tastes like Apple TV it tastes good man
mm-hmm yeah this is decide together no I
like this one
their other 100 man why still got me
coughing they messed up a good juice
back blue loctite to the max ice I don't
like it damn you to the max Wendell
apple juice that's that side right there
that's good Matt attack I ain't gonna
fake it like that
that's good yeah it tastes like a
to get back to the max ice point figure
with a cold glass of water man cuz
that's one ain't right but this one is
right then I like that yeah we don't
roll up in the role in is it hastens
preach I mean no doubt indeed man
except for that culatta to it it was too
much kool-aid or whatever miss ball with
the green ice flavor they add enjoyed
that was Babel trifling but the term
max' apple juice that went fine I like
that I like that I can roll with that
definitely see ya then Coolatta having
lifted up and all inside for a second
NASA so the one with the athlete without
the without the ice in this pot it
something as hassle-free there's an
upper part no doubt it tastes like apple
juice is the other other bar now that's
better than just discontinued that one
now is it worth the price now I got this
from E to stop deals guys eat to stock
deals is where I got this from right and
it's $24.99 for this big-ass 120 ml
bottle right here
yeah but we like we like deals and
steals you do you filming me how we like
deals and steals
it's $24.99 for that but hold up I got
some Fiat oh yeah man you like apple
juice you'll love this one right here
you might not like that that high school
to high school ain't bright but $24.99
for that one twenty apple juice that's
high that's what's up man but I can got
one better for y'all guys check this out
e to stock deals you don't throw my name
on the team they don t know Steve please
fill me and we got a coupon code over
and he knows sticker give you 10% off
for that I'm believing in this vegetable
oh and guess what I'm out of here ain't
touching that Coolatta joint by joint no
more - max apple tooth 20 team no sleep
- double it 9 t most people food and you
know why is your boy the trip angel died
near met the chief says so that's why do
me a favor guys like comment share
subscribe get online with team nose
steep T&S only the best and if you're
gonna do on a Monday night through 10 to
12 call in to the truth man let's talk
about it true Wolfpack stand up
cuz if you don't stand for something
you'll fall for anything
damn that's only the best

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