Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Respect

April 20, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Respect

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Respect

Contents Bottle of The Neighborhood E-Liquid Features Made in USA PG/VG: 30/70 Available in a variety of nicotine strengths Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Respect

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Neighborhood - Respect

what's going on out there chain gang
this is Jade CGI convicted vapes back
with another ejuice review for you guys
the vaping public and what I've got for
you today is actually a product that was
sent to me not from the owner of the
company but from the owner of another
company called grandpa vapes grandpa
vape set me up online they wanted to
send us over Sammy juice for review they
also gave us a discount coupon code for
all our viewers and subscribers and
friends on our Facebook followers so I
wanted to give that up out to you guys
first you can go to - so I may I
may go back and do what we missed but
they also sent me this line called the
neighborhood premium e-liquid and
there's three flavors family respect and
trust family is a cinnamon ice
cream-filled donut drizzled in cinnamon
sounds pretty good respect it's fresh
guava mixed with berries and sweet
undertones of green apple and Trust the
sweet apricot green sea well they
actually sound pretty good I got these
in three milligram nicotine and the VG
PG ratio I don't think I have it here
anywhere on this so if you guys could
help me out with that or if you know it
please post that in the comments I know
you will
which flavor I'm going to start off I
think I'm gonna start off with trust and
if I was to give you a VG PG ratio it's
definitely not as viscous as a 70/30 I'm
gonna say maybe it maybe even a 60/40 it
just looks I'm going on looks alone it
looks a very thin very thin you know
maybe a 70/30 but I'm leaning more
towards 60/40 maybe even a 50/50 I mean
this just looks very thin to me
just like you know just light water but
I will say you know that the bottles are
nice child safety locks the labels are
nice very nice gold on black and then
it's got their symbol as their shoes you
know the shoes hanging from the power
line I thought that was pretty neat
it is the darker amber bottle these are
15 mil bottles and once again guys I'm
vaping at 3 milligram nicotine I'm gonna
start this off by vaping on truth 3
milligram and truth is the sweet apricot
green see another thing I want to tell
you is look no dyes no add it is very
clean clear liquid and that's a thumbs
up is it's not gonna gunk up your coils
no unnecessary dyes and that's always a
thumbs up in my book so here we go sweet
apricot see now I am dripping these on
top of each other just remember that I
did vape all these beforehand and took
notes on all them so I don't want you to
think this is my first opinion of the
juice I have vape them all on fresh
cotton and took notes on all of them my
wow that's pretty tasty
you're not gonna be able to see favorite
production that much because I'm sitting
outside and there is a wind flow so I'm
gonna tell you on paper production um I
may be a 2.5 on a scale one to five I
may be about a 2.5 not quite out of
three it's a little less than average to
me yeah maybe 2.5 two or three throat
hit I'd say there's definitely a throat
in here at 3 milligram nicotine this
should be much much much smoother if
Matt was vaping on this yeah he would be
complaining about that throat it um a
little more tolerant of throat it it's
not as harsh to me but I got to tell you
there definitely is a throat in I would
say like a medium body throated on this
juice smooth out the nose though nothing
undesirable through the nostrils now
let's talk a little bit about flavor
sweet apricot green tea I get exactly
that I definitely get that green tea for
sure I definitely get that green see
it's like green tea that has had like
apricots soaking in it
it's it's pretty tasty however I'm not
blown away I wouldn't be able to beat
this all day I'm gonna give it a thumbs
up because it is a good flavor it is
exactly what they say it is however I'm
not giving it two thumbs up I'm not
blown out of the water and this is not
something that I personally could vape
all day it does get a thumbs up because
it is a quality flavor
um the flavor is pretty good and there's
nothing really on desirable however if
you do go out and purchase this just
beware the throat it there definitely is
your throat it even at 3 milligram
nicotine I'm getting a medium body
throat head Matt would think who's on
bearable but I don't think it's
it's definitely a medium body throat hit
moving on next up we got respect mmm now
respect is fresh guava mixed with
berries and sweet undertones of green
apple I'm gonna give it a smell test
I definitely smell the guava
I smell berries I don't really smell the
Apple as much I'm sure it's there but I
don't smell as much maybe it's being
masked by the guava the guava I'm not
sure let's trip it up drip a little on
got a little leaking issue here dripped
a little on the side of the bottle clean
that off alright so here we go respect 3
milligram nicotine and this is that
fresh guava berries and undertones of
that green apple this one's a lot
smoother than the trust off the rip
respect is a lot smoother than trust not
getting much thrown in at all super
smooth very smooth actually that's
really good that guava those berries in
that Apple
sorry about that you can do the dog
barking inside like an asshole wow
that's really tasty you know what I'm
putting that aside I'm gonna be vaping
that the rest of the day today that's
really good when I tried it the first
time I also thought it was really good
however the main thing is I don't really
notice that sweet green apple I
definitely get the guava in the berries
and they come together very nicely this
definitely doesn't dry your mouth out
this is a very juicy e-liquid
mouth-watering packed full of flavor
that's very tasty you know what
I'll be really yeah I give it two thumbs
up I can beat this one all day and I
will I'll be vaping this for the
remainder of the day as a very tasty
juice I'm definitely going to be vaping
that all day long
very good oh that's very nice and it's
significantly smoother on the throat
head than the trusts smooth through the
nostrils nothing undesirable at all
listen that respect I give you props and
respect that is a tasty tasty tasty
juice and I will be vaping it the rest
of the day all right next up guys what
we got it's called family family is a
cinnamon ice cream filled donut drizzled
and caramel let's start this off a sniff
test oh yeah I smell that cinnamon donut
smell that cinnamon donut right away but
it's not overpoweringly packed with
cinnamon I definitely smell cinnamon
donut I mean ice cream isn't really
something you smell but um so I don't
really smell lice cream but I definitely
smell cinnamon donut this dripper bottle
is just dripping jhooth the dripper
itself is dripping juice everywhere not
the dropper but the cap is dripping
juice everywhere anyway got this dripped
up on there
start off
I am getting a throated on this one but
it's not not as much as the trust it's
not as smooth as the respect I'm gonna
call this a light Lightbody throat it
but there's definitely a throat at 3
milligram nicotine still get a little
bit of a throat
I'm definitely getting that that donut
flavor and I'm definitely without a
doubt getting the cinnamon flavor I do
get some caramel notes in there
the cinnamon ice cream filled donut or
some caramel I'm not getting what I
would say is it is an ice cream I
definitely get the cinnamon donut you
know I guess the ice cream is in there
but it's it's the the ice cream type
notes that I'm getting are very very
light what you get is really just like a
hint that like is reminiscent of ice
cream but mostly what I get is a
cinnamon cinnamon donut but once again
this is a tasty juice ooh it is really
good I'm not a huge cinnamon fan so for
me to say this is pretty good is saying
a lot because I am really not a cinnamon
guy but I got to tell you it is pretty
good it is pretty good I cannot in good
conscience give it a thumbs down I'm not
gonna give it two thumbs up cuz I'm not
blown out of the water but you know it
definitely gets a firm thumbs up this is
a good liquid that's pretty much it for
the neighborhood guys they had those
three flavors family respect and Trust
it is a pretty decent line nothing
undesirable here with the exception to a
little bit of a throat hit on two of the
flavors but I got to tell you this this
respect that fresh guava what berries
and the undertones of the sweet Apple
even though the Apple you know it's very
very very faint I gotta tell you this is
a - thumbs up liquid this is really good
I will be vaping it for the remainder of
the day so listen guys hope you enjoyed
the video review here don't forget to
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minimum but most importantly guys til
next time vape on and take it fucking

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