Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Mucho Mango

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Mucho Mango

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Mucho Mango

By Ksenia Sobchak

Contents Bottle of Mucho Mango E-Liquid 1 x Top Cap Features Made in USA PG/VG: 65/35 Available in a variety of nicotine strengths Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Mucho Mango

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Neighborhood - Mucho Mango

all right so today I've got some juice
from one of the local local vape shops
vapor jungle and I got this for the
purpose of this review and it is called
mucho mango so fresh mango pineapple
papaya and peach so I'm going to try
this out they've been a little bit on it
and on the point out a couple things
that are really liked about their juice
so this is a house juice butt and it's a
little bit more premium price I think
it's $17.99 for 30 mils and but if you
buy three you get the fourth one free
not sure how it works online I have not
ordered online from them from vapor
jungle calm but they're here in Denver
at 70 33 east coast Colfax really cool
shop I like it but so one things I want
to point out one thing I love that they
did is on the label they actually have
the flavor profile on there I love that
because so often I get juices and I come
back you know two three weeks later and
I'm like oh what was this what exactly
was this I don't necessarily remember
and so this is really cool because it
tells you exactly what it is which I
think more juices should do and then the
other thing that they do on here is
they've got their VG and PG percentage
which is really cool so this one is an
80/20 and I'm sure it's got a whole
bunch of other stuff that I can't see on
there for warnings and all that other
stuff but again cool flavor profile
right on the bottle so I know what this
is six months from now even and so I am
trying this out on a couple devices so
first off I'm going to be doing out my
goon 24 just putting new cotton in here
and got it
saturated up with some of the juice and
actually I need to put some more on
already but this
and tried on this RDA and I'm running at
100 watts and at point 4 1 4 ohms on
this one
hey check out my little logo there and
nice right so let's try this stuff out
here there sticker up here at the corner
so then been vaping on for a little bit
and I have to admit it is mango and
mango is one of those flavors that I
have a hard time finding one that I
really like it's just uh it seems like
it's a hard flavor to really just nailed
down so the juice itself though man you
can really smell the peach and the
pineapple and the papaya in it
I don't smell the mango but I don't know
the mango really smells like anything
necessarily but really good smell just
from the juice itself on there so let's
let's take a toke off this and see what
we got
tasty very sweet the mango was
definitely very prevalent in it but you
also get that peach that papaya and just
a hint of pineapple I guess in there but
very sweet juice on the RDA if you're
dripping it super sweet so I also filled
up my tea fb8
with this because this is kind of this
is my go-to tank so so much of the time
the juice tastes different from an RDA
to a tank so want to give it a shot on
here let's take a couple hits off this
and I'm running that at 100 watts on the
six core one so point two three eight
yeah so still pretty sweet but not
nearly as sweet as it is on the RDA in
the TF v8 but uh good it's good you
definitely get that mango flavor out of
it and like I said the papaya and the
pineapple and the peach are definitely
present they're not just like after
flavors or anything like that you
definitely get they I think a good hit
of the the mango and the peach on the
inhale and then the kind of the
pineapple and the papaya come out on the
exhale on that one
so yeah overall really good really good
juice for a house juice what I would be
an all day vape for me I'm not sure in
the RDA it's a little sweet for me
personally but uh definitely good let's
see after having hit it in the tank well
it's definitely good and really good I
don't know there would be an all day
vape for me on the on a dripper but in a
tank I think it could be I think it
could be one we'll see on that I've got
only a few juices I really they bond
regularly and this might be one of them
and so yeah so vapor jungle calm or if
you're in Denver area go check out their
shop I got a really cool shop definitely
shout out to them for letting me try out
these juices for the review and if you
like mango I'd recommend it especially
what the other flavors in it really kind
of gives it a kick and it's good stuff
so that is my review of the mucho mango
from vapor jungle check them out Thanks

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