Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Family

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Family

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Family

Contents Bottle of The Neighborhood E-Liquid Features Made in USA PG/VG: 30/70 Available in a variety of nicotine strengths Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Neighborhood - Family

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Neighborhood - Family

and if i may just take your breath away
I don't mind it is not much see
sometimes silence gots minds would lay
so far away
what's going on all right this time I'm
going to reply to some of your comments
from the last video as far as the
giveaway goes update on the vape while
juices and i'm going to review something
special i have the neighborhood family
you guys like rum chata you're gonna
like this shit anyway um as far as the
big ball juices go i tried a few of them
the toffee dream cream it was smooth it
was accurate I like that a lot the one
that I didn't like out of the five that
I tried was the orange cream it was
supposed to be orange creamsicle I
didn't find was that true to taste it
takes the cut chemically and harsh to me
maybe it was just me I don't know but I
was expecting something different I
guess root beer root beer float was
absolutely incredible it wasn't too
creamy but the root beer was definitely
there the root beer flavor was strong
and it was smooth obviously you know the
pumpkin spice latte was great was on
point um the snickerdoodle though man
I'm telling you the snickerdoodle was my
favorite out of all of them it was one
of those juices where you can taste all
the subtleties in it and it blends so
well was so smooth very true toward
snickerdoodle tastes like even get a
snickerdoodle oh really accurate though
so if you like snacks start with that
that shit's great i'm going to buy
myself like a 60 milliliter that or
something or even 90 i loved it that
much was great i love them all except
for the orange dream and like you're in
stirring too much now I did that but
that was about the only one my favorite
of those for the snickerdoodle I still
have a few more that I'm gonna catch up
one and i'm going to review them in
increments but this video i'm gonna
reply to you guys
your comments from the last video as far
as the giveaway goes so we have a
dialogue here I want to get to New you
guys you guys get to know me alright
cool stuff um but yeah let's get on with
it the neighborhood family so I'm going
to start vaping this in a minute as you
can see from the bottle it's a very it's
got a very kind of thug life vibe to it
got the shoes up one the light post and
all that good stuff this is the Rev
one's called family according to the
website they've been around for less
than a year and I've been making an
impact everywhere they have family honor
respect and trust so they have four
different main juices in their catalog
that they're promoting now this
particular one family is supposed to be
cinnamon ice cream filled donut drizzled
in caramel but that's not the reason I
got this the reason I got this was
because i was in my local vape shop and
I happened to stumble upon it and I said
hey but do you have any more of this no
come back so I came back I tried it and
I swear to you it was like horchata if
you guys have ever had worked out of the
holiday drink if you haven't I
recommended this is what this shit
tastes like to me anyway we got it on
the bar Barack 7 Atlantis to with a
point 5 ohm coil I have my airflow close
at the top minimal airflow at the bottom
I don't like it hairy bitch at all
that's some good shit you know what I
don't care fuck the cinnamon drizzle
doughnut and caramel this is horchata
this what were shot it tastes like if
you like rum chata better get your ass
on this because this is fucking
fantastic it's great i'm gonna be vaping
the shit out of this man Cheers I gotta
give this a 10 out of 10 min all right
I'll of shit like that that might not be
your bag maybe you like juicy stuff but
it's smooth it's not too harsh with a
hit and you taste all the subtleties in
there you taste the caramel you taste
the cinnamon you taste all the
ingredients that you would have and
horde shot it that's what it tastes like
to me I don't whatever they're selling
them it's it's it's like work shot up so
all right so while I'm enjoying this i'm
going to read over some of your comments
from the last video it's quite a bit of
comments i'm very happy at the turn out
I appreciate all of you guys which is
why I'm going to read your comments and
I'm going to reply to each and every one
of them in person over video of course
if it's still you get point Barry bitch
pumpkin spice liquid got to give that a
shot still a big virgin but wouldn't
mind winning for sure get into it it um
I have cravings all the time for
cigarettes and this really helps you
know I got off cigarettes about four
months ago I've been doing this and
vaping has really helped me out and I
find that I really enjoy it even though
I still crave the cigarettes it's like
looking forward to vaping takes that off
of my mind because I know I have that to
go to bugs ification just started
getting into vaping six days without a
cigarette fantastic and already looking
to upgrade from the I just too hope I
win but good luck to all fair enough man
awesome Leon Vanel trying to start up a
vaping trying to start up vaping this
would really help man i'm also going to
start a YouTube channel like you that's
awesome and I really hope you do that
I'm looking forward to it I'll subscribe
to you man and check out your stuff
James munder awesome brother I see you
dude I see you man Eddie wardrop good
luck to all hope I win ken vapes really
really really want to win Kendra theory
I would really really love to win if i
win i'll make a review and make sure to
give you the credit i would love that i
really hope that anybody who wins will
do the same and i will subscribe to you
James Mouton great job I need this ASAP
Stefan be a I'd like to see some reviews
on the gear juices etc I'm a subscriber
like in common thank you very much
thanks for the opportunity and a nice
giveaway my pleasure man if if I so
happen to win here's my facebook to
contact me excellent that's excellent
all right Matthew well Matthew wildmen
gave me a thumbs up derpy demolish hey
bro I would love to win so I can vate
for the first time that's awesome it's
it's really cool to see how many new
people there are two vaping and want to
get a acquainted with it really glad
that I'm actually getting people into
bathing means a lot Matt wisely Matt
while see said nice bit man thanks for
the opportunity to win the knee box I
need a new mind cuz my homemade Hammond
box is having a wiring issue I gotta I
gotta wiggle the wires or shake it
around a little bit to work sometimes
yeah it's a connection issue yeah hope I
win big one bro Ryan Smith I should win
cuz I'm going to tell him my friends is
sub and I'll help out channel keep up
the videos thank you ryan smith 10 vapes
is trying to open up a vape shop he
wants to know what juice is to recommend
peach peach taffy it's another fantastic
when one of my favorites is the southern
sugar fruit it's pink grapefruit one of
my favorites it's another one that i
would recommend if anybody likes really
juicy stuff Kendra in theory once again
trying to get my girlfriend to switch
the vaping hope I win would be a good
start for her you
know anybody who is doing this for your
girlfriend Christmas props to you Rudy
Gobert thanks for the giveaway hope you
picked me Solomon pick me and you I need
a new vape mine just broke and my mom
won't let me buy another Lorenzo great
ving man I really hope I can win I'd
like to see vaping wildly from Chris
leesburg what that means you say it
means vaping while jumping out of the
plane I haven't seen that before extreme
vaping yes hooking up bro that sounds
fun I actually I think I might do that
one day I would have to save up for that
one day that'll be on the 10,000
subscribers special or something Jerry v
said hey love the vid you rock oh by the
way I'm going to go sup to all you guys
also Mitchell flow hope I win happy face
one I want to win Cori lamp what's up
brother hopefully I when they give away
trying to get my girlfriend a free
present on top of everything else for
Christmas it's nobleman respect alright
I appreciate it everybody keep on
commenting if you're new here go to the
knee box giveaway just subscribe and
leave a comment and I'll take
everybody's names put them in a random
generator and yes I am giving this away
for free to help the channel yeah all
right guys but yes the neighborhood
family fantastic

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