Vape Review of The Milkman Moonies E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The Milkman Moonies E-Liquid

Vape Review of The Milkman Moonies E-Liquid

Contents 1 x 30ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid OR 3 x 10ml Bottles of The Milkman E-Liquid Features PG/VG: MAX VG Child-proof Cap Contains Propylene Glycol Contains Vegetable Glycerin Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Milkman Moonies E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Milkman Moonies E-Liquid

what's going on vapors rolling to my
review for Muniz by the milk man
Mooney's is classed as a max v GE liquid
nicotine options are 0-3 and six
milligrams has been described as the
milkman has travelled back in time and
brought back one of your all-time
favorite snacks a fluffy buttery cake
hooks a sweet marshmallow Center and is
topped with a thin layer of chalk tea
goodness hmm
okay swung again on the inhale primarily
is the chocolate now the chocolate has
got or firstly it's a great tasting
chocolate flavor it's a slight bit of
bitterness there but it's very creamy at
the same time as well as that you're
getting marshmallow the marshmallows
sweet it works well with the chocolate
and there's a slight bit of texture that
fills the mouth with that marshmallow
now surrounding that is the cake it's
got a slight buttery element to it like
it's it's almost like fresh cake batter
before it's baked it's actually really
really nice it's a nice bit of texture
there that creates a bit more density as
well as the marshmallow it's not light
or fluffy nothing I'd really expect
actually it's got a lot of density to it
that works well with the chocolate and
the marshmallow which is - marshmallow
the cake your two flavors really that I
won't have put together but it works
really really well
now overall the in how is really
complete very tasty and that butteriness
from the Kate really does lift up the
rest of the flavors it creates a bit of
a it does actually
it's just nice that's really not now
after the inhale the chocolate builds up
further it becomes slightly creamier the
bitterness goes away which is nothing
bad the Kate comes forward the
marshmallow comes down a little bit but
the sweetness stays now there's a hell
of lot going on throughout the whole
vape overall it's an enjoyable vape but
there's just a hell of a lot going on
and what I do like about the after after
the inhale compared to their nail itself
is the fact that the flavors seem to
stick together better now the chocolate
sticks better to the cake it gives more
of a chocolate cake flavor the
marshmallow just provides sweetness and
thus fills the back of the mouth really
really well
absolutely ray it's really enjoyable
actually now on the exhale the
bitterness of the chocolate comes back
which is absolutely brilliant because
what you've got from after the inhale is
a lot of sweetness so you've got a lot
of density still out while you're
exhaling it's still at the back of the
throat and it's just providing a full-on
burst of flavor which is absolutely
fantastic it's a dense vape it's very
pleasant it's sweet but not too sweet
which is great which is nice for a
change because it's not it's not
overpowering I say the chocolate is a
good quality slight bit of bitterness
there slight creamy element there that
just runs over the tongue really really
nicely I like this I really do like this
a lot if I'm honest ain't got a bad
thing to say about it the Cape and the
marshmallow work really really well
which does surprise me in quite a lot
two flavors I wouldn't have thought
putting together but they do blend
really really well it sticks together
more towards the midden the exhale
you're getting the basis of the flavors
on the inhale but the further you go on
its just its form complete well done
real milk man vapor mobit well done
really really impressed
I've gotta say as well the chocolate
flavor is very reminiscent to the milky
o's flavor from the milkman it still got
that same sort of chocolatey taste got
the bitterness but bit the creaminess I
don't care it works well yeah give it a
go guys okay so that is the review for
Muniz done I hope you find it
informative make sure you like this
video and subscribe to my channel thank
you very much for watching guys and I
will see you soon Cheers
oh my god this is absolutely rank
doesn't taste like popcorn oh my god
that is absolutely vile
okay so I'll try do the flame

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