Vape Review of The Milkman Juice Pack

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of The Milkman Juice Pack

Vape Review of The Milkman Juice Pack

Contents 1 x 30ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid 1 x 30ml Bottle of Churrios E-Liquid Features 99%VG Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerine Contains Natural and Artificial Flavours Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Milkman Juice Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Milkman Juice Pack

hi guys it's mark which is simple vapor
back with another ejuice review for you
today and by the intro you've already
seen the sample pack from Brees me
breezy a milkshake man kind of combined
together to give you a sample pack up
for 30 bill bottles and I think it's
actually an awesome deal I like it and
the price on this box was uh a seer
$29.99 actually through breezy calm
which i think is a good deal for these
you get like I said you get for 30 ml
bottles I got mine in 3 mg and I know
you've seen it in the wacky intro that I
did it was trying something a little
different there I know it might have
been a little long for some people they
probably already turned this review off
but anyway it comes in a little fold out
box and then you get your four different
flavors in there which I think it's
really cool I like that a lot
it's pretty neat but on the back of the
box that I've showed in the intro again
like I said I'm sorry if you didn't like
the intro I'm just kind of playing
around with my video software a little
bit but on the back of the box you
actually get all their flavors and the
profile form which i think it's kind of
cool as well but uh anyway I'm gonna
test out each one of these for you right
now I have had these first let me say
again they're all three milligrams of
nicotine in them and I get no throat hit
on any of them okay none of them have a
throat hit not even us not even the
slightest bit of a throat that again
that's three mg maybe if you bumped it
up to six they come in two zero three
and six by the way maybe if you bumped
it up to six maybe it would give you a
little bit of a throat hit some people
enjoy that I however do not I got two of
them I'm gonna have to kind of pause the
video after a while I got two of them
one avocado twenty fours are TTA's one
of them sitting on my vaporizer revenger
and this ohms out at a point - oh it's a
point - at 50 watts and the other one I
have on the avocado 24 and that's on my
reuleaux RX 2/3 50 watts 0.25 ohms so
very similar
I will vape them on here first and my
other two that I actually have I got
putting on the dead rabbit and I got
crumble berry on my Wonder vapes i Julie
Wonder rate
our da so I will do them all right now
for you quick give you a little testing
a little sample of what I got and what I
think about these juices okay so let me
get started first like I said breezy
calm is ready to pick these up this cool
value pack I think it's awesome deal for
30 ml bottles zero 3 or 6 mg I'll leave
a link down in the description for you
it's free shipping from them if you have
anything over $50 so you know if you're
ordering this kit you might as well look
around see if there's some other stuff
there maybe you can hit the 50 dollar
mark and get free shipping
otherwise shipping probably won't cost
you more than a couple bucks I know
they're pretty good with me as far as
shipping goes when I ordered maybe a
bottle or two shipping has only ever
been a couple dollars it hasn't been
really bad
and usually usually I get my stuff in a
couple days it doesn't take you that
long but as I said in the last video the
last order I made from them took them
awful lot longer than I think it should
have but anyway if you're trying to keep
on topic let me go ahead and start out
the review first with Cheerios mm-hmm I
had like again oh my
Nakata 24 may press a revenger kit and
Cheerios is warm fluffy churro sprinkled
in sugar and cinnamon and covered in
that signature fresh milk flavor you
know and love so let's say let's have a
vapor and we'll check it out
that's good that's real good I like that
one a lot
I get I almost get like a glazed donut
with powdered sugar and glazed combined
with cinnamon sprinkled all over cut
yeah a churro I get that it's very good
very warm very fluffy I don't get the
milk pretty much in all these I'm gonna
tell you now I don't get milk when they
say about milk I get a cream but I don't
get milk but that was good I like that a
no throat hit definitely could be an all
day vape for me I would put it in my
rotation and vape this all day not a
problem at all very good
very sweet a juice though if you're not
into sweet he juices and it's not
overpowering on the cinnamon taste I
will say that because I know there's
people in there that don't like
overpowering cinnamon this is not
overpowering at all it's more of a blend
of sugar and cinnamon and you get the
cinnamon taste don't get me wrong but
it's not overpowering it's not harsh
it's blended in very nicely with the
sugar I will say that um ok let me move
on so this ain't a 10-minute video which
it will be anyway but anyway I'm trying
to move on it's because I can the next
milk iou's again avocado 24 50 watts I
already went over all at Milky o's is a
cookie and cream blended milkshake with
all the chocolate milky cookie creamy
flavor your heart desires that is the
flavor profile for milky yours so that's
how that me
it's pretty tasty - pretty tasty
and again like I said before I don't get
the milk
you know what that tastes like to me an
Oreo cookie it actually tastes like an
Oreo cookie I taste the chocolate and
taste the cream and it's combined very
very good the flavor on that one to me
wasn't very strong at all I could
definitely use some extra flavor in that
one milk iou's is good all day vape for
me now now if it had more stronger taste
to it
then yes I could do it it's I mean the
churros was so powerful it was good very
very good very sweet but very good this
one to me wasn't sweet enough so they
kind of went on the other side of that
so okay so now I'm going to switch these
out I will put the pudding one one and
the crumble on the other and I'll be
right back with you all knows okay all
right so just like that we're back I
switched over I have the puddin actually
on the dead rabbit will top the vapor as
a revenger kit at 0.21 ohms 50 watts and
I have the crumble berry on the I joy
Wonder vapes
RDA at 0.2 - at 50 watts okay so all
very similar builds really but anyway
let's get back into it right away we're
gonna do the puddin okay and pudding
flavor profile reads a rich decadent
creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon
overtones hmm
sounds interesting alright again dead
rabbit 50 watts 0.2 1 ohm build
that's very good I like that a lot um I
do not get lemon some reason I don't get
the lemon very rich creamy vanilla for
very good I mean that's definitely could
be in all the all day vape for me for
sure that's very good I don't get the
lemon I kind of wish I did let me you
know let me see if I bump it up
we'll try 70 watts Oh we'll go 65 don't
do 65 watts you might get some lemon out
of that I don't get lemon out of that at
all maybe a little bit on there maybe a
little I don't get a lot yeah I don't
get the lemon a very good very rich
creamy vanilla taste to it I like that a
lot and I can almost taste and I don't
even think they say anything about
milking that I can almost taste a little
milk a little milkiness in there but
very good I like that one a lot that
could definitely be an all day vape for
me for sure I like that again none of
these have a a throat hit at all no
throat burn no throat hit at all
they're the cloud production is actually
crazy it's like very cloudy in here now
okay so well under the net the next last
one crumble berry okay
and this one here was the one in the
whole pack I kept thinking I'm not gonna
like this I'm not gonna like it at all
but the flavor profile reads a fresh
sweet raspberry flavored paired with
light pie cream and crispy crumble crust
hmm not a big raspberry fan and I'm not
a big pie fan to be honest with but
we'll have a mate up here and uh give
you my thoughts so here we go 50 Watts
again 0.2 to home build
hmm oh that's good that's very good I
like that raspberry actually Wow
now to one of the ones that I didn't
think I would like I don't know if I
like it the best but I do like this one
a lot
crumble berry you definitely get the pie
you get the pie crust and you get a very
sweet raspberry very sweet taste to it I
like that one a lot that uh that's very
good that's that's that's very good so
actually that would be my all right so
I'm gonna rate these anyway I want all
four of them I'm definitely definitely
liking the churros first that one's
awesome to me that one's amazing I like
that a lot
very very sweet though if you're not a
sweet vapor you will not like it it's
really really sweet
so I like that one first uh it's close
on this one but I like the pudding
second I could vape that all day no
problem at all very good tasty creamy
vanilla flavor I like that one a lot
so that's close between that one in the
crumble berry though it's very close
between em two and I'd have to say the
crumble berry would be third I get that
that raspberry and the crust and I
didn't think I would like that at all
but I like that one a lot and last
believe it or not I thought I would like
this one first was the milky use the
milk use to me just it's okay that just
the flavor wasn't there maybe it was
because it's on the rdta
you know on my avocado 24 maybe I should
try dripping that on a dripper and see
but the flavor just seems like it was
kind of kind of fair putting out a lot
more chocolate and creaminess to it like
more like more I don't know just don't
want it made me wanting more actually
all four of these though guys you can't
go wrong with these check them out
they're very very good again you know
it's the value pack from milkman and
breezy I think this is a good thing here
for what they did me being a fairly new
vape and I'm assuming that anybody
watching this is gonna be fairly new and
maybe you haven't tried the milk man
beeps I know I haven't there's so much
other juices out there that I really
kind of overlook these hurt a lot about
them and figured you know what I'll give
them a shot and this is for $29.99 guys
for four pack of 30 mils it's it's it's
a very good deal
and like I said anything over $50 from
them it's free shipping so have a look
around when you're there maybe you can
find some other stuff there they do sell
all kinds of accessories hardware ejuice
yeah they have a lot of deals going on
right now of course it's Black Friday
weekend but you know $29.99 I think this
is a good deal for somebody that hasn't
had anything from the milkman so there
you go guys hopefully you enjoyed this
review other than the intro I'm sure
people didn't like the intro it was
probably a little too long but I wanted
to put it in there anyway something
different instead of the same old
standard intro that I always use I
figured I'd put something different in
there so I know the video quality of it
wasn't the best but just playing around
seeing what I could do and I'm gonna put
it in there so anyway thank you guys for
watching I hope you enjoyed that check
yourself out some milkman the value pack
from breezy calm very good stuff guys
I'll leave a link down in the
description for you and I will see you
next video

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