Vape Review of The Milkman - Crumbleberry

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The Milkman - Crumbleberry

Vape Review of The Milkman - Crumbleberry

Contents 3 x 10ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid Features PG/VG: 1/99 Made in USA Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Milkman - Crumbleberry

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Milkman - Crumbleberry

what's going on vapors wrong to my
review for crumble berry by the milkman
crumble berry is classed as a max vge
liquid nicotine options are 0-3 and six
milligrams has been described as the
milkman has made it all the way to the
kitchen oven and bait your all-time
favorite a warm raspberry crumble with a
dollop of vanilla cream
oh my god I'm in heaven oh wow oh my god
this is good
that's incredible Wow
sorry I'll do the review in a minute
right on the inhale you're getting a
really amazing raspberry flavor now
raspberry flavor on its own is
absolutely immense you've got a nice
level of juiciness all the way through
nicely the tartness is going completely
under that as well and it just is it
it's the same level in mid and half out
it iced fantastic
as well as that there's a nice base
layer of cream which is the undertone
bit of sweetness in with that and it's
the smooth it's as smooth as anything
really really nice
it hasn't got much going on with it
there's a slight bit of vanilla going in
and out but nothing too in-your-face but
it works well the raspberry and as well
as that is like it's like a buttery pie
flavor which is quite reminiscent if
actually if crumble topping it's
absolutely great nice buttery element in
with that sweetness in with that as well
it's three different types of
sweetnesses and you can pick them out
bit by bit if you just actually just
think about what you're inhaling you can
pick them all out a bit by a bit and it
works fantastically there's good levels
the raspberry is the main event but the
cream is the bay base layer and the
crumble topping is just going in and out
of everywhere it's just it's not really
is not
now after the inhale the cream actually
lifts up you're getting a bit of a dairy
element as well at this point the
vanilla has come through a bit more
which is which in turn is giving it a
bit more of a sweet taste as well the
crumble the crumble bit the crumble
element is not as sweet but you are
getting it still a good level of buttery
taste through that and they say the
raspberry is just flooding it's doing
everything it's doing everything it
should it's so good it tastes like baked
through it's not just a raspberry
additive in this it's like it's got a
cooked fruit touch to it
which is it's freaking insane I think
that's why it tastes so good because
there's a good level of tartness coming
through and it's cutting through the
sweetness and it's cutting through the
creaminess it's just doing it exactly
what it needs to do through just for a
fruit flavor it's got a lot going on
with it eats I like this now the exhale
is just no pun intended the cream on top
it's it's just incredible you've got
still the lingering flavors from the
after the inhale so got sweetness a
tartness and the creaminess going
through but you've got an added level on
the exhale you've got an added level of
creaminess which is just going straight
over the top say it's as smooth as it
was on the inhale but it just you with
all the flavor they're going on the back
of throat it's just working so well yeah
it's just fruit cream and a pie crumble
topping but until you actually vape it
and actually realize on how much the
levels and the contrast and how well
it's balanced this how well it sticks
together and how every single element
complements each other you won't
understand it into your vape it it is
it's not it really is the best one of
the best flavors I've had of 2016 this
is I top three maybe top two perhaps top
one it's it's on another level it's
absolutely fantastic
exhale it through the nose as well and
the raspberry is even better
it's wow this is a good flavor Wow
okay guys that is the review for crumble
berry done hope you found it informative
make sure you like this video and
subscribe to my channel as always thanks
very much watching guys and I'll just
see you soon
Cheers Wow oh my god this is absolutely
rank doesn't taste that popcorn oh my
god that is absolutely vile
okay so I'll try do the flavor

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