Vape Review of The Milkman - Churrios

April 20, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of The Milkman - Churrios

Vape Review of The Milkman - Churrios

Contents 3 x 10ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid OR 1 x 30ml Bottle of The Milkman E-Liquid Features 99%VG Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerine Contains Natural and Artificial Flavours Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Milkman - Churrios

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Milkman - Churrios

what up YouTube which man salmon flavor
chase of vapor views and today we're
going to have a look at the milkman this
is going to be another eliquid review
for you the milkman this liquid was sent
to me by my man anderson distiller at -
vape 2x if you guys have not checked him
out and go check Matt just open up
another store he is located in Jersey
City I do believe Jersey City New Jersey
I'm going to leave all his contact
information for you in this video's
description along with his website and
every way you can get in touch with him
go visit the site I considered the guy
to be a friend he's a really cool dude
and you know he takes care of me does
the right thing down to earth really
really honest really really nice guy he
sent this along to me for me for review
for you now this is my favorite treats
are really really awesome you guys can
see it does come in like a little carton
style thing here let's go ahead and get
in with the intro let's get this on an
atomizer and let's give you my thoughts
so I'll see you guys in a minute
thank you very much I am back I'm not
going to go ahead and take it down to
the table it's just this I do believe
let me see how many milligrams we got
here milligrams is three milligrams I do
believe this is a 15 mil comes in a
little carton from the milkman as you
can see a liquid this is a church Oreos
style this is a churros you guys don't
know what those are I don't know what to
tell you but they're the most delectable
sweet treats that are in my opinion
they're amazing so I'm really intrigued
to try this it says here the milkman has
taken your favorite carnival snack and
turned it into your new favorite cereal
wait so let's see how it goes fluffy
churros sprinkled with sugar cinnamon
and icy cold milk from the creators of
the vaping rabbit a 3 milligram nicotine
let's open up the package I'm not going
to go ahead and do this down by the
table but I do believe this is a dead
bed but is this 30ml no I don't I think
this is it comes in this is plastic it
does come smells all that cinnamon sugar
and all that good stuff comes in a
little plastic bag and that box fully
sealed it is it is a plastic box it's
supposed to look like a milkman box but
check it out it does it says bottled in
sunny Los Angeles California 30 mils so
there you go
and it says right there $18 so $18 for a
30ml not bad bottle in Los Angeles 30
mils 3 milligram Wow 3 milligram
nicotine 99% VG you see that 99 percent
VG fresh pure delicious all that
information right there for your milky
clouds contains no milk obviously VG PG
and Nick and as you can see totally
sealed so I did not try this so this is
a plastic bottle 30 mil bottle of
Cheerios so today's choice before I go
ahead and crack that open I just did a
review on the snow one and a half love
this I love this device
I went low today guys and I'm going to
show you I don't know the snow Wolf's
not picking it up I think I'm around
point zero nine on the El Cajon this is
20 gauge one two three types six wraps
dual coil on the ill cob realm that's 20
gauge so I put it on my addy right here
right now is a new Itemizer it says
point one three okay but on my ohm
reader it says point zero nine so I'm
not sure like I said this is 20 gauge
Kanthal a1 okay
six reps each side dual coils I would
put my money on point zero nine and
freshly whipped up I'm going to go ahead
and give you guys take this seal off
because it is sealed very well on the
bottom you do have a bottle date 827
2015 so yes bottled so perfect it was
made a month ago not even let's go ahead
and take this sealing off this thing is
covered from top to bottom in plastic so
if I have anything here let me see if I
can get it all for you got the kid tome
there inside with their mother
yeah I said motor alright let me get
this out of the packaging here right
tchau it's very intrigued very nice
alright as you can see there says
Cheerios right there it's a white
plastic bottle I've never reviewed any
of the milkman stuff so this is a first
like I said got it at two vaped X
Anderson is still er what a
down-to-earth awesome guy so if you
haven't checked them out go check them
out it does say directly on the bottle
18 dollars it's giving you what your
warnings your California Proposition 65
warning because this is made in
California so let's go ahead and give
her a smell test child safety caps case
you guys are wondering
Wow what I smell like
I smell shit I smell sugary like
cinnamon toast crunch but I definitely
definitely spot-on
churro Wow not an overpowering cinnamon
too disgusted on my hand oh my god holy
shit that's my smell sweet sugar sweet
cinnamon and I do get a back-end of milk
there Wow I definitely smell a churro
my wife would call it a Torito
definitely smells good I smell not a
peppery cinnamon so if you guys are
wondering there are difference this is
like a creamy sugary milky cinnamon Wow
that I don't know how to else to say it
but the milkman eliquid they they banged
it on dead-on choro right there bang
dead-on choro yep alright we're on the
snow wolf one and a half with that
bangin s um 99% BG so this is definitely
gonna be milky clouds like I said on the
good old el cabrón
I'm putting my money on point zero nine
because I built that that's low that's a
fat ass wires too but let's go ahead
check this out
it says 99% VG it's thick I don't know
about 99% but that's what it's saying
so why I mean you just can't believe
everything on the Internet right here we
go let's go ahead and give you let's
saturator up if you guys don't want to
sit here and watch this I will edit it
out go ahead and saturate my wicks this
is a low build either Oh point zero nine
or let me go ahead and get that in there
I love about the combi pillow cabrona
it's still one of my favorite atomizer
because of the the witch ma qualit the
juice well it's still very deep and I
love it very good very nice deep you can
get a lot of juice before you have to
redo it but if you do have a hot build
on here like
I would say this it's going to dry out
really quick but just know to keep you
know don't be noob you know what I mean
do the right thing saturate you wicks
make sure you're all good to go and I'm
really intrigued to try this juice out
let's go ahead and see let's see how she
all right I think she well saturated let
me pump up the wattage because yeah wow
I smell cinnamon e sugar wow I smell
dead bang straight on fucking churros to
be honest with you I'm not even gonna
sit here and lie to you but I smell I
definitely smell a churro let me make
sure my a flow is correct
so we're wide open let's go let's hit
her up we're gonna go to 70 to start out
so parrot is Cheerios from the milkman
to vx4 shot el cabrón 70 watts it's
saying 0.13 like I said I built it low
to about point one zero nine so let's
just see what we get ice I definitely
taste that's point zero nine ladies and
gentlemen that is good let me go and
read rip from the cap that is really
good actually I definitely taste the
cinnamon I definitely taste the sugar
and the milk it's definitely a cloud
sauce good cloud production at 70 watts
I'm definitely getting I'm definitely
getting the cinnamon I'm definitely
getting the sugar and it doesn't I don't
but I do taste churros so if they're
aiming for churros but it says three
milky clouds sprinkled with sugar
cinnamon and icy cold milk now I do get
a bit of milk on the end but not it's
not an overpowering I know how to
describe that I definitely taste the
churros part of it because if you've
ever eaten a churro you buy
into it and it's warm and you get that
sugary cinnamon and that's exactly what
I get but yet I still taste that like
that warm pastry underneath when you
first take a bite out of it that's
really good I do have a fan blowing in
the back in case you guys we're
wondering why the clouds are going up
and fucking it but it's good let me pump
it back up to 70
I'm definitely getting all the elements
of that juice and it tastes good usually
am NOT a cinnamon vaping guy to be
honest with you because of that peppery
cinnamon the nicotine I don't get any
throat hit on this at all definitely
taste churros I definitely taste the
cinnamon the sugar I don't get a throat
head on three milligram nicotine which I
would imagine that wouldn't be I do want
to shout out my man and asuna stiller
definitely a trustworthy kind of guy
really really cool guy also shout out to
Dave Stephens they're releasing
collaboration they're doing
collaboration at the end of this month
on the Magnum mod which hopefully I will
be reviewing for you guys soon so let's
check it out
there the name of their mod is a fourth
Horseman Kustoms so really cool guys
it's like a pistol grip style style mod
it's a totally mechanical so let's go
ahead and it's not about that but I just
wanted to shout out my man Dave Stephens
at Anderson distiller guys are fucking
awesome over there this juice is pretty
spot-on churros I shot it up to 79 watts
it's very sweet I'm getting very sweet
cinnamony sugary coated churros and in
my opinion that is an excellent juice I
don't get a throat hit it's very smooth
I'm not getting any kind of sensation
anywhere I just think it's really
fucking awesome
I'm at 80 watts now let me give you a
little favorite production
ninety-eight percent VG I don't know
it's supposed to be a cloud liquid but
let's go ahead and see I take that back
maybe it's a very hot vape which I think
I'll throw this on another atomizer -
all day vape it but for me I'm
definitely going to give it if you guys
are into it
churro style vape this is a churro dead
spot on there is no question about it I
get a very creamy milky sugary cinnamon
and I do taste the pastry if you guys
have ever eaten one of those you guys
know exactly what I'm talking about when
you first bite in and it's warm you get
that pastry with the cinnamon and the
sugar and I do get a little bit of milk
I know the back end which is an added
bonus because now I do taste all the all
the elements of the vape and it's
actually a really good vape and being
cinnamon I don't really vape cinnamon
but in my opinion taste this objective
like you guys always know with me and
everything taste is subjective so what I
might taste you might not taste for me
I'm definitely giving this a two thumbs
up definitely good cloud edge no throat
hit to speak of spot-on the cinnamon is
a little bit um what do I want to say
here I don't know if it's because of the
build and I'm getting splash you know
hot splash on my tongue but the cinnamon
in my opinion is smooth it's got a
little little kick of Sinope you know
you get that little burst of I want to
say like the hot cinnamon but not it's
just a mellow down version of that but
all in all all you know together I do
believe I'm tasting all the elements the
cereal the milk the sugar and the churro
pastry so in my opinion this is
definitely getting
thumbs up 99 percent VG yeah I do
believe it it's a really really high VG
it's making massive amounts of fucking
clouds as you can see I had a bump up my
wattage clouds for fucking days
excellent juice excellent I'm really
impressed with this this one if you guys
are looking for a really sweet treat
Cheerios by the milkman $18 for a 30 mil
I definitely want to go ahead and thank
my man Anderson is still or quit smoking
start vaping life as a cloud vape hard
so I'm definitely gonna go ahead and
stick by that because that's my dude
right there he's a really cool guy down
to earth this liquid was sent to me for
the purpose of this review so that still
won't change my mind on the liquid if it
sucked I tell you it sucked but as you
can see I'm still vaping it and I think
it's fucking really spot-on whew cloud
sauce definitely milky clouds just like
they say on the bottle
got a read rip I'll give you guys a
couple more holy shit that's look at the
vapor it's coming out of my mouth
we got and read rip definitely an all
day vape if you guys have not tried it
is my first milk man vape so I'm
definitely going to say it's good
because it really to be honest with you
it's excellent
I think it's it's spot-on churros and a
few guys like I said not going to say it
again if you have a teen one this is
spot on churros fucking clouds for
months excellent excellent this needs a
definite high wattage to pump out this
if you want to all day vape this shit
eighty five eighty eight point five
watts on the snow wolf one and a half
excellent mod excellent Hattie excellent
juice excellent review I hope holy shit
it's a lot of vapor anyway guys that's
my straight up honest opinion on
Cheerios by the milkman two thumbs up in
my opinion $18 for a 30 mil once again
thanks Andersen distiller it's upside
and Justin distiller and I want to shout
out my man Dave Stephens over there at
to vape X can't wait for the mod coming
this month that's going to be a sick
review which you guys ain't going to
want to miss I'll leave you guys off
with a bait and I'll send you on your
way so you think is good
you guys can go do what you got to do
all right excellent
two thumbs up and flavor chasin vapor
views Thank You Anderson I want to thank
you very much for sending the liquid
over for review guys if you're
interested all the information is going
to be for you in the video's description
well my man Anderson's contact info
where you can reach him he has a store
brand new store out in Jersey City I'll
leave all the links in the video's
description for you guys and all the
information thank you very much you guys
for supporting me
I really really appreciate you guys you
guys are supporters not subscribers in
my eyes and I appreciate you so thank
you very much for watching I'll see you
guys in the next video

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