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Unification Eliquid by Flawless is a 120ML bottle of e-liquid that combines creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream with slices of perfectly ripe banana, all while being topped with a delicious silky smooth chocolate sauce. This incredible e-liquid flavor will become the perfect anytime treat for those vape sessions. The Merge was created when both Flawless and RiP Trippers united together with the goal of advocacy. When buy a bottle of Unification, know that with each purchase, The Merge donates to Advocacy!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE MERGE UNIFICATION EJUICE

welcome back to my channel guys sir
vaping a lot here now today in honor of
the fact that ripped rip has just
accepted me on Facebook I'm gonna be
reviewing the merge um so a unification
juice basically merges between Richard
Bruce and flawless they merged up
sailing up and they decided to make some
juices and the story goes that the guy
from Flores was telling me before he
gifted me this juice was that him and
Rick were on a fishing trip somewhere
and they were talking about it and
that's how it comes about so Stephanie a
fishing trip I would have loved to crash
maybe got my own sort of liquid out
there fingers crossed
maybe one day so the building what seems
to quiet down a little bit I've just got
home from work and I wanted to make this
video because it was quiet so let's jump
straight into it guys so unification a
collab with rip trip as it says it right
down there you know this juice is gonna
be good and I have no idea what it is
but the advocacy man was amazing an
obscenity of this sale actually goes to
advocacy so that is awesome you know
fight for the rights of vibe shake up
comes this little sticky thing so you
know it's not been used stop by my now
it's really easy to peel that off down
it reminds you of something some sort of
like dessert I thought I smell cinnamon
first off we're gonna apple strudel but
now I could be completely wrong so now
the smell is changing slightly he's a
70/30 max VG blend and this is free
milligrams you know what I've no idea
what this is we are gonna have it on the
way out here dull audio from flawless
this is my new favorite flavor chasin
tankini is awesome
what I do have to read wick so I'm gonna
see you in a minute guys welcome back we
are freshly whipped up and I have juiced
up slightly but we do need to juice up a
little bit more before we actually vape
it I've lifted for a little while just
to make sure I don't get any burnt
cotton taste because I hate that I hate
them burn even if it's slightly burnt
you know it's not actually juiced all
the way through underneath the coil yet
that's what I like to pulse it and juice
it pulse and juice it after it's been
sitting for a couple of minutes because
I hate burn cotton taste then you got to
take that holy cow you clean your coils
up to get rid of that horrible flavor
and yeah there's definitely definitely
enough juice in there oh no and we
leaking out gas clean this up
and we are back again now it's not
leaking out everywhere so unification by
florists collaborated with ripp tripperz
at the merge let's give it a vape guys
and it is a kick in on the pistol
invader free with the we out here doll
RDA also from flawless flawless up
it's banana in this juice definitely
banana and I know that because I'm
slightly slightly allergic to banana and
basically what happens when I actually
eat bananas is I get instant heartburn
right guys it's actually the second time
I'm filming this because I forgot to hit
the record I did not gonna door someone
who even it was edgy one sister record
I've already done this I'm doing it
again for you
so let's let's crack on okay so going
through this again and what I'm picking
up on this I think it's like a banana
sundae on the exhale you're getting like
a banana a banana flavor and it's kind
of vanilla II like there's some ice
cream vanilla ice cream in there as well
so I think it's gonna be a banana sundae
now I do taste a little bit of caramel I
do taste a little bit of caramel with it
with sweetness to it but also like
chocolate syrup so like you know when
you get a banana sundae and it comes
with that vanilla ice cream and you got
one on top and you got that chocolate
sauce over it you're getting that sort
of that sort of vibe from it on the
inhale and then on the exhale is kind of
subtly there and chocolate is a really
hard flavor to put into a juice because
a lot of juices out there have tried to
do chocolate and failed it's a really
hard flavor to kind of perfect but I
think this juice really has hit the nail
on the head with it I mean what would
you expect from Rick tripperz or
flawlessly you know they're not gonna
put out a liquid that's not up to
scratch so I actually really enjoy this
now you know I'm a massive fan of
bananas because I am slightly allergic
to the fruit and basically I just get
instant heartburn and so I've always
been a bit iffy about banana flavored a
liquid I'd hide baked a couple baked jam
get the heartburn so maybe it's just
when I eat the fruit but it is nicely
you like banana flavors and you lay your
ice creams and things like that then I
would really recommend this this a juice
it is really really good so what do I
say is my favorite one I've tried
advocacy man and this one unification if
I had to choose I would probably
probably go for advocacy man just
because I love that
cookies and cream and a pistachio hint
on the exhale I think that is amazing
juice and I actually did take that down
to my local vape shop and everyone was
just dripping it and that and I've only
got a tiny tiny little bit left so I
might have to pick some of that up now
as you know obviously Rick rivers and
flawless merged together that's why it's
called the merge they collaborated with
these two liquids and 20% of this I
believe goes to advocacy which you don't
advocacy is definitely research I think
it's our job as vapors we need to fight
for our right to vape over and America
they've got the FDA over here we have
the TPD so I think it's really important
that all vapors you know if you're just
getting off of cigarettes then fair
enough maybe not so much yourselves but
everyone that can has this is a hobby
who is you know more of an advanced
types of thing and definitely needs to
be clued up on advocacy so take the time
to research that because they're the
ones that really do you know advocacy
groups they really do try and fight for
all right so to vape and to continue
vaping you know about them at the FDA
and the TPD I'm sure would have been
enforced a lot sooner I'm sure it would
have been a lot worse for us come May so
massive respect to all those people out
there that are part of an advocacy group
and it do fight for rights and vape
because you know we want it to be here
for the long run
70/30 blend now it vapes like an 80/20
it really does because you saw the
amount of clouds that come out of this
thing and that we out here don't I don't
find a cloud chasing or do I find it
more of a flavor chasing RDA and I love
it a flavour honestly it's my best
flavor I do really
it's like a fresh sort of banana flavor
as well really good juice you know well
done Rick well done flawless you sent
out a really good product all right guys
if you did like this video hit that
thumbs up button press that sir baby not
a logo when it does up here I think if
this side of the screen but I could be
wrong I want this side of the screen and
so yeah hit the subscribe button show
the love so show some love for the
channel share the video around as well
if you want and drop in the comments if
you have tried any of the merge liquids
because I would love to find out your
comments about it as well all right guys
for me survey from a lot peace

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