April 18, 2018



Transmission Eliquid by Flawless is a 120ML bottle of e-liquid that features a refreshing fruit blend. Both Flawless and RiP Trippers came together with the goal of advocacy using this new e-liquid line known as "The Merge." Enjoy a refreshing blend of juicy strawberries, delicious watermelon, and tangy lemonade. The result is a perfectly balance sweet and tangy all-day-vape! What makes this buy even better is that each purchase of The Merge donates to Advocacy, helping the cause!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE MERGE TRANSMISSION EJUICE

hey guys it's me welcome back to my
channel and I've got another review for
you today it's on the merge transmission
and I did open this last night and it
came in this bottle
it came with a regular cap and then it
they gave you this cap tip it on it so I
am going to be safe in this and I did
get this at date trick calm let me see
I'm just going to make sure
so I can give you some process on it
while it's loading up I am going to be
basing this and I like to switch around
my tank success but I think this looks
pretty neat
it is the eleaf ester 75 watt and I put
my troll RDA on it and it I think it
looks really nice so ok umm yes and they
do have right now a 25% off discount if
you use their code Thanks
25 and let's see it says it's $25 it
comes and that's for it comes in a 16
milliliter bottle and you can get it in
zero three and six milligrams negative
all right
and it says the flavor profile is
is a refreshing blend of strawberry
watermelon and lemonade to create a
perfect balance of sweet and tangy for
the perfect although they and it is a
70/30 VG PG plan so and it does say that
there is no seat time needed
all right so the first thing you get is
the lemonade and then you get the
watermelon and it's kind like a
watermelon Jolly Rancher and then it's a
very very end you get just a hint of
and it's really good I like it it would
be really good like other day like today
what's really hot outside so yeah I'm
really like
so yeah guys head on over to bait trick
comm pick this up it says they do have a
couple of other flavours and I'll tell
you what those are but this one's really
they have advocacy man and unification
and advocacy man is
because Mama's cookies and cream
crumbles vanilla ice cream and pistachio
goodness and then unification and these
are all $25 is a creamy scoops of
vanilla ice cream and classes of a
perfectly ripe banana topped with a
silky smooth chocolate foam so yeah head
on over to bake trick comm pick some of
this up like I said there is a coupon
code right now you get 25 percent off
your order and the code is st. 25 I will
link that down below yeah that's all I
got for this video thanks for watching
you guys have a great afternoon see you
til the next video

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