April 18, 2018


Advocacyman Eliquid by Flawless is a 120ML bottle of eliquid that is the culmination of a partnership between Flawless E-Juice and RiP Trippers. These two have combined to create an outstanding new e-liquid line known as "The Merge." This delicious bottle of greatness is a combonation of Mama Flawless' Family recipe, which consists of cookies-n-creme crumbles, vanilla ice cream, and pistachio. The unique blend offers a great taste and will ready you for the on-going battle ahead! What makes buying Advocacyman Eliquid even better is that with each purchase, The Merge donates to advocacy!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE MERGE ADVOCACYMAN EJUICE

what is that YouTube survey from a lot
here welcome back to my channel back to
normality after the massive vape jam
extravaganza it was amazing if you've
not checked them out yet head over to my
other content on this channel and check
out day one two and three if you've got
enough time to kill because they are
long videos I think the first one was
about 33 minutes the second 44 minutes
and then 56 minutes and on the third and
final day I was under the impression I
was going to go then just chill and not
get much filmed because I thought I got
enough footage from the first two days
and it turns out I got more footage on
that day than I did any other day
there's still some footage that I have
on my GoPro which I might put in on the
vape jammed summarize summary thing at
the end of the week but yet so today
we've got a douche review from flawless
okay the merch and these guys
flawless partner partnered up with
ripped rippers so that is amazing
there's a story to this liquid as well
and I didn't get it from base down got
it from basically my hotel abstaining
the last night Dave free babe jam on
Sunday the computers went down so there
was a massive queue for the restaurant
and then we trying to fix the computers
so they convert any more orders through
or take payments so I started thinking
that by the time they get the computers
up and running and by the time I
actually managed to order it's going to
be really late and I had to get back
into the room to finish editing day
freeze vlog and I'm thinking it's going
to get too late so I actually went next
door I was spending the Holiday Inn
Express actually went next door to the
Travel Lodge and I met I ate in there
that night and it was a real nice burger
I had a pulled pork burger and a Bud
Light plant so that's really nice I
might want an empire and then I went
outside for a vape and the second I go
outside this really big like really loud
than life American guy goes and where I
can't believe they're owning gap
chairs outside this hotel that was my
attempt at Millikin axe and I'm sure it
was crap
and I just said oh there's actually a
chair outside of my hotel and then we
get talking than that and I mentioned I
remember speaking seeing him in fake Jam
earlier that day and we started talking
slow talking and then I have a couple of
people come over and and they were all
talk talking as well and they asked if
I'd ever tried any flawless liquids
these other two guys who were from
Scotland so if you watch this massive
shout out to you guys in Scotland and
you all some accents as well I'm a big
fan of accent and then literally the
second I said that the guy the American
guy from flawless accomplishment of your
name's I'll really apologize but I've
got you near the Stalin I'll drop for
your message later he said right come on
follow me to my car follow me to my car
and lick she went to his car and he gave
me a load of liquids and and something
else as well to review and I was like
wow so I was racking my brains into
trying to think and decide on what I
wanted to review today and I landed upon
this because I was talking about this
story anyway and to someone today that
Simmons logs and used interesting
subjects because I mentioned at the end
of day freestyle I'm going to crack on
with this liquid it's enough of me
talking I am going to be basing it on
the Triad or D ETA from his mold asan
the awesome plaque look at that sexy
plaque freshly whipped now I'm going to
open this up because I've not even taken
out of the box ships I don't know what
heavy is ratalie but I know what flavor
this is who doesn't actually say it's
advocacy man which think is a really
cool name advocacy man so it comes with
a little spouse you can drip with it out
it looks amazing I don't know if I don't
the bottle that's red or if the liquid
I'm really hoping is the liquidation red
because that would look sick in this old
ETA ah
my mouth has got a little sea thing
young also I just want to explain and
there's some work going around on around
the area some building works if you can
hear a hammering or grin or something on
that I do apologize I wanted to get this
video up and I don't know how long that
works going to go on for so it's not my
cockatiel that's making noise it's
building work that's why I'm using the
lapel mic so you can hear me and not
that noise as much and it's off whoa
there's interest in that smells like a
lot of cookies and cream or something
yeah that's really interesting your
reminder block of cookies and cream
protein shake so well you can you get so
much by sniffing it let's put this top
on let's fill our see is it going to
work so this thing here is really weird
you can undo a review on it later but
basically to unscrew this thing and you
will fill it up through here and so I'm
going to do a review on this rdta and
Osmo just plaque but I'm going to be
using it religiously for about a week
because it's awesome you know figure it
all out so the liquid is not real which
I'm a little bit disappointed up but
smells nice okay so there's enough time
to wake up in and I can hear the
building works irritating that building
like some shores getting picked up on
the camera
okay so sighs I'm getting like a lot of
cookies look at lot of cookies and cream
coming in which is really nice and
dessert but on the exhale it's like
after you've eaten a cookie and you've
got a lot of taste left on your tongue
it sort of like that on the exhale but
there's something else there and I'm
struggling to figure out what it is it's
an enjoyable vape it's a really
enjoyable vape I like this but I'm
finding it quite difficult to pick up on
that last little flavor profile on the
exhale is it some sort of nut I'm not
sure I'm thinking um I could be
completely wrong about being I'm
definitely getting like a cookies and
cream with a touch of like vanilla
coming in and then on the exhale you're
left with that cookie crumbly taste on
your tongue but there's like it really
feels like taste likes right through it
tastes like this a nut in there some
sort of nuts
it's not hazel now and it's not a penis
don't you not that but then there's a
nut in there of salt I'm not it's
bugging me now because I can't put my
finger on it
I'm going to go out on a limb here and I
might be completely wrong
so if I am let me know in the comments
but I'm going to say is it a bit of
perhaps I could smoke statio but I'm
going to say it's got a bit a hint of
stuff showing maybe you're definitely
getting cookies and cream out you're
getting a bit of cookies with that
remnants of the cookie on your tongue as
well and I'm going to save pistachio so
I'm hoping fingers crossed that I've got
that right
but anyway this is like I said the merge
advocacy they made it along with ripped
rippers so you know you're going to get
be getting a good a good mixer juice
with that one and the story goes that
the guy who actually gave me his bowl
him and rip trip first went to a fishing
trip and they were there they were kind
of talking I could imagine I pictured it
when he resided there was unlike a bow
they were fishing on no idea what they
were fishing for and they started
talking about collaboration and they got
it done and they got it made so that is
such an awesome story to have a wicked
background to go with these juicers I
have anyone else know that because I've
not researched this at all and this is
if you have first impressions on this
juice and I can see myself probably
finishing this bowl quite quickly and
I've got loads of juices to get through
and but I'm going to say I want to say
it's like a cookies and cream of a bit
of and vanilla maybe vanilla ice cream
almost and a hint of pistachio so that's
all I'm saying those so you can pick
this up I believe you can pick this up
from the flawless UK website so get
yourself over there check it out and
grab yourself a bowl I definitely
recommend it if you're into your like
deserty sort of flavors and if you like
this video remedy that subscribe button
check out the rest of our content if
you've not checked out the vape jam vlog
and you have some time I definitely
recommend them because those videos have
blood and up since I've put them on
alright guys it's been me surviving a
I hope you like this little video but
before I go I just want to mention a
couple of charities I was approached by
one Facebook group and it's I'm coming
I love charities I love trying to work
for charity and I always try and donate
when I can and but this is the charity
one of it's the it's a charity raffle
and vapers supporting Legion to honor
those that have fallen so if you want to
pause it there and give that a read
through you can check them out at Welk
welcome to the resistance on Facebook
the little Facebook things at the bottom
there's hoping that's coming through all
right and pulls it on there and another
charity that Chris from Empire vape code
if you had watch the vlogs me and Chris
swim out there and we got on like a
house on flop flyer fly
we've gone like a household fire sorry
I've got interview with him and he done
an interview with me which was amazing
so definitely check out that was on day
two vlog but Chris is working with a
charity now I'm going to get the
information on my phone and I'm going to
let you know what that charity is
because we was doing a he mentioned the
charity to me at vape jam but we done a
live show yesterday on the vape UK
Network which was also I really had a
great time doing that and I told him to
send me the information over for the
charity because it's for a little girl
who wants to go to Disneyland and I
really really respect this charity I'm
going to donate money from myself as
well the charity that Chris from Empire
baked coat is promoting
he's building work he's doing my idiom
and if you go on to Just Giving and
search for Jessica Plumpton that so I'll
put the name down there anyway and yeah
if you know even if you can only give
like a pound or something i really
recommend and the young girl bless her
she had an issue where as she grew up
she grew her rib cage stayed the same
size so she had to have an operation
where they removed her rib cage and
replaced it with a metal one and now
bless her her one wish is to go to
Disneyland and I mean Chris told me a
lot about this yesterday after the blue
was after the live feed will finish and
honestly it touched me you know I teared
up and so bless her I you know if any of
my subscribers can help support her then
I really really would appreciate your
class so head over to Just Giving search
jessica Plumpton and give whatever you
can guys even a pound of V Bray alright
guys peace

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