Vape Review of The Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

April 19, 2018 18 min read

Vape Review of The Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Vape Review of The Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

The Man (formerly known as Milk Man) has been heralded as one of the best vape juices around. One Hit Wonder delivers a quality e-liquid that blends juicy strawberries with a decadent cream and tangy fruit. From the first draw you'll experience a strong strawberry front note, a heavy cream body and a tart fruit back note. Make sure to buy your bottle of The Man by One Hit Wonder today!

Vape Review of The Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

what up YouTube man Sam from flavor
chase of April views and as you guys can
see by the title of this video we're
going to go ahead and take a look at
hopefully very briefly all the flavors
in the one-hit-wonder a liquid line we
have 15 mill sample bottles that they
did send to me for review I want to
thank the people at one-hit-wonder
when I take a look at milk man we are
going to go ahead and take a look not in
any particular order the Rocket Man
we're going to take a look at my man now
this one here and that shit is fucking
awesome and last but not least the
muffin man which started this whole
so guys without further ado I got my
atomizer set up I got my tank I got my
200 watt snow wolf
1.5 we're going to go ahead and get
these on some atomizers get you guys
some flavor profiles and get you guys
some opinions on these juices so without
further ado YouTube let's do it
okay guys we are back and like I just
took a vape so if you guys not of this
liquid but just to look what I got in my
got some piehole sauce ultra ejuice in
their kids are next door so if you hear
the kid you guys know already the first
flavor we're going to go ahead and take
a look at now I know this is a brand new
flavor from one-hit-wonder this is my
man okay that's the name of it that's
what they're calling it and this is a
Neapolitan that that's how everybody
else would say but if you're Italian and
we not believed on so Nava lead on or
Neapolitan which pretty much 100% of
everybody else would say that it is a
vanilla ice cream chocolate ice cream
and strawberry ice cream and I'm going
to go ahead and give you guys a they
only sent me 15 mils I wish they would
have sent like a 30ml because this thing
is fucking I was dying to try this
liquid and it exceeded my expectations
by a million okay so I'm going to go
ahead the first thing I'm going to go
ahead and do is just before we start off
these are all three milligram nicotine I
do want to thank one-hit-wonder I forgot
the person who I spoke with that sent
all these flavors these samples out for
me to review for you guys I'm going to
leave all their information um one-hit
wonder illiquid calm you guys know the
way I do it here perfect warnings but
guys let me tell you something if you're
looking for that perfect Neapolitan or
Napoli done ice cream the chocolate
strawberry and the vanilla this is spot
bang the fuck on that ice cream alright
I'm going to go ahead and on their
website now I want to go ahead and give
you a brief description of what they're
saying these are available in 15 and 180
mils and you guys can go to their
website to check it out it gives you one
six ounces one six ounce worth of 180
mils worth of illiquid and they are
squeeze bottles that they do come with
the nipple top so you can just you know
do that straight on your coils if you
want Neapolitan pretty much the
description for this
is vanilla strawberry chocolate today
the rich flavors as we all love have
been expert expertly blended into a
smooth but complex vape that dances on
your tongue with different complimenting
notes from each puff the surge of
nostalgia will leave you looking up and
simply saying my man and let me tell you
something the first thing I did I gave
this a smell test this smells exactly if
you open up a fresh fresh bin of ice
cream of Breyers Neapolitan ice cream
chocolate strawberry and vanilla this
smell this is spot on that when I
actually did this I dropped a little bit
on my hand I want to drink it that's how
fucking good it is this when I taste it
I get that that very smooth chocolate
I'm getting that vanilla and I'm getting
a very creamy strawberry and vanilla and
chocolate all CIM it's fucking amazing
that's all I have to say to you the mod
of choice we're going to use today is
the snow wolf one snow wolf 200 excuse
me 1.5 and we're going to go ahead and
throw it on the twisted RDA I got some
fresh coconut Koh Gendo kendo vape
cotton on this bitch this is a dual coil
you guys know the way I run shit right
you new atomizer 0.14 right dual coil um
kendo vape cotton 5r AB dual coil ah I
tried it look as you can see there it
comes pretty much on the 15 mils it
comes straight up to that point right
this higher point I've ate just that
much and I fell in love with it okay so
let me go ahead and go back on their
website they do offer it in 80/20 VG PG
ratio it's 100% made in the USA
you have zero three or six milligram
nicotine if you so choose I don't think
they make anything above six milligram
and I'm not sure if they if they do or
they will which I doubt because these
are meant for drippers you could use
these in sub
tanks which I have not tried yet I have
not tried this in a sub ohm tank
I just been dripping it because from a
dripper in my perspective in my opinion
you get the best flavor and clouds other
people may disagree but you know like I
said taste is subjective and all my
videos are subjective you know this is
just my opinion on this kind of stuff
and I'm gonna try to keep this video not
so lengthy and I did want to start off
with their new flavor my men to go ahead
and because I know a lot of people are
wondering you know what this tastes like
so I'm going to go ahead and try and get
this one done for you guys first off
okay so to not waste any time the smell
test is dead spot on vanilla chocolate
and strawberry Neapolitan ice cream okay
we're going to start this one off let's
see let me lock the resistance it's
locked at 0.15 twisted RDA I just ripped
it so now we are going to go ahead and I
know there's a couple things going out
let's go ahead and taste my man juice
right we're gonna go ahead and you do
that right now I'm going to start this
one off at 60 watts and we'll go up
higher from there so let's go ahead and
give it a vapor production test being
this is an 80/20 let's see what she does
fucking holy shit this is by far the
best ice cream vape I've ever had period
I'm not I'm pretty much not listen I'm
giving you my unbiased opinion this is
fucking dead spot on Neapolitan ice
cream dead spot on it it tastes better
than it and it vapes excellent you know
what I mean well I want to pump up the
wattage to 65
as you can see for an 80/20 this thing
is doing really really well
the flavor on this guy's there's nothing
else I'm getting a very creamy chocolate
very creamy vanilla and when they say
you have a complexity of flavors in here
they mean it because you taste the
chocolate you taste the vanilla and you
taste the strawberry but what I taste
the most even when I put it on my hand
and I tasted it when your ice cream
melts in the bowl and you get that
liquid ice cream that's what I taste
like you get the combination of all
three flavors plus a creamy note
undertone to complement that vape and
you know this is just really so good
that I'm definitely going to order a 180
maybe - that's how good this shit is if
you guys are wondering - pull the
trigger eyes now this is only my opinion
I think this is an amazing amazing ice
cream vape I don't think there's going
to be anything
I mean I'm pretty sure there is but in
my opinion this is the best Neapolitan
style ejuice on the market right now
every single note they say you get you
absolutely get it and I am thoroughly
impressed with this gypsy and if you
guys want to test it go get a 15 mil
test it out mark my words you're going
to fucking love it okay you're gonna
love it so much going to go order in 180
so let's go ahead and push this son of a
bitch up 270 vapor production is
excellent excellent and the taste is
fuckin amazing I'm not even saying it
because they sent it to me this is the
best ice cream vape
I have ever vaped period hands down my
Neapolitan uh ejuice in my opinion -
huge fuckin thumbs up the best ice cream
vape I have had to date and download let
me give you another Veit they're gonna
move on to the second flavor
you get smooth oh my god that's such a
smooth juice at three milligrams
nicotine I would expect nothing less
these guys are the new craze now you
know what I mean one-hit wonder next
flavor up milk man now this is supposed
to be a strawberry let me go ahead and
give you a description that eliquid is
fucking amazing I cannot believe how
spot-on they got it all right next one
is going to be the milkman so let me
give you a just so you guys know 59.99
on their website for the 180 ml comes to
unis bottles all right a new delectable
blend of strawberry fruit and cream the
milkman eliquid has notes of uniquely
refreshing milk cream on the inhale
followed by a subtle sweet undertones of
fresh strawberries that builds over the
course of each of eight 100% handcrafted
in Los Angeles California
Kali's where it's at where they're
making the fucking Bethy juices in cali
using 100% USA grown extracted true Nick
liquid nicotine that's why you get zero
throated zero sensation no burning no
tingling none of that shit they're using
true Nick liquid nicotine the milkman a
liquid comes in one six ounce bottle
with six ounce plastic squeeze bottle
along with two empty 15 mil plastic
unicorn bottles with paint caps all
right for the next flavor we're going to
guide use my faithful Forge v2 by MCV
Philippines glove this atomizer and this
is a very very good atomizer for flavor
because it's such a short atomizer and
excuse me alright dual coil Kindle vape
cotton in there is this one's all went
out to 0.14 we're going to go ahead and
shoot this one down 60 65 and 70 that's
what we're going to do okay milk man
let's go ahead and give her a small test
ice whole strawberry milk and cream yep
let's go ahead and taste it I love
tasting these guys juice here because
this shit is fucking amazing
I get strawberry milk with cream that's
definitely what I get so guys if you
guys are interested that my man I'm
going to stand by that 150 percent in my
opinion now everybody's opinion may vary
okay if you don't like that kind of ice
cream which I don't know I mean
everybody in their fucking mother has at
least tried that ice cream I would
believe but in my opinion that is the
best chocolate strawberry and vanilla
ice cream vape that I have ever tasted
not saying that it's the best on you
know the market because I don't know I
have not tasted every single one of them
but in my opinions from what I've tasted
so far and I have tasted a lot of ice
cream babes that is the best ice cream
vape that I've had so far alright so
we're going to set this one up for dual
coils alright
dual coils 0.14 we're going to shoot
this one up at 60 watts and this is the
milkman supposed to be a strawberry milk
and cream let's go ahead and shoot it up
for you
vapor production is excellent when I
taste on this I taste a very fresh ripe
strawberry I'm getting that on the
inhale and on the exhale I'm getting a
milk and a cream so if you're looking
for a strawberry milk that's got a
creamy undertone to it this one right
here the milkman is definitely the way
to go I like strawberry vapes I like
strawberry milk all that good shit but
one when I tasted this for the first
time it put me into a different taste
realm that I would probably only buy
this one if I'm looking for a strawberry
milk or any kind of any kind of creamy
strawberry milk like a Nestle Quik
that's what this reminds me of it
reminds me of like the nut strawberry
milk but the the strawberry milk powder
and I get a milky creamy undertone on
the exhale which is very very good let
me go to make sure I'm good
sixty let's go you know what let me read
rip because I do not want to this condom
using just you know for future reference
I do have a review coming up it's just
I've been so fucking busy guys I
apologize let's go to 65 now
sixty-five watch this no wolf is beast
oh very fresh strawberry very milky
creamy strawberry milk that's exactly
what I get off this milk man two huge
thumbs up on this one if you're looking
for a good strawberry milk all day vape
in my opinion all day vape I can all day
vape the fuck out of this I was saving
this for you guys but after this reviews
done I'm vaping the fuck out of that
strawberry milk and I'm getting a very
nice creamy undertone to that one I'll
give you one more vape let me make sure
my top cap is on the correct way love
anything MCV Philippines if you guys
have noticed vapor reductions excellent
to taste on this is pretty much spot
bang on strawberry milk or strawberry
milk and cream so two thumbs up on the
milk man alright we went through those
I'm going to go ahead and take off the
good old forge v2 we're going to switch
it out for the copper and brass MCV
Fatman got a dual coil setup on this one
as well let me go to the website the
next flavor we're going to go ahead and
get to dual coil kendo vape cotton like
always dual coil 22 gauge I forgot to
mention that on all these bills let me
go ahead and give you a description for
the rocket man now the rocket man is a
blueberry parfait as you can see right
this one's a totally clear liquid guys
if you haven't checked them out go check
them out it one-hit-wonder e-liquid calm
and you'll get all this information that
I'm giving to you right now okay so for
this one the rocket man says 59.99 I
know I said that already but you're
getting 180 mils of in my opinion
top-shelf fucking e-liquid alright ah
let's go ahead and give you a
description balancing a light tart Greek
yogurt fresh Mountain boom wait let me
start over
balancing a light tart Greek yogurt
fresh mountain blueberries and savory
la Rocketman is a harmonious blend
without eat without equal in the yogurt
world from the subtle sweet tartness to
of the inhale to the palate cleansing
exhale get ready for a flavor that's out
of this world
enjoy the ride okay let's go ahead and
give her a good smell test I smelled
blueberries cream
I smell blueberries and cream on this
one I want to be totally honest with you
blueberries and cream and I'm getting
like I would say that would be the
granola because I'm getting like like a
graham cracker I'm going to taste this
one wow that is fucking amazing ah
Wow holy Sh I am thoroughly thoroughly
impressed with this entire line of
e-liquids so let me go ahead and I did
taste fresh blueberries granola and
cream so let me go ahead and saturate
this one up really good for you guys
I'm gonna try to not make this an hour
worth of fuckin video cuz I know you
guys just want me to get down to the
good chip but yet I'm not going to
change my reviews I'm just going to try
to improve on the constructive criticism
that I've been getting okay you troll
motherfuckers out there you guys can go
suck a dick but uh you know what I don't
change for nobody but I do take two
constructive critics criticism very well
if there's anything that's going to
improve me to helping improve your
viewing experience then I'm all for it
troll motherfuckers telling me I don't
know what I'm doing you can you guys can
go fuck yourselves
not my supporters because you guys know
I fucking absolutely love you guys right
this is a clear liquid but those troll
motherfuckers you guys know what you
guys can do you guys can go suck a Wang
and Macy's fucking window during
Christmas I've always had an issue with
the top cap on this fat man because you
have to wet it first all right there we
go we're good new atomizer yes eight all
right this one's open out to about 0.18
we're going to shoot this one at 60
watts 61 let's go with 61 and this is
going to be rough doesn't say the rocket
man it says rocket man blue berry
parfait so let's go ahead and give her a
good vape let's see how she does and my
dual cold yes I am
paper production on this one's fucking
bananas just like the other ones are
good make sure I'm saturated this one I
taste the blueberry parfait
now I have not tasted a blueberry
parfait but I'm tasting granola fresh
blueberries cream and like a graham
cracker that's that's one amazing fuckin
vape right there vapor production on
this is it's an 80/20 mix guys you
should know but when you're on maybe
0.14 0.15 you're going to get a little
bit more vapor
this one's producing really well the
flavor on this straight-up fresh
blueberries I'm getting a layer of cream
granola everything that's said in the
profile that's exactly what I'm getting
so let me go ahead and push this one up
to 65 excellent man I'm getting a nice
fresh blueberry on the inhale
nothing unwanted being that they're
using true Nick in this liquid you get
no throat hit no this is an extremely
smooth vape all three of those that I
just went through are extremely fucking
smooth I don't get anything unwanted
through the nose or anything no throat
it like I if I didn't mention oh excuse
me if I didn't mention in beginning
these are all three milligram nicotine
this is an excellent fucking juice the
rocket men or rocky middle I say the
rocket man's a blueberry parfait and if
you guys are into blueberry vapes creamy
blueberries and like a graham cracker
and what they're saying rinoa
I can see where the granola is coming in
I'm getting the granola on the exhale
along with that cream and I'm getting in
a nice fresh blueberry on the inhale
clouds up a room like a bad fucking
thunderstorm baby way too huge thumbs up
on Rocket Man from one-hit-wonder
excellent so far so good we're going to
go ahead and get into the last one and
for the last one we're going to go ahead
and use my good old samurai RDA and last
one's going to be muffin man now this is
the one that they hit the market with
this was the first one that I've heard
from them the muffin man let me go ahead
and get back on to their website here
the muffin man all right this one I'm
going to give you a description let me
go and put load up my addi this one is a
big fat guy and I see a bunch of apples
and cinnamon let me see if I'm right I
have not tried these yet the only one I
tried I had to try was that my man and
that shit was worth every fucking vape I
put out man that did that is one my
favorite by far is my man without a
doubt okay muffin man e-liquid a unique
blend of sweet apples and warm cinnamon
muffin the muff manna quickly liquid has
a robust apple flavor on the inhale
followed by sweet undertones of warm
muffin 100% crafted handcrafted in Los
Angeles Callie was Sayid using 100% USA
grown true extracted true Nick the
muffin Manny liquid comes in a 6m six
ounce plastic squeeze bottle to empty 15
mils yada yada yada
you got the description apple cinnamon
and muffin let's go ahead and give her
the smell test I definitely get like an
apple pie I don't get the muffin I'm
getting a very sweet Apple I get apple
and cinnamon sorry
apple and cinnamon apple cinnamon apple
and cinnamon that's what I'm getting
first off dual coil on this one this is
regular Japanese cotton
I do believe not now this one's not this
is the kendo babe cotton like I said
guys I apologize it took a week off
because you know I have you know I got
kids you guys can understand that
and it just gives you know yeah I got
really really busy so I apologize
I will be uploading on the regular from
this moment on
so if you guys were wondering where I
went I ain't gone nowhere I'm just
dealing with life at the moment you guys
can understand I hope you guys can
understand and we're going to go ahead I
could smell the apples from here that's
smells really good really really good
alrighty then let me go ahead and taste
this one I didn't taste this one yet I'm
getting apple cinnamon apple and
cinnamon all right let me set the
son-of-a-bitch up for a dual coil hope
you guys are doing good my supporters I
truly fucking love you guys I'm almost
done 1,900 fucking subscribers I think
at the end of last month I was at what
fucking 13 maybe 1400 you guys fucking
you guys are awesome I fucking love you
I got cetera dual coil new atomizer yes
point one seven and the last and final
flavor is muffin man how to get that
first one out that shit was fucking good
let me go ahead and get that one down to
sixty sixty point five let's do that
alright you're gonna give it a second or
two two for it to go into power mode let
me go ahead and do that Wow
I'm getting a definite straight-up
fuckin apple and cinnamon and I'm on the
exhale I'm getting a creamy muffin I
think that's muffin you guys don't know
what muffed tastes like muffin I'm
definitely getting a muffin I'm
definitely getting what kind of Apple am
I getting I think I'm getting a green
apple vapor production on this is
excellent let's move it up a little bit
let's go to 65
I'm definitely getting the Apple and
cinnamon and now a lot of people out
they don't like cinnamon vapes this is a
very smooth very subtle just like they
said in the description apples I'm
getting a nice nice not overpowering
apples but I'm definitely getting the
Apple in cinnamon as if it were one if
that makes sense so I'm getting an Apple
eat like you know what that reminds me
reminds me of the Apple and cinnamon
from Applejack cereal that kind of Apple
and cinnamon and I'm definitely getting
like a cake or a muffin on the exhale so
we're at 65 now let me go ahead and do
this again for you definitely getting a
muffin or some type of like a cake it's
very very good not my favorite because
of the cinnamon I'm going to be totally
honest with you I'm not a cinnamon a
cinnamon vapor I mean I did do the
Cheerios one that one was a subtle
cinnamon to me and this one's a little
bit more subtle in which I could vape
this one all day because it's not a
harsh cinnamon but out of all four of
these flavors my number one favorite is
that Neapolitan ice cream one without a
doubt but let me go ahead and give you a
through the nose and let's bump her up
to 60
sorry 70 let me go ahead and read rip
one more mother fucking town ham all
right there we go I can tell you what
I'm gonna fucking 180 oh that fucking my
man juice my man juice we kind of came
up with a better name but my man juice
you want to try some of my fucking man
juice Anna hey hey
70 watts here we go Sam right Ardi a
vapor production is fucking stupid I'm
getting a very nice subtle apple
cinnamon I'm gonna go with these the
Apple Jacks that mixture of apple and
cinnamon and I'm getting like a creamy
muffin or cake type base exhale to this
one so like I said not my favorite but I
could've ate the ever-lovin fuck out of
it let's move her up 275 let's see what
you can do
excellent excellent
not my favorite by far because it you
know it's a cinnamon and I'm not a
hundred percent cinnamon but if it's the
right cinnamon I could vape it so that's
it guys let me explain something to you
uh my one hundred percent favored if you
guys are thinking about pulling the
trigger on my man this is in my opinion
now taste the subjective Isle SATA and
all my juice reviews in my opinion this
is only my opinion okay the best fucking
ice-cream vape I've ever had period in
my opinion there is no other that
competes with this one right here my man
is chocolate strawberry and fucking
vanilla all together in one with a
creamy undertone that is fucking amazing
60 bucks for a 180 meals guys if you're
thinking about it get it get a sample
get a kit go check the site all the info
will be in the video's description try
it first see if you like it I guarantee
you if you like that ice cream you're
gonna fucking absolutely love this juice
my favorite by far is my man Neapolitan
or nah believe on the way we say it in
my second favorite is the blueberry
parfait Rocketman
excellent excellent fuckin vape a very
fresh blueberries on the inhale cream
some and that parfait that graham
cracker kind of XL and being that
they're using true Nick on this makes it
smooth as a motherfucker okay
my third favorite actually you know what
I take that back my second favorite is
the milkman because I like strawberry
vapes more like I said taste is
subjective you may like blueberries more
I don't know I'm not fucking you alright
but milkman is my second favorite
because I love strawberry milky creamy
vapes so this wouldn't be my second
favorite out of all four of these
flavors my third favorite is the Rocket
Man because I like blueberry but I'm not
a blueberry vapor everyday but this is
an excellent fucking vape because
there's a lot of complexity like they
say in the video in the description of
this juice that's going to make you keep
coming back from
and it's really really good okay and my
least favorite but a very good weight is
the muffin man is you get an
muffin and which in my opinion when you
taste all the flavors in the profile if
it's smooth you get nothing unwanted
it's an excellent - thumbs up so for
thank you very much for joining me up it
wasn't too long by my number one
favorite guys
my man eliquid second is milkman
excellent fucking strawberry vape Rocket
Man the blueberry parfait - thumbs up on
all these and my least favorite but yet
a very good one is muffin man so I'm
going to leave a one-hit-wonder
a liquid calm I want to thank them very
much for sending me all these samples
out to review for you guys to huge
fucking thumbs up on these liquids right
here and I don't know how much I could
say it but that my man eliquid if you
guys are thinking about it don't think
fucking get it if you like that kind of
ice cream you will not be disappointed
with this juice and the blueberry one is
excellent the fucker - everyone is
excellent these guys have got good
fucking eliquid
alright guys thank you so much for
watching I really do appreciate it all
my supporters out there I love you
fucking guys I'm sorry I'm cursing a lot
but you know what I am Who I am and
that's just that my supporters
I fucking love every last one of you
guys and that's gonna be it
stay tuned to the channel guys I got a
whole shitload of content for you I got
some sub ohm tanks coming I got some mod
reviews I got that Kendall vape on
review coming for you guys you're not
going to want to miss that one I did
take a week off because I needed some
relaxed time and that's pretty much it I
want to thank one-hit wonder illiquid
for sending these out to me for review
thank you so much for supporting me
because you guys are amazing and I love
every single one of you guys and
hopefully I want to be update with the
rest of these big youtubers so hopefully
you guys stay tuned to channel and stick
around I got excellent fucking pistol
grip mod coming up for you guys to check
out you not gonna want to miss that one
that one's going to be fucking awesome
thank you very much for watching I love
you fucking guys for the bottom of my
heart thank you very much for watching
I'll see you guys on the next video

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