Vape Review of The King E-liquid by Strawberry Queen (60mL)

April 16, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The King E-liquid by Strawberry Queen (60mL)

Vape Review of The King E-liquid by Strawberry Queen (60mL)

This King reigns supreme in his kingdom. The King vape juice by Strawberry Queen takes the throne as one of the best strawberry menthol's to ever hit the market. A rush of sweet strawberries will dominate your palate and an icey back-note of cooling of menthol leaves a lasting impression that will make you come back time and time again. If you're a fruit and menthol lover, this is absolutely your calling! Make sure to buy your 60mL bottle of The King e-liquid by Strawberry Queen today!

Vape Review of The King E-liquid by Strawberry Queen (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The King E-liquid by Strawberry Queen (60mL)

hello guys I'm a vapor store here again
and we haven't been online for a few
months because somebody stole the camera
now but another one and we're ready to
roll today I'm going to do a review
about the liquids
it's called the king by the strawberry
queen a company in California USA we
have two flavors from them we have the
steward Queen which is strawberry nice
and so bad they're one of the best herbs
flowers I've ever tasted
and the Jester which is strawberry jam
I just finished the bottle now actually
another gesture I really enjoyed it and
today this is the king the king is
strawberry same as the Queen but with
ice not menthol just ice and I'm gonna
put some strawberry I've tried and I'll
tell you what I think about it
first of all I would like to say a few
things about liquids and the liquids if
I've tried them and I say I like them it
doesn't mean that everybody will like
them but is my personal opinion and I'm
very honest with my opinion and I like
strawberry flavor and I have it for
about 10 months when I start baking
I started on a tobacco flavor than a
whole new story because I love story had
it for 10 months and one day I realized
I couldn't I couldn't taste it then I
stopped for a whole year and then
unbalanced O'Berry so an advice keep
switching flavors don't stick on my
flavor because you will not be able to
taste it so the boon is juiced up and
let's try it
really nice rumors this flavor is a 70%
BG v % PG I'm vaping it on 90 watts and
my build is 1 point 16 ohms let me just
take that off to focus out and show you
Monday pink and so what I get I get a
really nice flavor of strawberry not
chemical strawberry just a really nice
fresh strawberry very very sweet and is
I see you get a heat heat corners in
your throat but cool the cool feeling
you get is not sorry is not menthol it
does it doesn't have any mint but it's
just cool like a cold drink of
strawberry makes your throat cold really
nice I personally love it if you like
your strawberry give it a try it just
came in today among with some of the
flavors nasty juice rocket twist it's
really visit the shop in Honolulu for
juice thank you for watching I'll be
back soon with some more reviews our new
we've got a new website I'll put the
link down here and you can visit our
online store and see what we have
thank you for watching

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