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The hype is real with Propaganda’s Hype Collection, you’ll be left wanting more! Blue Slushee is a blend of epic proportions as it is an exact replication of the real deal and unlike other blue raspberry blends, this one goes down smooth! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle Propaganda The Hype Blue Slushee BEASTLY BECAUSE The hype is real with Propaganda’s Hype Collection. It’s a good thing they come in 60mL bottles because you’ll be left wanting more! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE HYPE BLUE SLUSHEE

hey people what's up this is sub-zero
infinity I'm back again to give you
another juice review and yes it's
raining outside and it's 97 degrees and
raining and it's 80 in my house so I
have a fan going I'm sorry if it's a
little loud you may hear the rain or the
fan in the background or my bird anyway
this is an e juice review coming to you
from the hype collection blue slushie
now they have this available on a juice
Escom the link will be in the
description below and you can pick it up
it's let me see for 29.99 so 30 bucks 60
ml that's still not too bad it's a
little bit on the high side but not too
bad I love this little thing because
it's got a little thing of slushie on
the side of it it's pretty cool umm it's
literally supposed to be blue slushie
now definition of blue slushie is blue
raspberry we're going to check this out
and I'll give you my thoughts today
we're going to be vaping on Miley's
mol-1 with the Sub Zero RDA with a set
of my triple twisted wires put a triple
twisted coils god I can't even talk
today um they're coming out at point two
oh so I'm going to be vaping it also at
ninety three point five watts so I don't
know why five point five but it just
came up that way
let's drip it and I will give you my
thoughts now I've been waiting drip this
stuff and vape it all day literally so
this is going to be really interesting
oh man as I'm dripping this I'm getting
the smell blue raspberry really good I
like raspberry Bates
they are so good it's all dripped up and
we're ready to vape here we go
ooh that is good that is really good
it almost reminds me of those little
push pops a little clear tubes that had
the stuff in it that you'd put him clip
the top and you push it out oh yeah
really good stuff I would have to say
this would be a good summer time baby I
want to say this is one of the most
refreshing baits I've had it really has
a good taste to it it's not
overpoweringly strong but it is sweet it
way I would have to reign rank it pretty
high on the taste um it tastes blue I
mean you almost expect to see in the
mirror your tongue or your mouth blue
that's that's what it tastes like
it is really good and it is a 70 VG 20
PG 7 out of 70 30s 70/30 sorry it's not
70 20 what am I talking about I can't
even talk today how about that this
stuff is really good I would definitely
recommend it if you like blue raspberry
I'm going to hold it up so you can get a
look at it there you go right there
yeah blue raspberry slushy literally it
is a very good faith now as with all of
mine and yeah I did do another one
earlier I did the cotton candy one I'm
so far I'm very impressed on the hype
collection very impressed I can't wait
to try some of the others it is really
good if you like this video please hit
the like button
and in your comment down below on the in
the comment box please let me know if
you want to see any other juices or
anything else you never know what I'm
going to bring you um also in your
comments if you want to have a shout out
done let me know if you don't that's
not a problem um please subscribe I'm
going to be bringing you a lot more a
juices you never know like I said you
never know what I'm going to be bringing
you so from me to you sub-zero Infiniti
vaping on the sub-zero RDA yeah you guys
stay safe stay cool babe safe and all
that stuff so good they bond people

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