Vape Review of The Essentials - Night

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The Essentials - Night

Vape Review of The Essentials - Night

Contents 1 x 30ml Bottle of Essentials Features PG/VG: 30/70 Made in USA Available in a variety of nicotine strengths Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Essentials - Night

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Essentials - Night

what's going on vapors welcome to my
review for night by the essential line
night is a 70-30 VG PG blend it's only
available in 30 milliliters bottles and
nicotine options are zero three six and
12 milligrams night is described as a
freshly baked red velvet cake flavor
frosted with powder sugar to finish a
vapor ball after dinner treat to while
away the dark hours okay I'll talk now
oh okay so a red velvet cake flavor with
a sugar topping that's how it's been
described so I'm getting that cake I'm
getting sweetness but I'm getting an
added flavor which I'll talk about in a
minute so we'll start with the cake the
cake is very tasty it's very nice
texture of the cake as well I'm getting
light and fluffy textures really really
clean bushes over the top of your tongue
really really quickly and it's very
prominent within that flavor itself with
that as well because of its texture it's
very much the freshly baked literally
been called for 20 minutes that sort of
fresh it's got that essence of i'm
getting a moisture sort of texture that
I think that's just my head playing with
me with that one bit it's got that light
fluffy flaky cake texture which is
really really nice in a way it's
refreshing it's that lie it's really
and as soon as you start exhaling you
getting that sweetness there's not a lot
of sweetness in the cake either which is
very unusual yet there is sweetness it
more at the back of the throat towards
the exhale and I'll tell you why because
of the frosting I'm getting a cream
cheese frosting flavor with this I know
it's not in the description but that's
what I'm getting and that frosting
flavor is very dense it's very tasty and
it's full of flavor you getting the
sweetness wrote with very prominent in
that flavor but you're getting that
cream cheese frosting taste as well it's
very very clever how this is happening
in my opinion because I'm getting two
different flavors what won the cake on
the inhale and to that that frosting on
the exhale it's cake frosting cake
frosting cake frosted separate every
time it's very very unusual but it's
very very nice with the frosting flavor
it's light it's smooth its creamy and
it's got that cream cheese taste
everything that a cake if I was holding
it in my hand showing you this is a red
velvet cupcake with cream cheese
frosting the this is everything it would
have on that cage it is on them it is
really on the money in terms of in terms
of the accuracy of that flavor
the sweetness comes and goes well we it
doesn't stay with the flavor either it
dissipates mid exhale it disappears
really really quick the length of the
exhale or the length of the vape is
quite a long one I'm still after that
vapor of just out i'm still getting a
cream cheese taste but I'm kind of
getting a hint of cake as well which
it's just seem to be on the top of my
tongue a bit the cream cheese settles on
the roof of your mouth and there is an
essence of sweetness there as well it is
a really really really impressive flavor
I'm very impressed with this a very very
good cake flavor if I must say so myself
Wow so there we have it guys that is the
night reviewed this is it is an immense
cake flavor and I hope you find it
informative find very much watching guys
and I'll see you soon Cheers looking for
there is fate shop in your area fate
Finder has it covered download the free
app available on your Apple or Android
device and let the app do the work for
you when you have found your vape shop
take a look on the app to find promo
codes and offers and also reviews on
what everyone is vaping right now flavor
of the destroyed be there bit more
morphs on the milk it's smooth its
creamy its light the strawberry I'm not
overly impressed with if I'm honest
although it's there and you can taste it
it's not the main event if

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