Vape Review of The Essentials - Afternoon

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of The Essentials - Afternoon

Vape Review of The Essentials - Afternoon

Contents 1 x 30ml Bottle of Essentials Features PG/VG: 30/70 Made in USA Available in a variety of nicotine strengths Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of The Essentials - Afternoon

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Essentials - Afternoon

what's going on vapors walk to my review
for afternoon from the essential line
afternoon is a seventy-thirty VG PG
blend it's only available in 30
milliliters bottles and nicotine options
are zero three six and 12 milligrams
afternoon is described as a classic
Mohito brew consisting of mint cane
sugar and tart lime all blended with a
light rum taste a classic drink thin
vape to end a hard day's graph oh wow a
lot of flavors going on what you'd
expect with a mojito flavor oh okay so
the first thing it really comes to me is
the zing of the lime it comes through
really really quick it just hits the
roof of your mouth from the entire
inhale it just brushes the roof of your
mouth constantly and it just settles at
the back of the throat can be kind of a
bit overwhelming but not as such the
mint is there as well with it it almost
calms that that lime down a little bit
just softens it down a little bit which
is really really clever in my opinion
touch on the minute again the mint is
very soft it's not as a banging your
face sort of flavor that I thought the
mint could have been in this it is it
just goes rubble and it it comes and
goes just like that is very the volume
of that flavor is very smooth it's not
strong in any way it is really
well-balanced for that lime NSA does go
along the route of the mouth of the lime
as well and what I do like about the
minute is well it it goes through the
nose really well in it opens you it does
it's really refreshing it does give it
up oh yeah it does it's like having a
menthol sweet as such it opens your
nostrils and it does it stirs your
senses a bit when now said menthol I'm
kind of getting a menthol II taste but I
don't know whether that's a cross
between the lime and the mint overall
I'm not sure about that that's probably
just me me perceiving it as that but
overall them two flavors are really
really good so with with just the mint
and the lime let's push them to out the
way there's a very subtle mid taste and
that's coming from the sugar the sugar
doesn't really act as a sweet taste as
such it it does something to the Lyme it
takes that zing eNOS that does come from
the lime and it does slight the mint as
right does it combines with them three
it what combines more with the lime than
anything it it dampens that zing unis
down say it doesn't really add any sort
of textural flavor as such it it's there
it's there to dampen up lime taste down
and it
it's an usual way for to perceive it
like that but that's how getting it and
the wrong flavors there it's very deep
and it comes more through on the exhale
and it stays on your tongue and it's
very much like when you've had a mojito
and i'm going to say mojitos my favorite
cocktail by the way so I kind of know
how these things are um what was I
saying so yeah then the ROM is very much
there and it stays on the back of your
tongue is a deep rami tastes best way I
can describe it it's it's very it's a
very room s taste of see you ain't you
have any alcohol in it but you are
getting that that taste of rum it's not
in your face everything within this
flavor is really really really well
balanced and there's much flavor there
is going on with it it's very light it's
very refreshing it's ah that mean and
that lime really does open up your nasal
cavity and it really does refresh you in
that way there's a lot going on with
this considering its and you can say
it's a mojito flavor but if you if you
break it down and you actually look
what's in it there's a lot going on with
this flavor and it's really nice it's
refreshing it's got a very nice end it's
the length of the vape after you've
finished vaping it isn't very much there
but you've got a lot going on in an
this is really not a bad flavor at all
not bad at all mmm today have it guys
and the heat own flavor I've never had
one before and i'm glad i've had this
one this is really really good and I
hope you found it informative as usual
thank you very much for watching and I
shall see you soon cheers guys looking
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overly impressed with if I'm honest
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it's not the main event if

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