Vape Review of The Drop Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of The Drop Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Vape Review of The Drop Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Ever wanted to experience the equivalent of a light show for your taste buds?! REMIXED by Motley Brew has arrived with an authentic and tempting key lime vape juice that goes HAM. The Drop will have your face melting from vaping this sweet and tart juice that shuffles through your mouth. Upon the first draw of this juice you'll discover a key lime cookie infused blueberry vape mixed with a sugary sweet front note. As this vape juice travels your tongue a hyped mashup of cookies and vanilla finish off the back note with ease. Get your ticket, throw your hands up, get plurnt, and embrace the peace, love, unity and respect of The Drop from REMIXED by Motley Brew.

Vape Review of The Drop Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Drop Remixed by Motley Brew (30ML)

welcome back everybody this is Eric here
at the real deal vape reviews today
we're gonna be taking a look at the drop
by motley brew this is a part of their
remixed brand it's three new flavors
they came out right before the 8th they
did a six thousand bottle giveaway all
you had to do was sign up I got my name
in there I was lucky to get two of the
three bottles the third one I will be
ordering because I want to try and
review that
but in that package that they sent me I
got a motley brew remixed card you also
get a motley brew sticker cool ass logo
so I'm happy to have that sticker not
sure if you'll get all this in your
order I would imagine so you get a card
to give your vape shop if they were to
order from motley brew and pick up their
line they send you $100 all that
information is on this card and you also
get the flavor profile card which is the
three flavors you have crumb DMC the
drop-in bubble pop now like I said today
I'm going to be reviewing the drop and
I'll read that to you the drop
experience the equivalent of a light
show for your taste buds discover a
mash-up of Key Lime cookies drizzled
with a blueberry reduction and vanilla
Ella mode embrace the build up throw
your hands up and get Clark when this
beat drops I'm saying I like motley brew
they're a little strange a little on the
hip side and I don't know like I said
they're different I like it but like
let's get into this damn juice review
clouds bitch first I'm going to do a
taste test here
taste test is kind of odd tastes
I taste lime I kind of taste blueberry I
don't have I don't really taste vanilla
but we're gonna go ahead and vape that
let me wake up or wake up
let me drip up well yeah this line is
available from motley brew calm as well
as their original flavors that I
reviewed in the past $14.99 for a 30ml
bottle not bad for a premium eliquid
it's not up there with them 20 21 22
dollar bottles so not a bad price today
I'm going to be vaping this in the troll
v2 RDA on my rx 200s and this will be
0.25 on some gearbest Clapton's at 80
watts did a review yesterday those were
different coils these Rea hair are just
as violent cloud production is awesome
believe they're a max VG I lied there
are 70 30 VG PG
you got your warnings on the bottle you
got motley Bru dot-com 30 mils I believe
these are available in 0 3 or 6 I did
not look that up that's my fault they
could be available higher so go check
them out maybe they are maybe they're
not my apologies Jesus
clouds linger let's get into the flavor
let me take one more here flavor in my
opinion is really good
I started vaping this as soon as I got
and honestly there no there's not much
at all left I had to save it just
because I wanted to do this video but
for the flavor Key Lime cookies
definitely get some Key Lime cookies in
there drizzled with a blueberry
reduction me personally I don't get no
blueberry like I said in the taste test
I could taste the blueberry it was a
little weird mixed with the Key Lime but
in the vape I don't taste blueberry like
I said it tastes like a Key Lime cookie
and vanilla Ella mode don't taste it I
taste the Key Lime cookie that
overpowers pretty much everything to my
tastebuds it could be different with you
but all I taste is a Key Lime cookie and
I will say in my opinion it is the best
Key Lime vape that I ever had I have
tried some I've been looking for a good
Key Lime just couldn't find it I've
tried a couple different ones just
didn't live up to the expectation didn't
taste right tasted really artificial I
won't say this tastes like a fresh lime
because it's not supposed to it's
supposed to be like a key lime cookie
then like I said that's what it tastes
thing got air flow for days but yeah
let's wrap this up for the let me take
one more fuck it when you're inhaling
there is a little bit of a hit to it
it's not just like a really really
smooth inhale like to me I get like a
little hit in the throat but it's not
the nicotine it's not anything of that
it's not like a peppery nicotine no
harsh nicotine I think it's kind of like
just the flavors it's not bad enough
that I wouldn't buy it again cuz I would
most definitely buy this again it's just
a little more than your average you know
throat hit whatsoever like I said it's
not enough to bother me I'm a really big
fan of this and they didn't send me this
to review I picked it up myself I wanted
to review it really wish I could see
what was in here if you can't see that
there's like scratches in it or
something but the black bottle I'm not
really a fan of just I have no idea
what's in it I always say companies that
do that this center line in between the
label they should make clear just that
way you can measure cuz if I want to all
day vape this and I run out and I run
out and I gotta wait for an order just
put a freaking strip it's all it takes
little strip tell what I have in there
rather than looking in the bottle but
that's just me ranting I also got crumb
DMC I'll just tell you what that is now
yo its tricky to find a vape juice
that's bangin from the first draw you're
gonna be hooked as a sweet green apple
front note invades your palate the
perfect mix of apple crumb cake and
light cream notes that will leave you
saying damn B yeah like I said I got
that one too I'm not gonna be reviewing
that today maybe I'll try it tomorrow I
only had one day off this week and that
was last night not off again till
Saturday Sunday Monday I got a three-day
weekend coming up
and the last flavour like I said is
bubble pop this one I will be ordering I
didn't pick it up because I've never
tried a bubblegum vape but the more I
think about it like you don't know if
you don't like it - you try it the
description on that is think your BAE is
sweeter than this juice as if a ripe
strawberry and kiwi combined or combined
with a deliciously sweet watermelon
bubblegum that is on fleek what a time
to be alive it's a hundred percent
Instagram where the chick tested Braille
approved can't even read these but yeah
let's taking one more I keep saying now
be like five more like I said I just
don't get that blueberry I don't get
that vanilla Key Lime cookie straight up
does it match the description for that
for me I would say no I'd give this out
of matching the description 3 out of 5
is this something I could vape what
would my opinion be just on the taste of
this I would give it 5 out of 5 I really
like it it's like I said it's the best
lime I've ever tasted someone else in or
one of my subscribers got it - she said
she wasn't that interested in trying it
and may have chose the wrong one but
like I said key lime cookie all day I'm
a juice up one more and I'm gonna be
getting the hell out of here cuz my ass
needs to go to sleep
like I said barely anything left in
there here's the crumb DMC I'm gonna be
trying to review that hopefully tomorrow
but as always thank you all for watching
subscribing liking sharing my videos
just hit 500 subscribers I think I'm at
505 now I appreciate every single one of
you will be doing a giveaway soon I
didn't announce it on YouTube but my
freaking card
hacked again so I don't know where the
hell I'm ordering from a lot of you
might order from the same sites I can't
really pinpoint it I can't blame it on
one site I you just don't know I could
order it from pizza they got hacked like
I don't know but I do a lot of online
shopping I get all my vape stuff online
because the shop close by to me really
wouldn't want to recommend it or go to
it just had issues with them in the past
not really filling them so I order
online save money because my ass is
broke damn air freshener keeps going off
but yeah I don't know what the hell
happened but they got me it was a book
calm dot Ltd dot CEO something some book
company out of Taiwan luckily my banks
cooled and we're gonna make everything
bright but in the meantime my ass is
broke too all that gets fixed
but yeah you got a fight for your right
to vape kasaa Sephora not blowing smoke
the vaping militia EMSA no more
casualties org also got a billion lives
calm that videos going out getting
released here and there expected to come
soon like I understand they got to do
what they got to do to promote the video
otherwise they're just gonna release it
nobody's gonna care only the vapors are
gonna watch it so yeah I see a lot of
people saying like fuck you it's too
late you should've did this a year ago
should've did it when it was done and
just released it
they have tactics they have the strategy
and like I said just a mass release is
not gonna do anything it's gonna be us
watching there ain't gonna be
politicians watching there ain't going
to be people that might be against
vaping they're not gonna watch it but if
you have these big releases all over the
all over the world pretty much in
certain cities of the United States as
they come like it's gonna do more than
it's gonna do just mass releasing and I
understand that I too was once like
should've did this a while ago but like
I said that guy's pretty cool I watched
him on gizzards doula gizzards do
live-show I've seen his videos like on
his Facebook and stuff of that nature
I've seen him talk he seems like a
really good guy not a vapor not a smoker
just someone here that is trying to get
the word out and that's pretty much it
but yeah like I said thanks for watching
like subscribe share continue to grow
gotta get some giveaways out soon like I
said once the money is right then I'm
back in don't want to die there Jesus

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