Vape Review of The Dripboy Juice Pack

April 20, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of The Dripboy Juice Pack

Vape Review of The Dripboy Juice Pack

The Dripboy Juice Pack brings to you the whole e-liquid range from DripBoy. This juice pack includes the popular flavour from the range such as the BlueDoe or My Milkshake. Available in 3x10ml pack and 3mg or 6mg Nicotine strengths.

Vape Review of The Dripboy Juice Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Dripboy Juice Pack

hello to all my lovely vapors out there
today's that review is going to be all
about some drip boy and by popular
demand um I skipped actually have two
more flavors to review for a g2 vapor
and but like I said by popular demand
I'm going with the drip boy kind of in
the middle of the 4g tube vapor flavors
and they are made by the same company
liquid art incorporated um g to vapor
now drip boy that's their new line which
is incredible and and then um also gonna
say i just had a brain fart again go
figure ok so they do have several ones
or a couple or a few 30 i think once um
but I'm just reviewing g2 android boy
anyways um this is obvious in their line
but head my milkshake radix and Bluto
and I was sent to to review my milkshake
and Butthead and like yeah my milkshake
is getting kind of low there and as I
told you in the g2 reviews um they noted
of the sorry they this is the max VG 1
but as I told you in the review of the
g2 reviews they these bottles are just
about the same as G 2 I mean not really
like like them you know like in looks
but as far as the information on the
side on the way
saw it all that they actually have the
born on day the batch code number all
that good stuff right there these are 50
mil bottles and and the retail price on
those are is 22 dollars you can get
these at giant Bates calm which i'll
post a link blue and i'll also post um
drip boy website down in the description
box as well which will take you to
liquid art just like g to vapor it'll
take you to liquid art um it is one
company so anyways as you all know i
usually do even if i get a full line I
always do one flavor / review but I'm
gonna make an exception for this one I
am going to review both of these flavors
in this one video so it is going to be a
little bit longer i'll try to shorten it
up though as much as possible because
and also excited to try it because it
like i said it is a new line and i have
dripped both of them I've not had both
of them in a tank but um i have had one
of them in a tank which is my milkshake
and then i have but head on the RDA so i
will because okay let me say this my
milkshake i tried it first and i tried
it on my RDA first um so when I put it
in my tank there really wasn't that much
difference at all so I decided to go
ahead and review both of them at the
same time because I didn't get any dear
friends between the RDA and the tank
which is this is the crown tank um now
the head it may have been different but
I did not put it in a tank um I just you
know my tanks for on-the-go of course um
which the day the day that I first
opened my head I
at first I know right I know my
milkshake first and then buckhead I put
it on the RTA I used my RDA all day long
and that is unheard of from me okay
we're getting 25 minutes here so we're
going to hurry up and like I said and
the this is 50 ml bottles at $22 order
it John Bates calm i'll post those links
below um this is a max VG 1 I think it's
only available in 0 3 and six I think oh
forgot to look at that I apologize and
but anyways you can go to Jewboys
website and check out the flavors but
you'll actually have to order them from
John babes ok so we are going to do my
milkshake first it's my favorites and
between the two so we're going to do it
first and before I try these flavors on
my own I did not check the description
and i only check the description and i
had it in front of me for you all um but
it's like everything that i tasted in
these juices was exactly to the
description 230 I'm telling you it's I
can't believe it it's just to the tea um
so okay my milkshake I'm going to give
you one thing at first and i'll read
description i've got to hurry though
because I got through these two juices
in one overview and then I know I'll go
over 20 minutes every time and here i am
talking again like this sorry
oh so good okay so you know that
strawberry flavors that I talked about
in mrs. Barry and pastry parts OMG do
you get that strawberry flavor in my
milkshake on the inhale and I get that
like a sweet strawberry and this is
different it's not like the strawberry
milk you are used to and such as the
unicorn milk such as mother's milk or
milk man the one-hit wonder what milkman
it's not that kind of Milky strawberry
flavor it is not it is actually like a
cream hi and I don't do strawberry
flavors I love strawberries and but I
don't do like straw strawberry
milkshakes real strawberry milkshakes or
strawberry ice cream I don't but you
know I have tried strawberry ice cream
before so it does it tastes a lot like
it it's got that creaminess on the
inhale on the exhale and the strawberry
comes out even more powerful so it's
kind of like a more sour strawberry on
the exhale then on the inhale so only in
how you get that sweet strawberry well I
do and that sweet strawberry with the
cream and on the exhale it's like a more
sour strawberry and it's just amazing
it's just kind of like I can't really
describe how it tastes to me because
it's just it's amazing it really is um
and I just I love the name huh does it
not remind you of a certain song I'm not
gonna sing for you but y'all know most
of you know what I mean
on but I am running I had been running
this on my crown tank big the whole time
with the point 25 cool at 52 watts and
that was kind of perfect for me I didn't
want it too hot um but today for some
reason I put in the point five cool that
came in with the crown tank um and I'm
able to run it up almost 2 40 watts um
and it just I don't know if it's the
tank or what um but it's just kind of
perfect I mean right now I've got it at
34 point 34 and a half wats but I just
took it down from 36 um but it's great
it's great now are today already out of
the an RDA or a tank um it's great in
both and I just love the strawberry
taste oh my G and it's just amazing and
that that's just why i order pastry
parts and mrs. Barry and now my
milkshake it's just that strawberry
flavor is just so true to a strawberry
it is unreal so the flavor description
for this juice is a creamy strawberry
with a sweet mouth puckering finish so
that says I mean whenever i'll read that
mouth puckering finish like when you
pucker your mouth it's because I'm in
the shower right well on that exhale you
know like i said the strawberry gets a
little bit more sour than on the inhale
so I was like oh my gosh like I actually
had a flavor and before that I read the
description and it was so true to the
description of what I was tasting so
okay my milkshake we're scooting away
from you for a minute after I've AP
still great cloud production as well and
on a two point five point two five or a
point five cool I'm still great cloud
production okay on the butt head yes he
is a little bit more full just because I
have been dripping Butthead he's not
been on a tank so um again all of the
information on the bottle and the only
difference between the g2 bottle youtube
vapor bottles and the drip boy is that
don't actually have like the lid tool on
flavor descriptions at the bottom like
mrs. Barry at the bottom said strawberry
cereal it don't have that but by looking
at the bottle you can pretty much tell
what it is right my milkshake there's a
strawberry milkshake right there so you
know even though it doesn't say it
doesn't mean that you can't tell what it
is by looking at the at the bottle so
this flavor is a little bit different
because it's not a a natural flavor to
me it's not an everyday flavor for me
but like I said whenever I first tried
it that whole day I use an RDA and I
used bunhead um I've tried several
several women pound cake lemon flavors
that just did not touch the home base it
just did not do it for me I mean I
didn't like it but this flavor just
brings something out um it's just
amazing and so I'm going to vape it and
then I'm going to tell you what I think
about it which it's amazing alrighty i'm
going to tell you that
oh I love it so this flavor it's not
like to lemony too cakey too sweet it's
like the perfect blend of lemon and I
think on the inhale I get like a lemon
cake almost um but it's not like I said
it's not too lemony it's not too it's
not sour um it's of course got that sour
flavor or the huh I'm going crazy on it
like I do ever not and it's got that
sour you know kind of zing to it but
it's not overpowering it's the perfect
blend of lemon and AH sing on the first
eliquid I have ever had that's got that
perfect balance that's not too
overpowering on one flavor if you get
what I mean but on the inhale you get i
get like a lemon cake flavor and then on
the exhale i get the sweet icing and OMG
again it tastes just like buttercream
icing to me ah it's just so good
getting dry oh man I hope I didn't burn
my cotton please tell me you didn't burn
hmm sorry thought I had to go in but I
must have a pond it a little bit I'm
gonna have to get a new RDA this one I
hate it where the air flows at the
bottom and it leaks it's just awful
sorry you guys let me
please don't week and you're going to
piece of crap
clouds this will not be an all-day
everyday bait for me like the straw any
of the strawberry flavors that I have
reviewed G to order it boy than my
milkshake and this would not like I said
it would be something every day and
actually let me take that back it
wouldn't be something all day but it is
every day as you can see it's been in my
RDA ever since I tried my milkshake on
it and then re wickd it and put bunt hat
on it so it's been there ever since um
it just it's a great bait it's a perfect
balance of all flavors I just I can't
believe that there's actually like a
almost like a lemon pound cake or I like
it because it's not so lemony and it's
got the icing taste to it whereas the
other ones that I've had you can't taste
the awesome to me you can't and I don't
know about you all but I don't I don't
never taste the icing on them so this
one is amazing for the price for the
bottle size yes it is a plastic bottle
the who cares you won't break it it's
for the flavor you cannot beat it you
can't I promise you like I said Johnny
vapes go order go order because I'm
telling you you will not regret it you
will not I'm not a lemon person I've
tried them i have given because I'm I
have been looking for a great cake
flavor an awesome flavor
and even though I wasn't expecting it
out of this um it just I just can't
believe it I just can't believe that I
actually found something that I was
looking for and even though I just
wanted to like the cake and icing flavor
it does have lemon in it but it's not
like overpowering it doesn't knock you
down where you don't like it um so
that's great for me it isn't all day
thing for me but it's not earth it's an
everyday thing for me but it's not an
all day thing for me whereas my
milkshake is an all day thing for me um
if you you know that's sweet tooth as I
say I said in 1 review you know if
you're looking for if you're diabetic or
if you're just looking you're on a diet
or whatever it may be if you're looking
for something to conquer that sweet
tooth the head you can't go wrong as
long as you have no problem with a
little bit of lemon flavor you're not
going to go wrong and I nose exhale for
me sometimes is the best flavor ever I
don't know about you guys I was just
amazing yeah you get a little bit of
lemon on the exhale as well but i think
is the main thing for me um so lemon
cake like a lemon cake on the inhale and
with a little bit of lemon and the BAM
icing yeah I love it um sorry for all
the arms in this review I apologize
tonight's been a little bit crazy that's
always for me all right uh so go check
it out I promise you you will not be
disappointed if you want to go sorry if
you want to go check out the flavors
more go to drink boy calm to check out
more about split favorite profiles where
to buy but online giant vibes calm is
the best place to buy
can't go wrong there uh anyways that's
all I have for today yes oh yeah no wait
i want to tell you just one more thing
for a go in this trip boy line like i
said there's four flavors i was only ten
to which I'm kind of jealous because
others I did not know that there was a
serial flavor in this line but the radix
is a serial flavor and which I didn't
author the descriptions down just
because I didn't get those through you
but it is a serial flavor ryback's i'm
thinking it's kind of like a tricks
flavor trick cereal flavor um and then
the other one is called Bluto BL you e
dio e and it's like a donut /
blueberries so it's done that like a
blueberry icing or blueberry topping I
did not write the full flavor
description down just the main soon I
guess you could say anyways I'm taking
too long I did review two juices today
in this video go check it out you will
not be disappointed if you have been
looking for a lemon / cake / I think /
lemon cake icing you will not be
disappointed by but had also the mom
milkshake it is not an original
strawberry milk flavor it's just it's
more than that and it's actually you can
taste the milkshake in it almost and you
will not be disappointed by either
flavor i promise you that i will post
links below to where you can find this
juice and if you like this video please
give it a thumbs up please share please
come in if you have any questions
comments concerns whatever it might be i
will get back to you uh that's all I
have for today remember if you haven't
already go join casada org sign up with
them to receive call to actions
other news about vaping that you may be
interested in you should be as a vapor
to advocate for vaping right anyways I'm
out of here for today I they put out for
you vapor want a strong and keep it

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