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Raspberry by the Custard Shoppe offers a decadent raspberry pie, topped with whipped cream and a fruity glaze. These ripe berries were harvest at the peak of summer, baked fresh into dozens of warm pies, and then strained to create this wildly flavorful e-liquid. Do your taste buds a flavor with this e-juice and keep on producing those fruity puffy clouds!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE CUSTARD SHOPPE RASPBERRY EJUICE

what the fuck is going on babe an MCB
squad I hope you guys are having a nice
fucking moist night thanks for tuning in
to another a juice review - friendly
neighborhood host and vapors medpac back
to you with another custard shop review
fat boy was sent to us from Z vapor
supply calm so huge shout out the vapor
supply awesome site great prices this is
Alissa for $21.99 on the vapors supply
100 ml bottle you can save an additional
15% off using discount on northern Cali
15 a checkout off that price $21.99 soda
I thought to be a great deal it's
basically a steal for the fucking price
to be honest but that's to give you a
flavor description for bollocks going
like that off of the vapor supply calm
and just like the last one this one here
is a delectable custard here well a
delectable raspberry custard pie last on
the blackberry this one is raspberry
what about it what is it a level 0 3 & 6
is your dream 6 I think it's like a
wattage I need 30 why do they mention it
on there what what's blended blend this
song straight thick like a 80/20 so I'm
gonna say like a 70/30
I want to take some 7031 juices I think
it's a send me there is the original Jam
monster lines of 70/30 this is not
thinking doing like 80 20 valence data
only 30 so let's give it a smell to
start off with Spectre just triggered
that cheese outages if I can fucking
what's wrong what is your bucket I'm
kind of getting the same smell off is
the BlackBerry yeah that same kind of
leg is weird cuz the custard is not as
dominant and the smell is when you bake
it and you can taste a that you get more
back that Bakula flavor almost I guess
that's supposed to be like the pie crust
or something yeah weird interesting the
raspberry smells good on it
you barely smell raspberry though like
barely yeah
like paint okay you get smelled a little
bit cuz it kind of mind you just like
any grass berry like the raspberry
glazed donut or whatever wasn't right I
mean button it's really faint definitely
going to be that way ceiling beeping
so I got this on the small cube alter
the crank that voltage up to 140 to use
clapping build a belt in there with 26
gauge Kanthal without 36 gauge stainless
steel outside so when I took point over
here it's at 100 watt old food 365
organic cotton that we treated ourselves
and you can walk more cheese on it to
remember you guys keep this fucking
moist so pig noise
it's good that one the fruits more
dominant I take the raspberry reform
and you cannot yeah we're the that Amy
is probably already a by the AV
custard-like not as dominant it's not
taking over the whole debate takes a
couple more rods bearing and it's not
so this whole been measured a little
better yep we got a half step ahead I
think other custard beeps if we try that
we're really fucking good a really long
time streaky I don't know um I like that
like there's the B TT that you try that
you really want to know that almost bad
shad to macula yeah but it's still good
and so I think like it's almost a
perfect yeah
still out of the still event like
accurate cakes like the last one but
it's not as strongly not a strong yeah
like it a little bit but I can take the
raspberry ones come out there
oh yeah well using the twisted messes
squared thirty-eight virgin to
I'd give this cleaner on this she is so
on give it like seven yeah last me like
seven you're 6.5 it's not much I'm go
ahead a little step up a little step up
not much at all I mean it's better but
it's not how much better and all make
life down in my opinion compared to how
big Jam launch was I've really high
hopes coming in for this juice you not I
mean life i was looking myself maybe
they'll nail something different i'm
either go do it again i think they were
trying new with whatever that back note
is in there but that back notes not for
me like i know they did that with the
jam monster with like the butter on the
toast like on the end and stuff you know
and i think that's what you're going for
that is like an end taste and whatever
that is but it's not like the butter in
the jammer yeah exactly I feel the same
way I feel like it's a it's like
reformulated that took the shit out
Leland's shoe something like fuckin
people don't you do a whole lot better
and have a lot of different opinion are
and they've had a host still to it and I
go fucking raspberry custard with
toaster simple weird but it probably
might have been really positive and
really fuckin here yeah shit it could
have been out lookit so 7 out of 10 now
it's that one seems it's probably
because it's already eight seemed a
little bit smoother to me it's probably
around the same on started so I'm using
like a lot bigger earphone it's already
eight to incur to pass recoil um it's
good that seven out of ten
smooths for the most part it's alright I
can give it a thumbs up I mean not
really in recommendation yeah there's
like good like I'm not fond it's
pointing with it but I really feel why
spend $21.99 fort or just good money on
it's like something like it's like you
can pick up on sale for really good
price and like there's nothing else
better to choose from
be like something like no you can vape
on and yeah yeah it's like we're real
ugly I thought it was a big boo-boo yeah
oh yeah that's sure it's available
you're not I mean I probably made it all
day bring it to work I would change out
the end of the day though it's not that
like a big day after day all week long
so that's my little note but we'll wrap
it up though make sure to uh hit that
like button smash that fucking mic
buttons always greatly appreciate it and
I'm pretty sure the like button like it
if you aroused as well to hit that
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to all our subscribers and everyone that
stays rocking with the channel and
watching and we greatly appreciate it
Chad bust your noggins own people season
used to be

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