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Blackberry by the Custard Shoppe offers a decadent blackberry pie, topped with whipped cream and a fruity glaze. These ripe berries were harvest at the peak of summer, baked fresh into dozens of warm pies, and then strained to create this wildly flavorful e-liquid. Do your tastebuds a flavor with this e-juice and keep on producing those fruity puffy clouds!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THE CUSTARD SHOPPE BLACKBERRY EJUICE

howdy Fossum duty what is up into be
nice pod bake them through to host
friendly neighborhood vapors Matt and
Pat here bringing another huge juice
review huge shout out to the vapor
supply for making this movie possible
vaakya we got the newest flavors here by
very walden evil this is a made by Jam
monster it's they're like new line
called the custard shop and we got the
blackberry one here that's going to give
you the pricing description on the
flavor of the juice and everything you
need to know so coming off to the vapors
biome like I mentioned going
$21.99 you can save an additional 15%
off that price using discount code
northern County 15 and check out 16
levels or zero three and six and so
we're out here really fun looks a
district as a lecto full blackberry
custard high that's all fucking sighs
dude like that a delectable blackberry
custard pie
and I'll show you guys a close up of the
bottle there see the dude serving is a
delectable Blackberry custard pie of
them the custard shell let me see if I
could find on this is by the same people
who made Jam on show you guys as well -
just so you guys have that as a heads up
I think I might mention they're not
while you should play this one this
other stages of the creamy custard
records with sequencing that's fucking
crazy 29.99 off ass when relatives would
have fucked in football for they all do
the same shit they got like fucking a I
don't have like flavor notes in this
shit or something it smells good
I or take them take a whiff it does have
like I kind of get blackberry so you
begin to black for custard but you get
that weird now yeah and they don't
mention either they don't give you like
it's like weird this place so weird -
nobody was talking about it's like a
like hard to explain like what the hell
it is like I think it's like asked to do
we deal with like the maybe like the
fucking pie part of it I almost cut out
there didn't hit on back oh yeah it does
almost like a tobacco note in the
weirdest trailer so fucking sweet they
don't say anything
by ground any of these sites whether
it's called like graham crock graham
cracker pie crust or what it is
I don't need it is though because I
don't smell anything like that in there
- got this shit I figured the drift up
you got a drift up on the recoil or you
got it up these Clapton's in here built
by your boy Matt gear coming to point
one nine hundred watts on the X cube all
trip here we got this batch - no sir
I give I give it a thumbs up for sure
pretty nice
definitely smooth definitely under next
year beyond the three on it's not
yeah it's not like riding a three it's
almost there it's almost we really we
get a little thrown it from him it's
like just enough like a community is my
screensaver like if we've got a needs if
there's any memory probably when I like
it it's good flavor
on the inhale and get like the sweet
blackberry and then on basically the
whole exhale I just really taste the
nice ayyy custard that's in it I'm
getting that same note though that you
smelling it on the very end
yeah yeah yeah it's like right there at
the end huh yeah after two ablative
inhale legs like exhales like Gooden but
then like after light it tastes like
settles on your time you kind of like
taste that fuckin like tobacco like
smell and like the blender smell
background clicking weird no I'm not
sure like flavor like fuckin with what
we'll do usually great the flavor like
around six or seven probably it's just
so it's not bad but it's not like super
good like I'm not compared like not know
designated al-mansour at all it doesn't
compare to Jam monster at all like Jam
monsters fucking that's shit's the cream
of the crop right there let's just fire
fucking up definitely like it definitely
be like fuckin something to be safe all
day but not on some new people who come
on thing is been all week are you I mean
it's got a nice egg you know chewed it
is very good I don't concede as an old
AV for sure I don't see it I can I could
fake man
we ventilate a couple things or
something I threw myself into that my
concerts up enough that straight up but
like I like I like if you're like really
a big fan of Jam monster and like even
if like you didn't like like even if you
didn't like Jam monster you know this
might be like something like we're just
checking out you know like freakin
Christ things not that on it seduced a
little bit as far as I was just okay I
don't know it's alright like I don't get
it I'm not sure about full-on give it a
recommendation um it's good but I feel
if I bought it $21.99 might be even a
21-9 that might be a little disappointed
oh just be disappointed if I bought it
from anywhere like Aspen Valley babes
for $30.00 I'd probably be Pitt I am
wait a minute like a fucking ripoff $30
for like looking like the when you buy
it through the bakery supply if you want
to take the one night not yet I need
disappointed basically though you know
but so it's good it is I mean me I won't
say there's part of leg better custards
outfit I'm sure ladies
not bad not bad it's got a good answer
in it hungry yeah kind of like a lanky I
can see we're coming from like it's kind
of a wet down through like it being like
coming from like Chan monsters like in
you're like in love with like the
blueberry jam on a really good show
should be like else it should be like a
fire cut out or do i they to make a
blackberry jam monster just add more
flavor to the Jam monster like a
raspberry jam on so that means lawyers
for another time in place overall one
give the juice a 6.5 I wanna say out of
10 road hits nice on it it's not way
underneath to the point it's really
smoothie to get a little throat head off
of it but it's not quite as a 3
milligram good pricing and stuff but I
think there's better custards out there
I feel that I'm I agree with Matt like
I'll give it I'll give it like a 6.5 as
well I still think like it's like
something like it's something I could
like bass like it's nothing like I would
like keep buying yeah but it's something
that I would like to say you know go
ahead and like try it like once you know
you don't like it and fucking don't buy
it anymore but it's it's not that bad so
you want to check it out you click that
link down below make sure you hit that
like button if this video helps you out
and subscribe if you're new so you can
stay tuned screws and
three keep fucking moist Mickey stuff
like you fuckin move

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