Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

A vanilla custard flavour that has been developed for over 3 years to give you this E-Liquid from The Custard Company

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

sometimes we are back with another
review and this time it's the custard
company oh yes it is
and get the dump into focus there we go
and this is a juice that I got at Expo
they gave me their due on flavor at the
minute I believe the I'll bring out some
soon but this is a straight vanilla
custard and it's currently available
it's around the twelve to twelve nine
around twelve to twelve ninety nine mark
for three ten ml bottles so the G will
have a little a look at the bottle get
three bottles on the same in the box
you know custard company and go vanilla
custard okay 70/30 3 milligram i believe
thats all i do is 3 milligram and I have
heard rumors they do a 6 but I have now
two finally the usual links will be down
big thanks to the guys for sending this
out now are giving it to me Expo for
review so I thought that without further
ado let's have they're all my actual
next you as you your freshly Rick's let
me up if your bloody focus my focus is
got Epping Italy kill on your body okay
firstly wit get some abuse on there
okay whipped up how did you to be do be
do we do
so nicely whipped up Matheny juice on
there that's unabashedly 25 Watts point
five three oak well as usual MVP three
MVP three pros an awful mag not a on the
top that's rocket got the airflow the
wrong way around honor to set homes
that's better so really nice straight
away you get this really rich and creamy
custard so proper British vanilla
custard not harsh on the throat is very
smooth flavors there it's got that
slight edge of nuttiness but and I found
a lot of Custer's it can be quite harsh
and sometimes they can be a bit harsh
only cameras gone monkey here again most
people read man about my wonky shelf
bloody got your fat that's going in the
troll after one everywhere kit that's
bloody nice eyes a really rich creamy
vanilla custard you can't you can't
really say anything else that's what is
nuts slightly nutty aftertaste to it
with like a little white layer of cream
on the bucket at back of the tongue
right very nice what's their single you
should review occasionally just one
flavor I've got some others coming up
and well but how is the custard company
vanilla custard it's a straight vanilla
custard it does exactly what it says on
the box the hair is very nice
upon me so there we go a nice rich
vanilla creamy custard nice fresh cream
in there as well as all sorts going on
it so you folded cream into it very nice
so big thanks to the guys over at the
custard company for giving me these by
giving me this that Expo and I shall see
you on the next review
toodles for now

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