Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard 50ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard 50ml E-Liquid

The Custard Company e-liquids now come in 60ml shortfill bottles which are nicotine shot ready. This bottle will contain 50ml of their Vanilla Custard flavour.

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Custard Company - Vanilla Custard 50ml E-Liquid

hi guys welcome back the govt reviews
and today I'm going to be having a
little look at this a liquid from the
custard company now I've been looking
forward to trying this one fall away you
guys I've seen reviews over online I've
seen or horizontally in Israel but I've
never actually seen them a local vape
shop and I normally pack up my liquids
from a local vape shop and this week
when I popped then they had on seal and
it's the first they've actually seen
India and the they were doing theater
mode for ten pounds so I thought I'm
going example I say okay some of this
I think they normally retail with less
particular product between twelve pounds
ninety-nine and fifteen pounds for the
theater emails really just depends
agreed you're getting a liquid from but
for ten paints with their emails I
thought statement give this one a try
and I'm so looking forward to it guys
all the hyper voice that I really really
hope that this is this is the cost of it
for me it costed the company or the
custard company as a uk-based
manufacturer and as I believe this is
the only flavor they actually have at
the moment so not being the case I'm
expecting big things from because if
they've got one like you know or one
like with a and they probably had time
to kind of make it as best as the course
of the kid they look they're not just
flying any like rotate the door
so yeah the cost of company no this one
it's a vanilla custard e-liquid that's
what the profile says on the box here
what we'll do is we'll have a little
look at the box itself the packaging
that comes in look at the balls will
have a little sniffing in a little via
guys and we'll see how this tastes
I really hope as I said again a kind of
matches up to my expectations I love
coastal veep's or less would be an
absolute diamond of a fame for me so
first of all guys will look at the
bottle the box itself saw custard
company with a little image of the
dripping custard then they're nice logo
70 VG 30 PG you've got your warnings on
the front pretty much seen things
replicated them in the back and then on
this age you've got the ingredients and
warnings on there and on the side you
have just the plain missus the details
of the manual
on the cost of conflict with top and
nothing at the bottom
this isn't three milligrams as I said
that's a seven if they're in max you get
three tpv complying bottles in the box
so I'm gonna just get those out and you
also get a little we flip the usual bond
from there that's just a little bit
about the company and again just the
precautions that have you bet more
detail than what's on the box
you've got the three bottles here so I
just pop them down there and then what
we'll do is we'll have a look at this
ball so the little logo itself and this
one's just matched again from the box
crate typical child safety caps which is
great and I've not managed to pick this
one yet and unless have a little smell
of this one guys and see what it's like
really you're just getting that
beautiful custard Smeal I'm smelling
some cream with a creamy custard as well
as the vanilla and then just that
beautiful custard it amazed me of this
meal you get just a little tender
custard that you get there and blue
easier than castle that's what it smells
like to me
beautiful so let's give this one a retry
and today we're going to be trailer and
something we've a different guys this as
my old sigelei future and so 201 200
watts mod and you used to 18 650
batteries in there and run it on the
usual geek the peerless special edition
of the year with a couple of Clapton's
and necess it and at one point seven
ohms at the moment and it is at 70 watts
so let's take this one for every case
please be a good customer please
I'm not disappointed guys not
disappointed whatsoever that as an
absolutely beautiful custard flavor on
the end here you're just getting that
beautiful vanilla cream you are getting
the cream in there it's not an all eye
vanilla custard you're getting a cream
and then you've got the killer custard
in the back link as as the closest I've
ever tried to the Devon custard and I
reckon the reason for that as these guys
are a uk-based company and that's the
one of the most popular cos lets you in
the UK so they may be used that as their
kind of benchmark and how they're going
to produce the flavor and the the pretty
much smashed that guys when it comes to
actually replicating that flavor and
especially at least I would use is
really you're getting the heat here
let's bump this up for you but actually
I quite like my customs hot so I'll do
that's one eat here was it's just like
eating a hot ball of custard guys when
you when you pop in check the
temperatures off of it and that is
absolutely delicious and what more can
hopefully see here both the X are
cleaning vanilla custard as it's not
like some things you get custards and
the more clean than then vanilla or vice
versa get some more vanilla and cream
and one of these people that quite like
the end between the about both and I
think but if you get too much vanilla I
think it can be quite sickly after away
always nice fella can I run off me but I
can get quickly after they were you and
the clean ones sometimes don't have the
depth to it as what the vanilla ones do
that seems to be a very very good max
guys and I'm going to Vanara V Phillips
Stella lashes I can easily leave that
order you guys but I'll let you school
and for me this is an absolute must try
if you're like venire vanilla custards
and creamy custard vapes you don't have
a half's nicotine the three milligrams
you got even you hardly even know that
it's there and that's something you
could v pody pop it in a tank good thing
as these all come please steep so in the
liquids as you can see that quite dark I
am if you can see through the label the
other quite dark so the flavors going to
bring it over time so the longer you
leave them the more flavor some we're
gonna get but for me when I bought them
they must have been maybe sitting there
or the maybe the company please teach
them before you get them but that
absolutely beautiful the ready vape and
you will be disappointed guys and if you
don't like custom vapes then it's not
going to be for you but you probably
wouldn't be watching this video if you
didn't like custard lips so I'm going to
be buying more of that especially the
dude I've got one just made ten pounds
for 30 miles
I just wasted it on them back up walks
here in the UK also the cat with the TPD
but for me I would have that stockpile
in the back and I'd be vaping on that
any opportunity of core guys so thanks
very much for tuning in for this one and
actual characters again on the next one

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