Vape Review of The Custard Company - Mint Custard 50ml E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Mint Custard 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Mint Custard 50ml E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

The Custard Company e-liquids now come in 60ml shortfill bottles which are nicotine shot ready. This bottle will contain 50ml of their Mint Custard flavour.

Vape Review of The Custard Company - Mint Custard 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of The Custard Company - Mint Custard 50ml E-Liquid

hey guys Adam from Great Britain okay I
hope you're all alright when I say
massive welcome to all mining
subscribers welcome to the channel hope
you find something interesting and that
informative what we're going to be
taking a look at today is something that
I picked up at Expo we're going to be
taking a look at the custard company as
you can see there the custard eliquid
now one of the things that I went into
Expo wanting was to find two different
types of a juices and I found one of
them one was a custard now the custard
company are obviously they're pretty
pretty much brand new a couple weeks old
if that and and they very kindly
supplied this for the purpose of review
as you can see this is their TPD
packaging you can see all of the
warnings u17 VG 3 milligram everything
else on there along with your warnings
cautions and vanilla custard flavorings
and everything else on that as well
it is all repeated on the bottle as well
along with a childproof cap and
tamper-proof seal so I've got this pre
dripped we'll have a quick sniff and
we'll see what it smells like chili I
really know because I've already gone
through 10 ml of it and I don't normally
do that I normally all my reviews as
sort of fresh straight off the nose but
this because I tried this at Expo I
wanted to make sure that I went just
getting Expo nails and it smells smells
lovely now what I'm getting off that is
a lovely lovely dairy custard and it is
a vanilla dairy custard as well but
let's have a let's get straight into
that and I'll tell you what it tastes
I am vaping this on the goon on top of
the boo boo dragged review will be
coming look for this hopefully next week
and once I've got me head around the
chip what doesn't matter that's what I'm
baby on point you to a owns as you can
see 100 watts lovely
I love this I'm not going to lie it's a
70/30 so I'm getting reasonably good
clouds as you can see let's have another
drip up there we go I really really do
like this this cost it for me I'm going
to go out on a limb and say it's the
best custard I tried it's a wonderful
thick yellow custard it's not an old
Lay's it's not a dairy planned bland not
a planned a bland custard what it is is
a vanilla custard and it's almost
ambrosia I love it I've had it in tanks
I've had it in everything that 10 model
10 mil bottle that I went through at
first actually went in a tank and evaded
all through the tank and it was
absolutely lost it's a really satisfying
custard it's really saturated it's
really rich and thick and you can feel
the lumps of custard in your mouth and
it's not too sweet either which is a
real nice take on it because I was
expecting a custard this rich to be on
the sweet side which is why I've ate it
all day and it isn't it's really really
really nice and I mean like I said out
there or limb it is quite possibly the
best custard I have tried to date I will
say today because we do have a couple
more custards coming up but this one is
to gauge the best custard out there
don't forget to go and check out because
guys the custard company I want to say a
massive thank you to them for supplying
me with this for the purpose of review
and the links will be in the description
to those if you so wish they are running
about 15 quid I think for 30ml which is
an absolute steal but that's it guys
that's been another ejuice review
hopefully you've enjoyed this one if you
have don't forget to hit that thumbs up
button if you are new to the channel
don't forget
hit that subscribe button for more
YouTube's and Hardware reviews which
will be flooding the channel over the
next coming weeks I've been added from
Great British Mapes I shall catch you on
the next one let me vape you out on this
wonderful wonderful juice

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