Vape Review of THAT THAI TEA THO

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of THAT THAI TEA THO

Vape Review of THAT THAI TEA THO

That Thai Tea Tho is a flavorful blend of a sweet and spicy Thai tea mixed with sweet and creamy condensed milk. Its unique profile is unlike anything you've ever tried with its eye catching packaging, this liquid is a hot seller! Skip the café, and grab a bottle to vape your day away! VG to PG ratio: Max VG You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Thai Tea BEASTLY BECAUSE Thai Tea gives you the feeling of drinking your favorite hot tea on a cold winter day. Warm up with some sweet and creamy Thai Tea! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of THAT THAI TEA THO

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of THAT THAI TEA THO

what's good YouTube this is Jay clouds
and I'm here back again with another a
juice review for you guys and I know
Christmas just passed and I really hope
that every one of you guys had a
wonderful Christmas mine was pretty good
but I mean I'm not really that hyped up
about Christmas anymore it's just like
the same shit every year I know that New
Year's is also coming up in a few days
so I hope that every one of you guys
have really nice and Happy New Year
so yeah I'm here back again with another
aegis review for you guys and I'm just
gonna try and make this one a little bit
quick because I gotta get to work in
about 30 minutes or so so I'm just gonna
try and speed this up as fast as I can
just cut to the chase no bullshit not
much rambling so the juice that I'm
gonna be reviewing today is called that
Thai tea though that Thai tea though
here is what it looks like now this
bottle did come packaged in this neat
little box right here says that Thai tea
though 30ml always max VG three
milligrams at that high tea though I'm
guessing that's their Instagram so yeah
it's a pretty neat little box
anyways on the bottle label they have
the proposition 65 warning ingredients
that Thai tea though 30 mil always max
VG 3 milligrams at that tightiy though
and hashtag that tight teeth oh that
Thai teeth oh this bottle does come with
the childproof cap the nicotine levels
that this juice comes in are zero three
and six milligrams I got mine in three
milligrams like always you can get a
30ml bottle like this for 1899 at VAP
Society supply calm I'll post a link in
the box down below this is an 80 percent
VG and 20 percent PG blend and
flavor profile is pretty simple it's
just tight tea drink like man that's so
fucking simple but I mean who gives a
fuck as long as it's good then I don't
really care so I've decided to kind of
go back on my word about doing smell
tests with my ejuice reviews I just
think that it's unnecessary and it just
takes up a bit more time it makes my
videos a little bit longer and I know
you guys don't really like watching long
videos anyways you guys would rather
watch simple videos like so yeah I don't
think they're really that necessary
because I mean in the end it really does
not matter how a certain juice smells it
can smell good or bad but the juice has
to taste good the taste is what gets
people to keep buying the juice so so
yeah there's my little explanation on
why I'm not going to be doing smell
tests anymore and if you guys did enjoy
watching me do smell tests I'm really
sorry guys I'm just trying to kind of
make my videos a little bit shorter so
I'm gonna be vaping this juice was my
phenotype l-rd a clone like always when
I do these single juice reviews I got a
0.3 on building here I'm gonna be vaping
it has seventy seven point five watts
our production is honestly nothing crazy
they do say it's an 80 percent VG blend
but the clouds I'm getting aren't as
thick and milky like some other 80
percent VG juices that I've tried I mean
on the bottle they do say it's max VG
but on vape society supplies website
they say that it's an 80 percent VG mix
but um if you look at the juice it's
pretty it's pretty thin it's pretty
watery so I have a kind of hard time
believing that it's an eighty percent VG
blend and it's max VG also this juice is
pretty smooth there's really no throw
head at all so I'm just gonna cut
straight to the chase this juice does in
fact taste like tight tea I don't know
if you guys have ever tried Thai tea but
Thai tea is one of my favorites I always
get that drink when I whenever I go to
boba shops whenever I go to like Asian
restaurants I always get Thai tea
because it is one of my favorite drinks
so yeah I'm getting that really nice
Thai tea base flavor and then it's
followed by a soft creamy milkiness
that you typically find with the actual
Thai tea drink and also I feel like I
taste the boba and if you guys don't
know what boba is those are the small
black round balls that they put in these
drinks that are really chewy and sweet I
don't know how else to describe this man
it's like you went to a boba shop or an
Asian restaurant and you ordered Thai
tea with boba seriously tastes like that
I actually went to buy some Thai tea
with boba a couple days ago I think it
was on Christmas actually and I paired
it with this juice and I mean the
experience was just amazing like I would
vape this and then take a sip and then
vape it again and it's just like Thai
tea heaven in my mouth so yeah if you've
ever bought the drink Thai teeth and if
you guys liked it then definitely
I recommend you guys try out just use
it's pretty spot-on with the real thing
so yeah I think I'm just gonna end the
video right here I gotta head over to
work really soon so thanks for watching
guys make sure to comment like and
subscribe if you haven't already and
remember to always keep their cloudy
peace out
I'm sure look at the cat it's kind of
silly but I mean it's cool at the same
time it is new like the cows they put
like the cows can you kind of design on
it now this company actually has to be
changes in your life you guys didn't
know already forced to

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