April 24, 2018


Pearamel is a combination of a sugar torched pear drizzled with luscious caramel. VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of TearDrip Pearamel BEASTLY BECAUSE Teardrip Juice Co. strives to give you the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TEARDRIP PEARAMEL

hi everyone Martin here welcome along to
another eliquid review I'm just
finishing up a selection of a liquids
that I got from the guys at vay pipe one
of my favorite u.s. flavor importers and
I've done some really nice ones there
was morning and slam cake from Sam K
crepes and a number of others but I've
got two left to do and two of them are a
little bit out of my fro flavor profile
I'm going to do just one in this video
but the reason I'm doing them is when I
decided to sort of take a break from
reviewing and then came back I sort of
made the commitment that I wouldn't take
him any any new flavors that were well
out of my flavor brand you know
tobacco's mentals fruits because it
would be a bit pointless me reviewing
them however for people who I've done
reviews before I was more than happy to
do anything they added to their range
and vape hype are one of those brands so
in this review I'm going to be looking
at Paramore Paramore by tear drip juice
company one that I've not heard of done
a bit of research they seem to be in a
lot of places that you can buy them made
in the USA obviously I've got a three
milligram and they're available at vape
height for 15 pound and 50p in 3
milligram or 6 milligram and it's a 30
mil bottle so we can take a look at that
it's called Paramore buy tear drip now
its description is pretty simple it's a
sugar torched pair with a caramel
drizzle actually sounds quite nice pear
I'm not too - I don't mind too much pear
and apple it's when you get into your
melons and watermelons and guavas and
stuff like that and I can't stand so
this is para Mel now I have to say it
smells delightful smells like a pear
mmm smells pretty good okay I've got the
usual setup of the sigelei 100 watt I've
got the vector by VLS with a dual can't
now coil and we're gonna try a little
bit of paramount right now now it is
okay I don't have the blend but it's
definitely higher in VG this one it's
sitting on those coils waiting to be
sucked in so definitely a bit of a
higher VG I'll just see if it says on
the bottle look yeah 70 VG 13 paging it
was pretty obvious from putting it on
the coils so we're gonna bake this at 40
watts which is 4 point 6 volts on this
Jewell point 5 ohm coil build and this
is terrible
that's not bad at all it doesn't scream
pears to me when you hear the word pear
in them in an e liquid you think are
it's gonna be pear drops it's gonna be
really candy flavored it's going to be
quite harsh this isn't that at all in
fact I think smells a little bit of
pears but I think if I was given this to
vape without tasting it
I wouldn't say pear straight away it has
quite an unusual taste on the exhale
maybe it's the torched pair of part of
it maybe it's some it just yeah it
tastes a little burnt burnt isn't a word
but there is a flavor on the exhale that
you're not quite expecting nice and
sweet aftertaste but once again I
wouldn't jump out and say that a pear
this is more of a sugary custardy
caramel flavor now interestingly just
before I took that vape I started to
taste pear in my mouth once again if I
smell the at the top of the driptip I
can smell the pear let's just give this
a sec yeah now I can taste pear now yeah
not strong quite faint but most
definitely pear so this is a bit of a
multi-layered one didn't really taste of
pear on the inhale and the exhale smelt
of it it's much more of a caramel II
custody flavor however a good 20 to 30
seconds after the vape I'm tasting mild
pear flavor and that is really nice
yeah that works that works it's nice in
them in the vape but the pair comes in a
little bit later mmm okay that's not bad
at all now pair is something out of my
flavor profile but you know I'm I'm
always looking for something that that
elusive flavor and that one's pretty
good I'd give this one a rating of four
strangely enough and the reason I'm
going to give it a rating of four is
because I think you'd like it if you
tried it it's certainly a little bit
different and it's nice to have
something that is a little multi-layered
you're definitely getting caramel in the
vape part of it but I am tasting along
with the caramel and the sweet sugar
most definitely a very mild pear flavor
but quite a while after the vape so that
makes it a really interesting and
pleasant flavor to vape and I do like it
so I'm gonna give that one a for not a
middle of the road for a strong four or
a tentative that's a four I think if you
tried this one you'd like it pear and
caramel tastes a nice clean juice as
well I can't tell you much about tear
drip I did a bit of research plenty of
sites selling their liquids but not too
much information on them so that's it
that's Paramore from vape IP you can go
along to they pipe and check them out
they've got other flavors by tear drip
as well
but I just have this one to do so that's
it for this one nice and quick under
seven minutes thank you very much for
watching and I'll look forward to seeing
in the next video

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