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Take some Crème brulee and Lemon and you have yourself a bottle of Cremlon! Fresh lemons take things up a notch with the perfect amount of zest! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 You Will Receive: 1x - TearDrip Cremlon BEASTLY BECAUSE Teardrip Juice Co. strives to give you the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TEARDRIP CREMLON

welcome to his and hers vapor visa today
we're going to be doing a review on
kremlin by pierre drips and the flavor
profile is is a sugar scorched creme
brulee with hints of lemon zest the v GP
g is a seventy-thirty and the nicotine
you can get that in 0 1 point 5 36 and
12 and on eliquid com you can get a 15
ml for twelve dollars and a 30ml for 22
others we actually got this starting
email today at our local vape shop for
eighteen dollars so now I'm going to
talk about the bottle so the bottle is
an all white um glass bottle the label
on it is a white label as well um it
says here's your juice Co right here
right here it has the name of the
e-liquid flavor and it's creme lon and
under that it has our nicotine level
which is a three and has a cool little
bar code I'm right here you have the
little man logo and he gots a pretty
cool hair some cool eyebrows and a cool
mustache he has a couple nice tattoos
and then on this side you have your
warnings your ingredients down here you
have a little distribution number and
website thingy and then right here you
have a poison control number just in
case your kid eats the juice or your dog
um like licks it yeah so I guess now
we'll go ahead in a vape on in detail
what we taste and how it tastes I am
baking this on my noisy cricket right
now and i have my tsunami rd on top with
dual Clapton's
so uh on the inhale I get like a caramel
like a roasted a coconut taste and then
on that exhale I still get that car more
roasted coconut and I get like a little
hint of lemon there's not much limiting
this Aegis at all yeah on the inhale i
do get that up creme brulee and a little
bit of that caramel that he's talking
about and then i get some of that
roasted coconut and on the exhale i get
more of that creme brulee a little bit
of the caramel and coconut and then I
get like just a hint of that lemon zest
but it's enough where you can get like
the lemon taste and it's not an
artificial limb and it's not like candy
your lemon or any of that it's like the
real deal like a real lemon zest and all
that it's really good it's almost like a
aluminum jello takes to music lemon
jello taste um so you know this e juice
isn't too sweet and overpowering it is
sweet where it's a uh it's a good strong
so it could be all day vape for some of
y'all it is all day babe for me and me
yeah so I guess now we will go ahead and
show you all the clouds like I said this
is a seventy-thirty oh and before we
talk about clouds we didn't mention that
we do have a three- and the throw hit on
it isn't too harsh like it's a perfect
Rohit there's no don't hit at all to me
it's a perfect donuts yeah somebody goes
down nice and smooth is not throwing it
at all to me so yeah I just go ahead and
shut off clouds now
so for a seventy-thirty the clouds are
very dense they do linger and I do fall
um they are nice and milky yes I have to
agree with him on the clouds they are
nice dense they do linger and full and
they are very milky they're really good
clouds for a seventy-thirty yeah so
would you recommend them with pick some
of this up yes I do recommend y'all to
pick some of this kremlin by to drip up
um to me it's an all day vape so I'm
definitely gonna go pick up some more
yeah definitely um would you recommend
it yeah I'm definitely recommend this
you juice um it's a nice all day vape it
is kind of sweet but it's not
overpowering at all I can still have it
all day without getting a headache a lot
of sweet babes gives me headaches when
they're too sweet but this one wouldn't
give me a headache I've actually even
vape penis each you since shit like five
o'clock earlier today and it is late
early in the morning hi at six o'clock
so I haven't got a head to get or
anything it's a nice Pleasant feet so if
our y'all I definitely go pick some of
this up so i guess this concludes this
review on kremlin by tier drip as always
thank you for watching our reviews
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