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Blitz is a carefully crafted blend that tastes just like strawberry stuffed french toast powered in finely ground sweet sugar! You won’t find another pastry based blend as balanced as this one! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: 60 mL Bottles You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of TearDrip Blitz BEASTLY BECAUSE Teardrip Juice Co. strives to give you the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TEARDRIP BLITZ

what's up youtubers and vapors around
the world how's it going is Chris here
from Bakersfield out to you tonight for
another review this is going to be an e
juice review by the company tear drip
juice CO and we're gonna review blitz
it's one of their newer juices it's a
strawberry stuffed french toast with
powdered sugar in my opinion outstanding
locally in Salt Lake these tiered rate
bottles just barely came in at 60
milliliters for around 20 for 25 bucks
before that I was spending about 22
dollars on a 30 mils so props and shout
out to tear drip for bringing their
juices up to 60 ml for us fantastic
juice pour get started here you can see
they come packaged in a nice box you got
their logo the tear drip juice code name
the logo they stay true to since they
first came out the color of the juice
since they kind of colorized their
flavors and a liquids this one's blue
and again this is blitz 3 milligram in a
60 ml bottle and again it's a strawberry
stuff to french toast with powdered
sugar honestly not my normal preference
flavor but this like I said this one
blew me away let's have a quick vape oh
it's just great on the inhalation you
immediately get that strawberry right
off the bat which is is my preferences
kind of strawberry pastry not so much on
the French toast not a big fan though
with this with this e-liquid you don't
get so much cinnamon you get more of a
pastry kind of toasted buttered bread
with strawberry on then on the exhale
you definitely get that powdered sugar
kind of even with powdered sugar sugar
lips so to say
hmm really good I'm not normally the
juice I would go for I actually got this
juice off a really good buddy of Mines
opinion he kind of pushed me into trying
it again with tear drip I was lucky
enough to try the first three juices
when they came out its lucky enough to
sample um none of them were really for
me tear drips juice is really kind of
heavier compared to other juices that I
have personally baked and personally
enjoy but this one just blew me off my
feet it's still a very heavy heavy
excuse me a liquid but if you like
strawberry deserty flavors or juices
blitz is definitely worth the try for
you when I heard it was a strawberry
stuffed french toast with powdered sugar
I thought to myself that sounds like it
might be good but not my preference I
prefer more strawberry cream strawberry
milkshake type of a juices but this one
is kind of taking me away from that
route of strawberry milkshake and into
I guess genre of strawberry pastry
juices this is really fantastic so you
do have your 60 ml box you look on the
back it has their warnings and their
safety features as well as over here you
can find them on Twitter Instagram or
Facebook I love on this side you have
their other flavors Revenge of the geeks
para meal which I know is a super
popular ejuice locally a lot of people
are having a really hard time finding it
I have tried it again I did get a chance
to sample the original 3-tiered rip
ejuice is again not my flavor preference
but it seems to be really popular it
sounds like it's just a pear caramel
type of ejuice flavor and it's tasty I
definitely like it myself but not a
juice I would go out and spend you know
20 bucks on personally just my
preference it looks like they have
Kremlin and guava Reno as well and then
blitz Oh looks like that total of five
flavors and this is
the fourth one I've tried so there's
only been one I haven't tried but you
have your box I know you got nice white
bottle 60 ml bottle with their logo on
it I believe this is a 70/30 mix 70 VG
let's see and again you have your
warnings and your social media stuff all
right here something that I definitely
like about this bottle is it is a white
bottle which white and black bottles
sometimes bug me I can't see how much
juice I have left but at the bottom you
cannot take the kind of wrap off and it
will kind of show you how much you have
if you kind of level it out or tilt it
this way you can see if you have like I
am about 3/4 of bottle left I would say
and I can kind of measure it by that and
it still has that awesome elegant white
color and appearance to it the bottle
does come fully wrapped in plastic so
not just that not just the dropper as
you can see we have plastic here now I
haven't ripped it off completely because
to be honest with you sometimes when I
pull out my juice like this it will run
down the side of my bottle and this
plastic if you open it right it will
catch that juice and not make a mess and
kind of kind of save your juice if you
want to conserve it but yeah let's have
another vape I'm vaping on da mod 300
watt device at 26 watts with a 0.9 mm
Cecil coil running at 0.95 ohms and I'm
running at 26 watts on a supermini tank
let's have one last babe and again guys
this is by tear drip douche CO and this
flavor is called blitz it's a strawberry
stuffed french toast with powdered sugar
let's have a babe
mmm is some tasty shit really really
good stuff like I said strawberries
right off the bat and it's not that fake
strawberry it's not that too creamy
strawberry it's a really balanced out
strawberry and then you get that taste a
little bit of a buttery bread with the
hint of cinnamon barely can taste
cinnamon I'm not a cinnamon fan and then
you get that powder sugar which is just
outstanding gives you that sugar lips so
I have to give a huge shout-out to chip
two-tiered rib for doing an awesome new
juice you know I was really hoping that
tear drip would come out with the
strawberry pastry ejuice and that's
exactly what they've done here and they
have accomplished it by far they've
surpassed a strawberry patient bizarre
in my opinion with blitz its outstanding
juice I highly recommend it to anybody
who's out there looking for a different
type of strawberry pastry ejuice there's
so many out there I haven't a friend of
mine who also works in a vape shop out
here in Salt Lake City compare it to
propagandas kind of what is it's like
the strawberry ice cream bar so I bought
a bottle of that when they are kind of
comparable a tear drip is a lot more
heavier of a juice which I think gives
it more flavor and it's not as creamy as
something like propagandas hype
propagandas hype strawberry ice cream
bar it's not as milky creamy like that
but there is some type of cream to it I
guess it comes from the strawberries or
maybe the French toast butter but it's
outstanding juice and I recommend it to
anybody who enjoys a strawberry profile
or a pastry profile a juice a really
great juice there's only one downside I
have to say about it and that is just
for what it is it doesn't look like it
but it's a really dark juice
like I said tear drip they have heavier
juices so it's a lot thicker and the
color on it is dark so if it drifts
somewhere it's gonna leave a dark stain
that's the only issue of I've had with
the other than that I've been vaping it
for the past few weeks and I love it I
vape tip from the transition tear drip
did from 30 ml bottles to the 60 ml
bottles and I'm super excited to see
that I could get this at 60 ml for a
decent price on my local vape shop
definitely an all-day babe for me and
you know and like I said I like
strawberry milkshake flavors like
boosted strawberry creams you know
pastries desserts like that and you know
I was never one for french toast but
blitz huge prop and shout out you guys
have blown me away with this one I've
definitely been purchasing this for the
past few weeks and haven't baked
anything else so I thought I'd do a
quick review on it again that's tear
drip juice CO and this flavor is blitz
outstanding flavor Aegis again it's a
strawberry stuffed french toast with
powdered sugar let's have one more vape
and I'm gonna call it a night guys mmm
strawberries and that crispy I guess one
is buttery bread provides an excellent
combination of strawberries and some
type of buttery cream with a small hint
of cinnamon and then a hit a powerful
hit of powdered sugar its outstanding
oh very good and even so better the
juice now comes in 60 ml for around 24
bucks 25 bucks this is premium any
liquid this isn't like house juice or
you know your mid grade juice children
does outstanding job making and mixing
and crafting premium eliquid so 60 ml
for the price around $25 that's a still
this is great a juice outstanding the
premium eliquid not your average generic
house juice type of stuff really good so
you shout out to tear drip for such an
outstanding strawberry pastry flavor I
love it I know a lot of people out there
will thanks again tear drip and thank
you for providing premium eliquid
and a larger amount with the same
quality of a liquid I wish more
companies out there were doing that and
hopefully we'll see more of that soon
well again guys thanks for watching
bakers flavors reviews and instructions
again we do review blitz by tiered rib
juice Co again that's blitz there's the
name for you guys I vape it at 3
milligram it's strawberry stuff
strawberry stuffed french toast with
powdered sugar again did sound appealing
to me gave it a try it's my ATV now
thanks for watching guys and you shout
out to tear drip for the 60 ml bottles
and outstanding new flavor blitz give it
a try guys really tasty

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