Vape Review of Taste of Gods E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Taste of Gods E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Vape Review of Taste of Gods E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

By Nataly Komova

Experience the sweet exotic taste of Black Currant, infused with coconut and finished off with a hint of fresh juicy pineapple sorbet. Taste of Gods e-liquid is delicate and refreshing. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Illusions Vapor Based in Canada, Illusions Vapor's raw, contemporary, urban edge is distinct to their e-liquid range with their flavours being untameable and downright defiant.

Vape Review of Taste of Gods E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taste of Gods E-Liquid by Illusions Vapor

hey guys I hope all is well with you
guys I have another review here for you
it is the hyped it is the notorious it
is the infamous taste of Gods by
illusions vapor now illusions vapor is a
canadian-based company I do believe
there in the Greater Toronto Area in
honor of illusions vapor being a
Canadian company I obviously had to make
possibly one of the most Canadian style
of things videos that's out there in
vaping right now double double so let's
have a look at the bottle design here
right now it is a white glass believe it
or not it's glass bottle its eyedropper
and it has a temper proof cap on there
instead of the normal peel away plastic
which I thought was really cool the logo
itself illusions logo and marketing
everything like that is super cool their
Instagram is phenomenal I'll put all
their social media information on their
website down in the box below for you
guys to check out
illusions vapor has three flavors up
right now taste of Gods which I have
here Holy Grail and crimson I have the
taste of Gods which on their website
experience the exotic taste of
blackcurrant infused with coconut
finished off with a hint of fresh juicy
pineapple sorbet delicate and refreshing
all of their juices to my knowledge are
80/20 VG PG ratios their line only comes
in 30 milliliters as well it's selling
for about 20 the $21 ish at stores I
don't know if you're actually able to
buy this online so it really depends on
your local en em what their prices are
I'm gonna be sampling taste of Gods I
haven't actually even opened it up yet I
don't even know what I'm about to dive
into really be trying sampling tasting
whatever you call the taste of God's on
my evac VTC mini with a velocity Rd a
twisted 26 dual raps
oh gosh dang you guys don't even
understand right now how good this
smells and out something it is it smells
exactly like a pineapple mango smoothie
or a juice or something like that tip
for you guys you're dripping and online
plastered on right away a little bit on
the fire it just cuz that's gonna draw
all of your juice more into your cunt
juice frickin frackin everywhere this is
guys I'm gonna put this down on 38 this
stuff is delicious oh my god oh my I am
completely blown away if you get
pineapple we get your mango you get sore
back it all blends so so well guys this
is amazing I feel like double rainbow
guy that's okay absolutely no harshness
to this whatsoever this is delicious it
is smooth on the inhale I'm definitely
picking up more of the pineapple and
then on the exhale it's all creaminess
and mango bump this up to 40 watts for
you guys you have a cloud production
everything's going on around that range
as you can tell from there the clap
production is pretty good in my opinion
it's definitely a really body club for
all of you cloud chasers who are out
there and for your flavor chasers the
the flavor is definitely prominent even
through all of the thick cloud you're
not sacrificing one versus the other
conclusion that I have with taste of
Gods by illusion favors is phenomenal
the flavor is unbelievable it's
completely true to the flavor that's
listen it's full pineapple full mango
full sorbet on the inhale you're getting
more of the pineapple and on the exhale
you're getting full mango sorbet the
creaminess isn't overpowering to it all
like some might be you're not getting
any of that soapy kind of flavor with
creams and custards that a lot of people
find they have and the cloud production
is phenomenal it's definitely more of
the body of cloud that I've experienced
through vaping other juices and whatnot
and it's not even a max VG blend
however illusions vapor is titled or
branded as a premium a liquid or premium
juice so we're gonna end up having to
pay that premium juice price which can
hurt the wallet a little bit but with
that being said 20 dollars for a 30 min
of a flavor this good I have no problem
picking it up again it's definitely a
new holiday vape for me completely I
hope you all enjoy this review on
illusions vapor tastes of God juice
there's gonna be a lot more content
coming out soon guys I have juices being
sent in I have a few new pickups coil
builds and stuff like that
I'm also gonna be putting out some
educational tutorial videos of the type
on RBA's RDAs and building just in case
you guys want to get your toes wet or
you're just deciding to dive into sub
homing and building yourself on your
very own
our TA yet again guys thank you so much
for watching and checking out this video
hope you guys really enjoyed it I really
enjoyed this juice I believe although
illusion vapor links down in the
description below for you guys to check

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