Vape Review of Taffyman Tr4 Blu

April 19, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Taffyman Tr4 Blu

Vape Review of Taffyman Tr4 Blu

Tr4 Blu contains the flavours of blueberry and taffy. A fruity with a hint of sourness type of vape.

Vape Review of Taffyman Tr4 Blu

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taffyman Tr4 Blu

hey what's going on YouTube everyone in
the vaping congregation it's matt and
pat back with another juice review sorry
we don't have Damien with us right now
he was busy couldn't be here tonight
busy with doing some congregation
working Z help you guys mmm hey Callie
life Amy I love my bad grooving but
anyways we're gonna bring you guys a
blue raspberry uh yeah blue raspberry
taffy flavor by a freakin tattoo man man
taffy man e liquids and I was flavor in
there lying you guys and they specialize
in just making scrumptious and
delectable candy taffy flavors in the
industry today so it's a special treat
for you guys today and we got it just
for Eve a pers yeah so uh it's pretty
cool Jesse asked about this thing's
recommending we should get it so Pat was
like you know idea we're gonna do it I
was already thinking about it before I
even like before he even told me about
the commons like fuck it up sorry we're
trying out no more f-bombs and yeah
we're we're just trying to stop that my
mistake eita air anything but yeah let
me get back on topic uh I was already
thinking about it before Matt told me
about the comment and that just made me
want to go for it even more so thank you
jesse and so anyways i'm good about it
you guys this is a 8020 juice three
milligram so it's at max VG juice i'm
gonna read a description for you um Pat
actually purchased this off breezy don't
calm for the purchase price of 2199 plus
shipping so it's a little on the higher
price side I'm pretty sure all their
juices are on the same price um they do
have it on multiple sites and the weird
thing was is is when he searched it on
his phone every place he found was out
of stock every place i found that was
first was in stock so i don't know
what's out of his phone cuz those weird
yeah let's go I found it in stock form
he ended up purchasing from breezy calm
Thank You breezy to thank you guys they
sent me a cool sticker to I'm gonna find
something to stick on that slap
slapped out on something that was tight
I like that and then anyways you guys so
true for Blue Byte a few man it's called
true for blue it's a blueberry taffy is
a rich blueberry flavor taffy candy
e-liquid true quality blue berry
extracts used to reach a realistic level
of blueberry flavor without sacrificing
any of the taffy base taffy man really
brings the fruit and full force in this
a juice and i have to say we actually I
mean we try to test and taste every
juice before we do and a new rule we're
doing you guys is it's from now on every
Jew suite review will have a fresh RDA
sit in their fresh cotton and this is
actually fresh and so clean bin wash to
you guys believe it or not me see if I
can get that to focus fresh little fresh
cotton yeah wheatley clean please not
gonna be contaminating any other flavors
with any different juices you know we're
gonna we're gonna get to strawberry milk
in a strawberry milk it's gonna be
completely different rd a nice freshly
cleaned and also you guys no more crazy
builds and if or a lot of you guys like
you guys don't have Clapton dolls and
stuff so for us to be trying certain
flavors on crazy setups like that like
fuse Clapton's and Clapton and stuff I
mean it wouldn't be fair even a bones
are like really makes ender you know
like everyone doesn't vape on like stuff
like that you know just simple macro
coils like do what mostly what everyone
has can afford and everyone has you know
like so they get our experience what
we're experienced what we're reviewing
to you guys you know if that makes sense
i don't know that kind of sounded kind
of weird anyways you guys so this stuff
smells on point it smells just like
blueberry laffy talking to me I mean I
smell the blueberry and I smelled the
taffy in it and the thing about the
blueberry is is like it is almost like a
different blueberry smell to it it's not
like that traditional candy blueberry
flavor you get in a lot of apes and
stuff it's truly not I don't know yeah
like right off the back nice good I just
get like it's like like like a candy
like with blue bin rat-like bloom like a
Leah like a blueberry well I kind of
like a blue raspberry it's our boo berry
mmm with the taffy there's definitely
something else in there just besides the
blueberry like I said it's a unique
blueberry on its own but you bring I
realize my blueberry that engages and
everything too looks nice reminds me
like pac-man yeah guys run back man get
a taste of this you get this awesome box
to fucking I love like I mean equal
packaging Rob tastes like as long as the
juices get ya dude subject that's nice
that's the biggest thing that tasted
amazing that tastes absolutely amazing
who cares about the boxing dude no yeah
like the bucks because once again you
guys set it again I'm gonna say this
labeled is kind of geared towards
children so not really a proven of label
too much but it tastes la bitches it's
like sweet and tastes like blueberry
laffy taffy to me smells like blueberry
laffy taffy all right we got a guy
ripped up on here so on is a ecig e on
the Black Widow RDA you guys simple 9
wraps 26 gauge temco kanthal and we did
it on like it's a two millimeter driver
to show you guys some pretty good i
could really be able yeah yeah yeah i
thought i could let's just ever the
juice just good as you do let's get
let's get to it get too tanned babe this
shit the stuff scared you guys were
already vaping in movie or even actually
starting shooting just to get an idea on
the juice and I'm telling you I mean
smell and just that liquid taste I mean
it's getting a 10 automatically for me
I'm really even like a lot of blueberry
babe so long to booby release I've ever
really enjoyed is the rocket man by one
hit wonder and this one this like blows
brain freeze out of the water by slushy
man like I don't even taste any candy
and brain freeze
freakin really good flavor like right
away on Elm XL cuz the whole experience
is getting just like spot-on flavor
exactly what it's described to be it is
it's a freaking uh it's a blue raspberry
taffy it's give it a rock on was that I
love that I mean like keeping ugh I'll
give you guys two thumbs up bomb it's
not I mean Oh is a little Herschel on
the nose there is some downside to it
does have absolutely no little like
nicotine burn maybe but uh not at all
just say I'm I know it's just that's it
just through the nose just something
else let me try one yeah here going here
drips one here mmm teamwork teamwork
makes it faster you guys been
oh yeah yeah there's definitely a nose
burn fuck since keep away from children
on the side of the bottle how funny
that's like actually in big writing to
its hella funny oh yeah oh don't leave
this out your kid will probably drink it
yeah flavor though dude wow that's
excellent I'm loving that I'm ready
there's some had taken like maybe like
20 beeps off of this yeah 20 hits if
you're thinking about getting it don't
think just by and see if it's available
in the shop or online somewhere right
now and you could get it go ahead and
get it cuz like if if this if you're
looking for a blue raspberry taffy candy
flavor this is a blue raspberry candy
taffy flavor no doubt when there's three
flavors that I think of that I could
vape any time like anyway fucking that's
no joke tapi man and that's just saw
vaping a little bit and milk by glass
hmm and uh no the overfill is really
good but it's not something I would jump
back to any day it's definitely these
two I'm telling you it's probably
actually only two i bait anytime
anywhere I mean this stuff's fucking
amazing you guys yeah it really is I
give it a solid 10 and stuff honestly
awesome the throat hits nice you don't
get any burn through things or anything
like that if you can take a nice fat
cloud watch I mean it's exactly like
it's exactly like baking blueberry or
blue raspberry taffy yeah there's no
other way to describe it guys it's sweet
to you get it left on your lips and
inside of your mouth it's really a lie
it's excellent excellent juice Jesse
thank you for uh yeah thank you leaving
that comment to pushing me to get this
stuff be hope you try things up dude
yeah this so hopefully this review helps
you and like pushing gives you that push
to buy this stuff man
like it like your comment did to me man
so anyways you guys uh thank you for
watching I hope you guys buy some of
this stuff I mean go ahead and look on
Google when I'm not gonna I don't think
we're gonna post a link down the
description there was breezy calm ejuice
is calm there's quite a few places that
carry this stuff the blueberry flavor I
know I Jesse I'm think was telling us it
was hard to find but it probably is like
in shops and stuff but online you can
find it's just a little bit more
expensive you're not gonna find an 18
doll or 30 milliliters but hey it's
worth it I mean it's what's the most
worth day yeah even if you only get one
time it's totally worth or one time
you're probably go completely satisfied
with it I'm so happy I got this stuff
especially to review on our channel for
you guys as you guys make sure to like
share comment and subscribe we always
appreciate you guys viewing and
subscribing trip from bottom of our
hearts and stuff you guys I think we're
at 195 subscribers right now so we're
going to get to 240 you guys and then
we're going to be picking the winner for
the pancake man you guys so we actually
have a fresh right brand new box have it
in the past video where we show it in
stuff that's gonna be coming up in a
giveaway you guys so make sure stay
tuned stay subscribed stay posted if
you're not subscribed make sure you
subscribe then we got tons of juice
giveaway as always you guys stay tuned i
mean and i go find us on facebook join
our group northern cali vapors you guys
join the ad group it says closed group
so you will be able to join but
everything will be private it's not like
only the think there's 32 of us right
now only 32 of us and stuff the only
people that are gonna be able to view it
only members of the group are able to
view it and also as well you're able to
come there show us cool juices show off
your vape shit and something you want
cloud check us you know hand check us
what if you guys want to do it's a fun
hip and stuff so just have get on there
and have some fun with us share some
share some knowledge and freakin just do
it let's do it you know come join I
thank you guys Wayne the congregation
you have a wonderful night you can thank
you for watching peace out

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