Vape Review of Taffyman K3NANA

April 19, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Taffyman K3NANA

Vape Review of Taffyman K3NANA

K3NANA by Taffyman is something completely different. A unique e-liquid and an interesting vape, K3NANA is a banana and kiwi taffy blend that is sure to blow your socks off!

Vape Review of Taffyman K3NANA

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taffyman K3NANA

hey babers good day how are you doing
okay so i just received this fellow
today it's called taffy man and it's a
banana flavor and you know actually
having no smoking it's six mg nicotine
the fog collection and it's called neon
cream right so that's how this guy looks
but I do not like the taste it was very
nice but then I wanted to try something
really new and fruity okay and I wanted
like 12 not a mocktail of foods okay and
this is a banana flavor and it has zero
milligram nicotine so I have my folks
are gonna be really happy that I don't
consume putting any more okay let's see
even though it's not the you know
basically naughty or what do you call it
harmful substances but then am they
would prefer if i do smoke something
which is like pseudo person all right
let me just pour it in my big piece big
baby least right all right one more time
let's Taurus closing it baby all right
so I'm just smoking it with my Jibril ok
0 which is quite famous from small let
me just basically I'm sorry I who's
smoking warrior a lot of people are
gonna get offended so let me wait a bit
man right ok let me just clean it
because a little bit I pour it in play
that's my habit hmm I hope you got it ok
so maybe just killing front lawn let's
see if you say I'm not getting a you
know the proper flavor here because i'm
getting i'm still getting the new on Fox
let me just give it one motor
started because though you know the old
of liquid was in the file button now
it's so you know just going to get a
walk I think third one should give me
the flavor
man this is amazing I'm not kidding you
one of the best flavors I have ever
tried it's like nah man I'm going not
bad let's see it's crazy go for it it's
really clean I'm not obviously they're
not paying me for this they don't pay me
for the promotion it's just my own
preference and my own you know basically
opinion about this one and it's really
good try it's really wonderful right so
all right days so that's about the taffy
man ok let's meet again and I'll just
cute one more run down okay with you
guys haha it's crazy it's really damn
crazy right so see you again see in my
next video I'm not a blog or something
like that I'm just giving my opinion
right so okay bye

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