Vape Review of Taffyman H20 Berry

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Taffyman H20 Berry

Vape Review of Taffyman H20 Berry

H20 Berry by Taffyman is a mix of watermelon taffy and strawberry flavourings.

Vape Review of Taffyman H20 Berry

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taffyman H20 Berry

I haven't here with influence vapor here
was a juice review good one this time
not the other ones were bad but this
one's a little better we're gonna be
looking at a juice by a company called
taffy man I had never heard of it before
you know a couple days ago I went back
to the shop that I usually try to go to
and picked it up but it's called H that
flavor is h2o bry by taffy man there's a
box that comes in
cool little box here
it's a really really good the flavor
profile is watermelon strawberry taffy
and it's super good and I've been
looking for a good watermelon flavor
since I started vaping I found a good
one once could never find it again at
that time I didn't really think to keep
track of what I was vaping it's just
kind of getting liquids but the bottle
this comes in is really cool looking
really nice labeling they kind of went
all out on this one
it's made in California seems like some
of the best liquids right now are coming
out of California and this is another
one so I picked this up for I think 18
bucks for 30 mil I did get a dollar off
and then another dollar off because of a
punch card thing they do at this place
but super good I found this on flawless
vape shop I think flat flawless bait
traps in place that makes tugboat and
all that founded on their website it's
$21.99 on that website so I got it
pretty cheap comparatively it's on East
City for about the same twenty two
dollars even they just add the penny but
it's a pretty normal price for a premium
you know more top shelf liquid but this
stuff is incredible and like I said I've
been looking for a good watermelon bait
for a long time since I started vaping
and this stuff is it if I wanted
watermelon bait this is where I'm going
and I've tried a lot of a lots and lots
of watermelon pretty much every time we
come across one I pick it up and I get
it and I vape it and usually I'm
disappointed pretty pretty bad but this
one it smells it smells like watermelon
taffy like those little wax paper
wrapped taffy candies that you get in
the store it's exactly what it smells
like and it's just incredible by the way
it smells the way it tastes it's the
best watermelon bait I've ever had and
I've been vaping for a long time tried a
lot of watermelon babes and this is by
far the best one I've tried strawberries
just kind of on the back end in the
smell and the flavor the exhale is just
as good as the inhale it's really really
good I've got this in six milligram so
you can see there I think six milligram
just so you know I'm not bullshitting
you know when I talk about throat hit it
is a little harsh it's 80/20 or 85/15
it's a max VG juice so it's it's a
pretty high in the VG clouds up really
nice but let's just look take a look at
it the paper production is great scale
of one to five is probably a four-seam
better seen worse but it's pretty good
for as much flavor as it carries the
vapor production is good throw hit it's
a six milligram so you know it's got a
little bit of a kick to it I like that I
was a pretty heavy smoker for most of my
life a few packs a day for a lot of it
but what a pack and a half for the
majority of it and I smoked new portman
thought it was so strong cigarettes so I
do kind of like to throw hit
smooth through the nose nothing
undesirable it does dry my throat out
just a little bit and I just got this
bottle as you can see I've been vaping
it for a few hours now and this is
pretty much my first impressions and
it's it's a good liquid it's one of
those where you get it and you just want
to vape through the bottle and the
nicotine that they use is pretty good it
doesn't make me feel like like shit I
don't sweat from it I don't feel
nauseous really you know nothing like
that no no negative side effects from
the nicotine so they're using quality
nicotine they're using quality flavors
obviously it does taste like a candy
it's a taffy flavor is a candy flavor so
I wasn't expecting like the fresh ripe
watermelon flavor I was expecting
exactly what I got like a creamy milky
type taffy flavor with the fruit there
and that's what it is very little
strawberry on the inhale mostly
watermelon strawberries mostly on the
exhale even then it's on the back end
but the watermelon is spot-on
taffy watermelon if you've ever gotten
those watermelon taffies like at Walmart
or whatever where it's the green on the
outside with the pink and black spotted
insides it's exactly what it tastes like
they hit the nail right on the head with
this liquid so again it's called h2o bry
that's the flavor the company is taffy
man and this is good good shit I
definitely recommend you guys going out
to buy this liquid it's great if you're
looking for a watermelon vapor if you're
just looking for something a little
different you like taffy this is
definitely one to try guys so again I'm
Evan with influencer vapor thanks for

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