Vape Review of Taffyman Gr8ape

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Taffyman Gr8ape

Vape Review of Taffyman Gr8ape

Gr8pe by Taffyman a e-liquid containing a blended mixture of saltwater taffy and grape.

Vape Review of Taffyman Gr8ape

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taffyman Gr8ape

overdose babes keep you awake sweat oils
over those vague intro it's good that
one morning motherfuckers wake up
no wake us up that'll Jack you up here
you're you clicked on it
taffy man from the overdose boys I'm
Travis this is Josh Josh well we are
overdose Bates like he like he alluded
to I did allude he alluded and we do a
juice reviews mostly mostly that's kind
of been the genesis of our channel but
we do have a drink - well a pers we're
downright vapors that's right we just
care about the big community with
attitude and today we have something a
little exciting it's it's I know that it
piques my interest just when I heard
about it when I saw when I saw the box
especially I was like damn that's that's
pretty well marketed so yeah and it's
new and all I've heard is that it does
what it's supposed to be doing so we
will test them okay it is tapping me in
and today right here in this video
you're gonna be seeing the Great Ape
that's the great point gr8 this is the
great taffy cool bottles they jump out
at you but you won't see them cuz
they're in the box but we'll show you in
the boxes you guys in this case I don't
know if that's gonna matter but the
bottle is the I think the bottles carry
on with a very cool heart style very
cool almost like a pacman effect yeah
definitely yeah check it out I like the
bottle more than i like the box right no
we think it out of the fucking box i
with you more after by all right this is
their grape taffy the logos on the
bottle are great it means because a
little kind of pixel art cartoon alien
looking things and that's the bottle
itself which i think is eye-catching
within they also have this great box
look at that box wonderful
alright yeah I don't know how you feel
but to me I think the bottle is actually
much more appealing than the box
don't hide your bottles I understand you
got a clear bottle you wanna put in a
box - maybe protect it from you these
that's more that's a great idea but
maybe just use them a darker colored
bottle I don't know the logistics but
sometimes I get nervous buying juice
that comes in boxes because you don't
have access directly to the bottle of
juice one well why waste this beautiful
label nobody's really gonna see it
absolutely you can even make some kind
of a plastic box that is good you know
somewhat see-through or you know in a
little there's all the window I mean not
fully see-through you can do all kinds
of things but you could just do it a
simple black plastic thing that you
could open even in the store to look at
the bottom to smell it but usually these
are glued shut and everything so there's
not really any way to but cool
presentation yeah the box bottle pretty
nice starter that's just my personal
things I've gotten burned on boxes and
stuff yeah alright okay it's good
grape taffy from taffy man I got a twist
in I got triple twisted static wire in
here that's like hey nichrome blend wire
that comes out of florida from HK HK
base and it's rockin about point one I
got an original pitch bone MSCI where
she runs some little shit right Cosmo
definitely got that ratio this nines got
the lung fill for me yep bad throat get
immediately strong strong throat in I'm
getting a low throw yeah not much
there's a little slump some but I get
there with a lot of candy babes
yeah that's hard for me yeah young right
hard right hard this is six
recreationally I've aged six
recreationally we usually do reviews at
three if they're sent
but this these were both bought from the
local building ecig you've got telephone
yeah Troy correct and when he's buying
somebody's gonna buy what he babes y'all
yeah but that being said we have
reviewed tons and tons of sixes sure
and I know what a sick should feel like
and I would say that this is is
considerably more harsh than a six and I
made six all the time and this does have
a slight through okay for even somebody
that's at six so it's it's the flavor it
has to be the flavoring that they're
using or what's the ratio it looks a
little thin it takes at least seventy I
think it's you can call it seventy and
could be pretty safe now the flavor is
spot-on I think great caffeine you get
the little cream out which I don't I
don't know if you do a lot of taffy but
there's a cream to it almost like a sour
cream this and you get that on the way
out to me like when you win you up a
piece of grit I guess I'm gonna use
great Cathy for this example because
that's what's supposed to be when you
take a piece of grape taffy and you chew
it up yeah like the saliva kind of just
builds this froth Milky Way being kind
of a cream very great gravy straight
purple grave exactly around it and so it
has that kind of like what I like about
it is that it is not over can defied if
that makes any sense
you think taffy you think this is gonna
be a really sharp candy flavor no it is
not it's it's great the five my boy said
yes it's that gravy its gravy fine it is
it is not too sharp it is like the it's
like when you swallow a piece of taffy
and you're left with that that coating
in your creamy and that creamy kind of
yeah and it is purple it's great
definitely purple you're right the the
front candy flavor is not way sweet yeah
it's not hectic no it's subdued any
cream yeah yeah a really is that part of
it really really well well neither of us
are candy vapors we like a little more
savory with our sweet and a little more
I mean a body to it but um these do have
body for a candy vape oh yeah it's just
rare and there's this there's let
there's like levels of the flavored like
you know I mean like it's transforming
as like when you inhale and then when
she as you exhale it's the same flavor
but you're getting different variations
of that
yeah different creamy cream tones it's
like riding a roller coaster of flavor
really who gets that fruit candy that
taffy definite minutes cream Dale
unusually good am I gonna vape it every
no but I'm not a candy vapor that's why
we want to keep trying these kind of
liquids for you guys some of you guys
love candy babes I think these are
spot-on for like a purple taffy no grape
taffy that's it yeah when I recommend
this to people who want something like
that like a great kind of taffy see
that's the thing though if you're
wanting a really intense script a penis
this is not that no this isn't accurate
very accurate and even even a little
toned down yeah so that's for me that's
a big positive yeah so if you're looking
for a subtle but but effective candy
vape that is great you know great flavor
this is this is a I think you're all
Devi of grape candies yeah I think you
could this has longevity you could big
tanks of it and still want a little more
me not so much just cuz you know it's
candy but it's a candy I can deal with
yeah I've been through a tank if I was
stuck on a desert island with this I
could definitely get through it without
any complaints you know I mean yeah good
Testaments yeah like I would not bitch
about it stood around going fuck if I
only had some fucking VG I can make some
coconut liquid yeah this this is good
but this is enough itself is great I
think the presentation is awesome
presentations great then you're not
hiding anything with the box
I'd like to tell you guys that it's a
good juice good presentation nice bottle
smells great too so it's great smells
great I think they're gonna solve plenty
of this can delicious yeah I'm gonna
kick down on 8.4 for this okay I'm gonna
say seven five just because I've got
quite quite quite a large throw
peppermint and even for six and I know
that a lot people are gonna say well
you're used to three so six is gonna be
harsh but we do Lowe's we do a lot of
sixes man and they're not all Hirst like
that and I vape six and it is and as a
yeah okay a lot of people don't mind
that but to me that's a turn-off so I'm
gonna say 75 the flavours fucking spa
yeah even better than even better than
it should be you can't take anything
away from the flavor and we won't try I
won't try boom we'd be coming back with
they have a strawberry watermelon
concoction that smells just like
watermelon hubba bubba so that'll be
coming up next well hopefully it's gonna
be even half as good as this grape one
and I think that they're gonna do all
right yeah all right gang check it out
keep your eyes peeled we just got a
thousand stubs we're gonna we're pretty
sight we're really excited yeah and
today we're gonna be filming a vlog
we're gonna announce a giveaway yeah
that's probably already happening in
your world so make sure to go join the
Facebook group so you can be a part of
that mhm and keep your motherfucking
coils tight keep you

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