Vape Review of Taffyman B1g Apl

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Taffyman B1g Apl

Vape Review of Taffyman B1g Apl

The only B1g Apl you will ever need to experience. The latest addition to the Taffyman collection, and trust us, its a good 'un. A wonderful combination of sour apple and saltwater taffy that will leave you in state of pure ecstasy.Prominent Flavours: Sour Apple, Saltwater Taffy

Vape Review of Taffyman B1g Apl

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Taffyman B1g Apl

howdy fucking duty how's it going beat
family and it's your hosts matt and pat
bringing you another ejuice
motherfucking review on that taffie main
man big guy yeah Big Apple you guys so
this was purchased out of our own
wallets for the purpose of this review
so we had to get totally worth it i love
fucking to happy man so huge shout out
to Jessie Owen for Jesse Matthew sorry
I'm so Jesse Owens fucking those stupid
Jesse Matthews for suggesting this juice
next suggested at pepsico I'm gonna buy
a bottle of it he bought in trooper blue
ended up buying more of them after that
I got hooked on it wow so look am good
one stuff have high expectations for
this juice right here livin high
expectations fucking what's melted
already knew already knew it was gonna
be all to part with all the other juices
and buying six balls of the shit fucking
two of the h2o Barry two of these
they're added grape I was gonna buy two
grape tube and then I bought two of the
fucking hell fucking life revealed at
h2o berries and i bought 2 h2o Barry to
apple and fucking true three blue to
true for little fucking around again
fuck just over there whatever but I so
will rate this juice just like we do all
other juices fucking smell test fuck and
when I'm in the smell test we're just
smell like is fucking flavored a small
throw it will cover the smell in the
cloud production that's how we this shit
smells like heaven as soon as I opened
it like last night is why I got a
yesterday I checked it out last night
smelt it they have been way too driven
fucking amazing taffy
it's spot on like literally like if
you're too you know the like little
laffy taffy bars the little green ones a
sour apple like if you were to rip one
of those open and smell it it smells
spot the long bones like some other
fucking Willy Wonka fucking laffy taffy
ER and I just want to taste like a
little drug tests and stuff just to see
what it actually tastes like already
know it tastes like your beep and
straight a fee but let's see the shits
taste EVP tapi man it's what it is spot
the fuck on do no burn or anything from
the nicotine either good mixing some
excellent shit right here so i will do
it is is we got a tank and we got
dripper yeah we're gonna vape off both
well basically i'm gonna start with this
past and start with that then we'll
switch and will give your overall
opinion on it tell you what we think
it's better off of and then as well as
what we overall opinion on the juice so
I'm gonna have this at a 60 watts it's a
point 3 ohm stainless coil sitting in
the odd are you fucking call a crown you
fucking on the twisted message box mom
fucking way too tired in stone but I was
gonna say there I go again brain fart
fuck oh it's supposed to be a point 25
for my bed when i'm vaping 70 1.18
lepisto RDA right here all right x 200
this is some tasty fucking some tasty
juice right here spot on yeah the
flavors fucking spot on like it's yet
like a lot of flavor out of that already
right there too is like kicking the
flavor just like some straight-up green
apple fucking didn't laffy taffy way
better out of the dripper mmm i can
record off that first week and the
flavors just muted like by a lot like I
I suggest like dripping it if anything
like sub tanks not just gonna I'm going
to turn this down to a 60 watts because
I was set at 60 just so we can get a
fair comparison there it's a wattage how
many volts as I kicked Ned and fire it
just getting it Reuben that's going at
like four point two bolts so this one
says it's set at 3.2 so yeah the flavors
a lot lighter out of the subtank by far
it seems still it's still good laffy
taffy green apple taste but way better
at 70 watts I wasn't made that tank
would be better so many watts i want to
fuck in don't want to fry that fit them
yeah wolf will not Shh don't go over 60
fucking wats on this big already know
fri i'll do it fucking just see if the
fuck really fast Chuck some nice clouds
stuff like a seventy-thirty rate so he
walked through d now it's like 73 we're
yeah donate 7030 that's fucking overall
opinion this juice is bomb give it 10
out of 10 keep buying it playing keep on
buying to keep on buying it nice and
smooth on Rohit it's perfect five on the
throat hit it's just great it's my
favorite candy flavor overall by far my
favorite candy base out there and out
the taffy man all I've tried like all of
them except the banana now and freaking
I even think the banana ones gonna be
good yeah i think the banana won't be
bad either their taffy and it's just so
spot-on to any other taffy bait there is
it's not like your traditional saltwater
taffy it's like your normal like fucking
junk food like fucking straight up like
you know process taffy candy so I mean
it tastes great I don't know where they
figured that out from like to get that
flavor so spot-on but I dependent a
today they did an awesome job on it
though highly recommend checking it out
it's two thumbs up from us two thumbs
solid 10 I some for yourself so it's
tasty VP tapi man oh yeah like they say
tasty bakery taffy-like yeah but anyways
thank you for watching you guys we
really appreciate you tuning in make
sure to like share comment and subscribe
you guys finger the fuck out of that
like button we'll see you in the next
review peace out busse

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