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Taffy King Strawberry is a delicious mix of multiple strawberries infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market. Bottle Size: 120ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TAFFY KING STRAWBERRY EJUICE

what's up people this is Sub Zero
infinity yes I'm actually doing another
video this one is going to be coming to
you from flawless vape distro and what
is it ultimate juices there you go
it is taffy King yes I have a whole line
of this stuff here
I've got strawberry right here this is
strawberry taffy and it's at 3 milligram
you get a 120 mm bottle I believe this
I'm saying I'm loving this stuff I've
got it loaded up right now in my vape
réseau revenger with the what is it
quad coil yeah it is a little bit dark
here so I can't really see it's 0.15 the
40 45 to 60 watt coil
yeah the best 45 to 60 watt coil so it's
the one with the two openings air flows
so here you go this stuff I'm loving it
I really honestly am and it tastes like
taffy it really does it tastes just like
the strawberry taffy that you'd find in
like your corner grocery store or
something like that it is really good
and I believe it is max V gene it is
producing very good clouds very very
good clouds
the taste is phenomenal I I haven't had
a chance to try some of the other ones
out yet so look for them probably
tomorrow or this coming week I'm gonna
be doing some more I've got to do some
catch-up on videos I've been busy lately
with work and
everything so yeah it's it's been real
hectic there's not much more to say it
actually has a very good smooth taste to
it there's absolutely zero throat hit
and the smell that you get off of this
is nothing but strawberry it is
phenomenal as you can see I'm using it
in a tank it is a little bit of a strong
flavor so in tanks it is perfect perfect
perfect perfect I have used this stuff
the strawberry in a dripper and it was a
little bit strong a little bit too sweet
so I switch it over to the tank and I've
been enjoying it um definitely one to
check out I'm gonna put it up here again
yeah it's max VG blend it is taffy King
and I know I've got lights going on so
I'll try and and they're they're labels
are kind of metallic colored so it
reflects everything every little light
and everything it's kind of but I love
the design on the labels it's not like
childish it's not something that's gonna
go for kids or anything like that it is
actually very well done I give them
props I'm telling you this stuff is
really good yeah I think it's ultimate
vape I think it's anyway the links will
be in the description below I'm doing
this kind of late at night I'm sorry I'm
kind of yea tired and everything I can't
think of all sorts of stuff but links
will be in the description below where
you can go check them out I'm the next
couple flavors I think I'm just gonna do
on the RDA unless it's a real strong one
then I'll figure out a tank where I can
throw it in and show you guys sorry I
couldn't really show you me putting this
stuff in here I mean it's a full
this stuff is awesome I mean it came to
me a couple weeks ago and I just now I'm
getting to it because I've got so much
other stuff that I'm doing yeah can't
help it but definitely one to check out
they've got at least three other
flavours I have not been disappointed
I've tried it just a little bit of them
just when I got them just to make sure
that there's nothing I can't handle
no there isn't they're really good so
I'll come back a little bit later and
give you my thoughts on the rest of them
as with all my videos if you like this
video please hit the like button please
subscribe I'm gonna bring you a lot more
e-juices and I know I've been a little
bit slack lately I apologize but I will
be catching up you guys please in the
comment section down below if you have
any suggestions for future vids please
put them down there if you want to have
a shout out done let me know in the
comments if you don't that's cool not a
and like I say subscribe please I'm
gonna be bringing you a lot more
e-juices I've got a whole bunch more
coming so you guys stay safe and vape
safe this is Sub Zero infinity to you
guys I'm gonna send you out in a cloud
this stuff is really good and I'm
enjoying these coils by the way these
are not this is not the what is it the
q4 or q8 I this is the other the
basically the restricted lung hid coils
these are really good and this has
wonderful flavor in this one they are
restrictive but they're really good
really good flavor
they pawn people

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