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By Ekaterina Mironova

Take advantage of buying in bulk with the Taffy King 4 Pack Bundle. Get 120ml of each delicious flavor for a total of 480ml at ONE Extremely Low Price! What's Included: 120ml Bottle of each Flavor Apple Kiwi Taffy - Taffy King Apple Kiwi is a deliciously refreshing mixed apple with kiwi infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market. Cotton Candy Taffy - Taffy King Cotton Candy is a delicious blue raspberry cotton candy infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market. Strawberry Taffy - Taffy King Strawberry is a delicious mix of multiple strawberries infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market. Watermelon Taffy - Taffy King Watermelon is a delicious mix of watermelon that is infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TAFFY KING 4 PACK BUNDLE

what is going on there youtubers WGBH
and today we're gonna be reviewing some
liquids we got four flavors to cover
what we're gonna do we're gonna taste it
we're gonna smell it we're gonna vape it
so let's get to it let's not waste no
more time here we go with the review on
taffy King alrighty guys so the first
flavor we're gonna be trying out and I
already got the cap off is the
strawberry taffy very reflective label
very nice little strawberries on there
little little crown for the king
these were sent to me for the purpose of
the review they're about a hundred and
twenty mill bottles not about they are
120 ml bottles what we're gonna do we're
gonna taste it we're gonna smell it
we're gonna vape it so let's taste it
real quick like right off the bat I'm
getting a nice candy strawberry with a
nice taffy like I actually is if you
would just buy some Taffy's and eat them
that's what I'm getting a nice taffy
flavor with a little bit of strawberries
in there now they're not like a real
strawberry they're more like a candied
strawberry smell you getting a nice
taffy smell with a really nice candied
strawberry on there it is just nice now
the mod I'm gonna be using today is the
prohibition box mod let's put it this
way all right I got the icon RDA up top
with a CC drip tip now the bill that I
have in here it's a series built
it's a fused Clapton's 28 gauge with a
40 gauge it's about a trap
really nice vape really nice flavor that
comes out of this so let's drip some and
let's tell you all about it see what
we're getting out of it we're gonna make
this quick
all right I got juice dripping all over
let's do it
now I haven't done a juice review in a
while so bear with me
now right on the inhale you get the
taffy flavor I mean like a really really
strong taffy flavor and not like
overpowering but you're really getting
that taffy flavor in there and right on
the back end of the exhale you're
getting that strawberry taffy so it all
mixes together on your exhale it is a
really nice flavor it is not a throwed
hitting flavor whatsoever so on a flavor
test I rate this about a 4 4 is really
good for a liquid that I've never even
heard of alright that's brand new out
there let's check out the clouds
I mean nice clouds it's definitely got a
nice cloud to it it says it's max VG so
you would expect a nice cloud
so that's your strawberry taffy alrighty
so we're to our second flavour this is
the watermelon taffy Sam reflect the flu
and all these have the same reflective
type of label really nice marketing on
it it's got the watermelons all over it
really nice I really like the kid the
crayon the Crown's nice so let's taste
it little drop watermelon I mean I'm not
getting taffy whatsoever that's
straight-up watermelon on there if
you're a big watermelon fan so far so
good right smells more like a taffy when
you're actually smelling it it smells
more like a taffy with a little back end
of a watermelon on there I got the cap
off here so that way I could get it
really juiced up here and you guys could
see and we could experience it together
of what this is tasting like so let's do
now with this one I'm really getting a
lot of watermelon
I mean watermelon all the way as if I
just took in brain new watermelon I cut
it open and I started eating it with a
spoon that's what I'm getting the taffy
is not really strong on this one it's
more of a like a straight watermelon
flavor there there's a little bit of
taffy on the back end but it's more like
a watermelon really really nice flavor
really really nice now this got a little
bit of a throat hit to it I don't know
why but it does have a little bit of a
throat hit
I bought a medium throat hit and I like
super strong a lot it's way different
than the strawberry I got to say that
alrighty and the next flavor is the kiwi
apple another nice label let's taste it
Apple red apples all the way I'm barely
getting any Kiwi out of it but it's like
straight up like you just bid into a red
apple that you just picked up at the
grocery store or it just picked it right
out of a tree really nice smell I'm
getting the Kiwi out of the smell I'm
getting the keavy right off the bat and
then the Apple kind of just takes it
over a little bit I'm not getting a lot
of taffy out of this either I'm just
getting more of a apple flavor so we're
gonna drip it on here again soak up the
cotton here pop the cap on look baby
now this one's different too
it is like a way different type of thing
I'm getting TVs right on the inhale a
lot of Kiwi right on the inhale with a
nice taffy the Apple kind of just
disappears and just kind of lingers on
the back of your palate but it's mostly
like a Kiwi flavor with the Apple being
really nice the keavy is it's a candy
Kiwi but the app will really taste like
a fresh Apple it's not like crazy crazy
Apple in there it's really nice real
Apple it's not candied at all
good liquid good liquid watermelon I
would rate it about a three the Apple a
Kiwi it doesn't really have all the
properties that I was looking for I was
looking for more of a mixture with kiwi
and apple so I give this one about a
three also the reason why that
watermelon got a three was because of a
throat hit this one doesn't have a
throat hit this one's a lot like the
strawberry nice and smooth with nice
little taffy in there alrighty guys
the last flavor we're gonna be covering
is the raspberry taffy cotton candy now
this one I really was looking forward to
so let's check it out
it's got a raspberry blue raspberry in
there the taffy really is strong right
off the bat the blue raspberry kind of
just comes at the back end but it's
really heavy blue raspberry it's nice
it's not too bad let's smell it smelling
it is straight-up a blue raspberry not
this kind of got a little bit of a funky
taste to it smell to it should I say not
taste smell more like a like a
children's medicine type of smell blue
raspberry in there berry can you like
let's pop it on these coils in this
cotton and let's vape this
blew raspberries not really that strong
in it it's a lot more taffy in there the
cotton candy really just kind of lingers
around in the back of your palate but
it's more of a taffy really strong taffy
now this flavor by far has the most
throwed hit out of the for this thing I
would rate it as like a high throat hit
it really really gets you so if you like
a throw hitting juice and you like blue
raspberry cotton candy this would be a
juice all right okay so let's talk about
this juice blue raspberry I would rate
it at like a two because of the throat
and throat it really got me I really
wasn't expecting it now I vape to all of
these prior to the review but I wanted
to vape it again without vaping it
recently just for you guys so that way I
could give you my true honest opinion
about this juice now the juice that I
vape the most out of all of these and
the ones that have really looked forward
to where the strawberry the melon and
the cotton candy but the one that I
baked the most was the strawberry the
strawberry I destroyed like almost 3/4
of the bottle the rest I kind of just
played around with them try them in
different RDAs tanks and things like
that just to see if I would really enjoy
it but the strawberry by far beat all
other all the flavors it is absolutely
phenomenal it's absolutely on point now
the other question you guys might be
asking how is this juice on coils how is
this juice on cotton the juice is
actually really clean it doesn't have a
ton of sweetener in it it's very
appealing to a lot of people that don't
like a lot of sweetener in their juices
and it's really nice on your coils it
really does truly less make your coils
last a long time especially if you're a
dripper it really does now in a tank I
used a CLE doe tank and I
you used baby beast and both of them did
pretty good
the Khalida outlasted the baby beast as
far as lasting the longest with all the
flavors but if you're dripping
definitely will make your coils last
quite amount of time the cotton it's
really nice to the cotton so it's really
nice clean juice I really do like all
the flavors the flavors are absolutely
to what they say they are but some of
them are they have that candy taste to
them so some of you guys might not like
the candy taste some of you guys are
looking for the real fruity type of
flavors with the taffy with the taffy
being in it I didn't expect it to have
real fruit flavors in it I was looking
for more of a candy like flavors so
really nice juice what I'm gonna do I'm
gonna leave some links down below of
where you guys can find this juice I
have no clue what the what the prices
are of them but the links will be down
below if you guys like this review give
me a big thumbs up if you didn't give me
a thumbs down if you have some positive
comments leave them down below and if
you haven't subscribed to my channel go
ahead hit that subscribe button and
subscribe to my channel until next time
WG vapes is out ladies and gentlemen
keep on vaping

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