Vape Review of Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

Vape Review of Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

By Ekaterina Mironova

Sweet Tobacco e-liquid is a classic light tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness. A smooth and enjoyable all-day-vape. Details 10ml E-Liquid 60% Propylene Glycol (PG), 40% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strength About The Vampire Vape Based in Blackburn, the Vampire Vape line of e-liquid is one of the popular UK brands who have become recognised with their signature flavours, Heisenberg & Pinkman.

 Vape Review of Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

hey guys smokey from the looks of TV I
want to bring you another e-liquid the
review and again it's from Ares e
sigcomm right now this would be three
out of the five to review so far and
this is their sweet tobacco again 18
milligrams PG 70 percent VG 30%
expiration date made in the USA 10 mils
there we go sweet tobacco all right as
you guys know I wish it sort of focused
and stopped messing me up here as you
guys know I'm at the backhoe lover now I
just want to show you and all you can
say I make my own his camel I make here
some Cuban but I make myself here's some
five five five a little focus did I make
myself alright so I have here having our
wife for I make myself and yeah I don't
sell any of these mouths my own personal
use I just made a bottle and I've
experimented with something else and a
little darker made some yeah so all the
type of tobacco liquid anyway let's give
this a vape and see that how this
compares to other tobacco liquids that I
baked over the years like I said I never
tried Ares before I never even heard of
them well you know there's plenty of
vendors out there and I guess you know I
guess he wasn't one of the most popular
ones but sometimes the smaller ones have
the best so we're gonna check this out
and I'm using my dawn again and I have
this set at the 9.6 watts
the ohms it's one point six arms on a
901 ela with my gooseneck
and it's actually hitting that four
vaults I'm gonna raise it up a little
I'm not gonna hit it at four point two
four point two volts that would be the
same as coming off a fresh charge with a
3.7 basically close as vapes
well so definitely at the back oh flavor
it's a mild tobacco flavor a drier
tobacco flavor and then I'm used to
vaping it just to get that dryer tape to
it's got a little hint the sweetness the
undertone actually if you lick your lips
you taste the sweetness more I'm
actually tasting the liquid I don't
advise tasting the liquid but yeah I'm
looking my lips like like that there I
could taste the sweetness
like I said it's mild it's not rich in
flavor it's a mild very mild vapor dry I
hit the sweetness on the undertone
overall yeah I mean to each his own with
flavor being subjective
yeah and that all tobacco flavors I like
but most of them I do this one here it
was like it's okay that bad it's not the
greatest not the worst
I said very mild might be good for
ladies I don't like a rich you know a
full body type of tobacco flavor it
might be something they would like just
a little drier than normal of the back
over flavors I've used before
nice vapor decent throat hit so guys
that's my review of aries ii sigcomm
they're sweet tobacco
all right guys smoke him - the Jersey
vape on vape strong please Vic in public
and forget about

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