Vape Review of Sweet Spot - BluRaspberry Cheesecake E-liquid

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Sweet Spot - BluRaspberry Cheesecake E-liquid

Vape Review of Sweet Spot - BluRaspberry Cheesecake E-liquid

BluRaspberry Cheesecake by Sweet Spot is a dessert inspired, blueberry, raspberry and cheesecake flavoured e-liquid. Available in a nicotine free, 50ml bottle.

Vape Review of Sweet Spot - BluRaspberry Cheesecake E-liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Sweet Spot - BluRaspberry Cheesecake E-liquid

are you yep that and you can see a
little preview right there how's it
going guys its your boy token vaping
so today's juice review is actually a
new flavor from an ongoing line that is
actually well established in the vaping
community I know a lot of people have
tried them or have at least heard of
them if you are on Instagram or any type
of social media about vaping whatsoever
they are pretty big big overall and just
great great people I mean never have a
problem talking shop and never have
issues you know explaining their company
message why they do what they do I know
they have gone to a lot of Expos and
people are always crowded on their
tables wanting to try their line trying
their flavors this is a new flavor from
this company it's a two flavor line I
believe the line itself I think is
called twisted treats the company's
liquid effects and their logo has the
the little anchor bolt in it now I will
do a future video on one of their main
line flavors this is one of their newer
ones so I wanted to get this one done
and out of the way first the name of it
is bizarre blue and that is their logo
and this one is a blue raspberry
cheesecake so it being a cheesecake you
know I've got to try it because
cheesecakes my thing but it's blue razz
now when most people hear or I think a
blue razz at least for me I think of
like a candy version of blue raspberry
which I'm not a candy paper so this is
actually gonna really be interesting to
see if it is more candy flavored or if
it actually has the smoothness of the
Cheesecake but that is the bottle it is
a hundred mil bottle there is a nicotine
level there and yes it does have a
basically almost like a gnome typeface
on it this is supposed to emulate his
hat I'm gonna jump into the flavor first
before I get too in-depth with the
behind-the-scenes information I will do
the the vape tell you the flavor profile
if it matches what it's supposed to the
cloud production and then I will give
you the website and all the information
behind the scenes on that so we're gonna
go ahead and pop this open it will be
going on a fresh cotton wick as I always
try to do right here white cotton and
have to give a shout-out to my cotton
company Texas stuff cotton works really
well for me
just quick and easy to use especially if
you're not in a hurry but it has little
to no break-in time and that's the main
reason why I like it you almost get
pretty much full flavor right off the
bat there's been very few flavors that I
have tried on this right off the bat
that I've had to vape for a while before
I got you know everything about that
flavor so it's definitely a big selling
point for it now as you can see here it
does have a stout security ring on there
it is a beefy sized neck and bottle so
you definitely will know if it's been
tampered with because you do have to put
some pressure behind get to to pop this
open now as you can tell as on standard
on all the larger size unicorn bottles
like these these do have the tip but it
has the cap on it so for some people if
you don't like having to use that type
of a bottle either it's too cumbersome
or if you're using the tank and it
doesn't accommodate the nozzle tip on it
you can always transfer to a smaller
unicorn size bottle and make it that
much easier for yourself for people who
don't mind transporting the bigger
bottles especially on drippers you know
if you're worried about pressure buildup
on this just basically just snip a tiny
bit off the tip of it and it will flow a
lot easier and you won't have to worry
about that pressure buildup so I'm gonna
go ahead and vape this up juice this up
make this up I'm gonna do that too
but I'm gonna juice this up right now
get the cotton saturated and then I'm
gonna go ahead and give it a couple of
babes see what the flavor hit like and
then I will probably do a second drip on
it just to ensure that what I'm getting
out of the flavor is everything that
it's supposed to be and then I'm not
missing anything because the last thing
I want to do is miss inform you guys
anything about the flavors so just bear
with me here a quick second I'm gonna go
get this juiced up now my big thing is
like I said I am a cheesecake fan so the
fact that this is seeing blue raspberry
and emulating more of a candy style
flavor with the cheesecake is gonna be
interesting but here we go this is
bizarre blue the blue raspberry
cheesecake from the twisted the twisted
treats by liquid effects say that 10
times fast
okay I can see where they were going
with this so like I said I'm gonna go
ahead and do a quick read rip and I just
want to go ahead and get this saturated
again and hopefully if there's anything
that I missed on the flavor the first
time because of the fresh cotton I
should hit it on this one
okay I'm actually kind of surprised with
this now as I told you I am NOT a candy
flavor vapor at all it is not my my
choice flavor to vape I tend to stick
more with the creamier heavier dessert
styles the Cheesecake and this actually
is a lot stronger than I thought it was
going to be which I like because it
gives it a much creamier a much richer
type flavor now everybody has a
different flavor preference everybody
has a different sensitivity to flavors
so they may pick up less of that than I
do the blue raspberry while it still
does give a candy type flavor to this it
is more on the exhale that you get more
of that the sugar sweetness from candy
but it is not overpowering I honestly
thought it's gonna be a lot stronger
than it is you definitely taste it but
it is not to the point where you feel
like you're actually eating a piece of
candy it's more of a sugary or a more
sugary style drizzle of the raspberry on
top of the cheesecake which is actually
really really impressive does make it a
bit more vapor Bowl for people who are
in candy candy papers now I'm not saying
that this may be my next all day they've
only vape but I can definitely see
myself vaping this more than I thought I
was going to because of that the other
thing that's different about this line
is that they use what's called nicotine
salts now without getting all into
detail and all scientific about it
because I'm not a scientist
nicotine sauce is just another way that
nicotine gets processed it's meant to
make it smoother so that you have less
of a throat hit and that it basically
gives you more of that feel of nicotine
or that hitted nicotine without having
to add more so it's just another option
that they're trying to go with to make
it a little bit more different or a
little bit cleaner I guess you could say
now it is a 70/30 mix it is offered in
the hundred mill bottle sizes such as
this nicotine levels is a zero three and
a six and everything about that is all
provided on their website which is
liquid EFX vape comm they're also on
Facebook Instagram and Twitter as well
so there's no shortage of ways to
contact them to find out information
about them if you are a wholesale
or if you're looking for a wholesale you
also can apply for a wholesale account
through their website as well so but
that is the label and it does say bazaar
on the back which it also says on the
Box right there on the back and it
literally just says that Bazaar very
strange or unusual especially so as to
cause interest or amusement so that's
basically the thing that they're going
with on this is that it's a bizarre
flavor that you wouldn't think of but
it's meant to basically make it more
enjoyable and more available for the
everyday vapor and it does have all the
warning ingredients warning and
ingredient labeling on the back as well
here and then it has the blue rise and
the Cheesecake with the little
definition of bazaar up top is there and
the box itself literally is just a copy
of what's on the bottle label itself and
then it has that on the side so
definitely check that out like I said
there is another flavor for this if they
it's a two-line addition to the liquid
effects company I will do a review on
that as well click like comment
subscribe that red little button on the
box on bottom there keep you notified
from my next video definitely check them
out liquid effects well-established
company coming out with a few new
add-ons to attract more vapors or cover
a wider range of vapors so to speak but
definitely give them a try if you
haven't if you own a shop work in a shop
frequent a shop definitely let them know
about liquid liquid effects if they
don't already know about them as always
guys I'm talkin vaping I'm here on
YouTube Facebook Instagram snapchat and
Pinterest anything that I can do myself
to help further enhance your vaping
experience and make it more enjoyable
for you it's the only reason why I do
this so definitely reach out to me let
me know if you have any questions
comments concerns particular video that
you'd like to see I will always do
everything in my power to make that
happen as much as I can and as always I
am continuing continuously humbled and
honored that you guys take the time to
stop check out my video you know click
that like box subscribe box and just
give me the love and support that the
vaping community is known for I will do
my utmost to continue doing what I do
and as always no matter what regardless
of anything else please always remember
truly love yourself they burn baby
strong guys have

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