Vape Review of Sweet Shack Ice E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Sweet Shack Ice E-Liquid

Vape Review of Sweet Shack Ice E-Liquid

By Nataly Komova

Sweet Shack Ice is an e-liquid that contains watermelon, strawberry, punch candy and menthol flavourings. Available in a single 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle with 0mg nicotine.

Vape Review of Sweet Shack Ice E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Sweet Shack Ice E-Liquid

do you love strawberries watermelon
menthol if you do I think I might have
your next day juice today we're going to
be doing a review on strawberry
watermelon ice by sweet Chuck incredible
as usual guys a very warm welcome to
Northeast Viet reviews as a lot of you
guys know by now my name is done and as
I've just mentioned today I'm going to
be doing an e juice review know like
many people I've done it where I've
ordered a juice to come the next dear
I've waited in all morning and credibly
excited for an eternal and then when it
turns up it is like steel-cut piss which
is why this a juice that I'm reviewing
the dear is a breath of fresh air
absolutely superb it delivers everything
which a thing and each you should and I
think you guys should know about it and
possibly even try it
so instead of me just down in here
bubbling all day let's get almost to a
juice review and then wrap this up so
guys as I've already mentioned this is
strawberry and watermelon ice by sweet
Chuck sweet Chuck is a line that is done
by marina VIP in the US however I
ordered this from a website called UK e
cig store obviously in the UK now this
is described on the website as being a
strawberry watermelon a juice with sweet
undertones and a mental undertone now
when you smell this you do get extreme
amounts of fruit the fruit jumps out at
you but it doesn't smell like chemicals
like a lot of a juicers do it's just all
fruit it smells sweet
it smells juicy it just it smells
absolutely phenomenal almost forgot
this juice it was around 15 or 16 pounds
on that website that's for 120 ml ball
of Z 1 milligram ticketing and you also
get optional extras which you can't add
to that so the optional extras that you
can add are things like nicotine shots
which I believe we're about the pound
that's for a 10 ml bottle of 80
milligram strength and again for an
additional pound you can also get this
mix and bottle mix and bottle is
incredibly good quality it's nice and
firm but it does pour the juice out
easily and once uses cubed that lid it's
not gonna organ by itself and it's not
gonna leak
overall really good product I'm really
impressed anyway guys that to one side
the setup I'm using it is do is met rule
or and I've also got the TF v12
cloudBees King on top of here
let's vent the juice and bring the
that's phenomenal I mean with this with
this coin I've gotten here overseas best
between 120 and 200 watts I've got this
132 and like to turn this up and see
what and go a little bit higher that's
here or maybe 150 and go up 150 Carl
production on this is absolutely
phenomenal flavor is incredibly intense
it's sweet as fruity it's just it's
phenomenal now one thing I'm gonna say
about this a juice is it does deliver
now with the flavor you do get a very
strong strawberry hit when you inhale it
its immense it's really intensely yeah
strawberry flavor that you get off this
when you exhale that's when you get the
watermelon now it doesn't come through
as strong as the strawberry does but you
do get the juiciness of the watermelon
and almost a sweet sort of
mouth-watering texture of the watermelon
and with the menthol it's not so much a
menthol juice it's not even really a
cool hit juice it's very very subtle
imagine if you just brushed your teeth
and then half an hour later you're
sitting and you've still got a very
faint minty sort of taste lingering
around your mouth it's almost like that
it's I just I just physically can't get
on how good to see juice it this isn't
one of those shitty a juices where you
can maybe you leave it but once a day or
once a week because it's overpowering
this is an all-day event and I mean 120
mil for six fifteen or sixteen pounds
and adding all those extras
I think that's an absolute bargain I
mean three milligrams of nicotine was
starting to hurt my chest and herb I
thought a little bit so I am after
around a year or so I've just recently
knock this down at one point five
milligrams this may be wide smoother on
the throat I don't know I haven't driver
three however I will let you be the
judge of that
I mean in summary I would say that if
you like you sort of almost summer berry
fruit punch EE juices if you like things
that you can via boar deer if you like
refreshing juices this 100% is one to
try I haven't found a juice yet which
even close
matches the test of this one when it
comes to summer flavors I would highly
recommend giving this a try so anyway
guys thank you once again for watching
the channel I really appreciate that if
you did like this please hit the
notification button so you're always
notified whenever important videos but
until next time keep

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